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Nurse Talking to Patient about improving clinical outcomes and increasing HCAHPS scores.


Nurses using tablet with an automated program for patient tracking, emergency communications, fall alert and RTLS System for Healthcare .jpg
Nurses running in an acute care facility to a fall alert patient after receiving an emergency mass communication alert from their real time location system.

Patients, Staff and vital Movable Assets can EASILY & ACTIVELY be MONITORED & LOCATED through any system with a browser. 

From over 20 years of working closely with healthcare representatives, particularly nurses, we have observed two vital things:


  1. Clinicians are some of the most compassionate beings in world. It takes a tender heart and patience to be able to excel in the profession.

  2. Resultantly, one of your greatest complaints is lacking the ability to spend time with your patients, because you are overwhelmed with tedious but necessary tasks.


Our goal is to make “communities safer” and create a simplified life safety system yielding a “1st class experience” for employees and most importantly, patients. Therefore, we have worked to develop and integrate innovative solutions that result in less work, more leisure time to enjoy your patients, increased efficiency and heightened patient safety and satisfaction. Good HCAHPS scores and happy clinicians are vital to the sustenance of your healthcare institution. If you are struggling with low HCAHPS or would simply like to increase them, our measurable, data-driven solutions are the best options for your patients.


Lone Star Communications specifically offers these types of premier solutions:

  • Communication Systems

  • Staff & Patient Location Systems

With these unique products:


1. Your patients can easily access you with the push of a button.

2. You can simply generate detailed reports (regarding staff and patients), that help drive accountability and usher in effective change.

3. You can significantly Increase your patient satisfaction scores, which are vital to hospital funding and employee and patient retention.

4. You can create a personalized “1st class experience” for each patient through effortless customizations and a simplified life safety system.

5. You can track the active movements and location of  patients, staff and vital movable assets.



We stay ahead of the innovation curve with the implementation and pioneering of trending technological tools aimed at improving patient and client experience. Schedule your meeting today to learn more about how we can help improve patient and staff experience!

Nurse with happy patient. Patient Satisfaction which helped longterm care and acute care facilities increase their HCAHPS scores.

Patients enjoy increased staff efficiency & Staff enjoy more leisure time with patients!

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