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child kissing mother happily because she is safe from active shooters and threats due to lockdown system, phone paging system and mass communications emergency system.
Preschool Teacher and Students happily engaging because there is no active shooter due to school emergency alert system like Valcor and Aiphone.  Duress button system is keeping the school protected.

 With our solutions, Loved Ones are AT EASE knowing their children are safe, and students & staff can FOCUS ON PRODUCTIVITY (rather than fear) due to our highly efficient & secure school emergency alert system and panic buttons.

Telecenter U connects across all of your locations from anywhere you are, providing seamless solutions for:

  • Automated district-wide emergency notification

  • Event management through synchronized time-keeping systems

  • Everyday communications through integrated network technologies

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Rauland-Telecenter-U which provides lockdown apps, school paging system, intercoms which is similar to alertus, cisco, bogen and telecor
student protest wbff against active shooter. Appealing for schools adding panic button systems, emergency communications and school alert system.
Children practicing school safety drill due to storm threats and active shooters as schools implement emergency mass notifications, school paging systems and emergency threat notification systems.

  • In the past 10 years there have been 180 shootings (CNN)

  • Since Sandy Hook's school shooting in 2012, more than 400 people have been shot in over 200 schools (The New York Times)

  • Numerous schools and districts have been sued for failing to establish a secure environment for students. 

​         -EX: Over 100 lawsuits are pending, against the Broward County School District, regarding the recent Parkland shooting and deaths (Education Week)

  • 2018 had the most school-based violence in U.S history​​ and the greatest lack of gun reform in Congress (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

In order to prevent or mitigate these potential attacks like active shooters, it is important to always be proactive instead of reactive. Community and safety are Lone Star Communications' primary concerns, because these stories could be any of us or our relatives. We want to help you ensure that your students and staff are well protected and that no perpetrator has the opportunity to infiltrate your institution. To accomplish this, we work closely with Rauland Telecenter U to develop and implement innovative products that not only simplify the safety process, but significantly heighten security, efficiency and peace of mind. 

2019 school shooting stats from active shooters and lack of school alert systems, school duress buttons and panic button systems.

2019 School Shooting Totals (from Education Week)


Locations of Shootings from ed week due to active shooters and a lack of school emergency communication systems, intercoms, panic button systems and emergency alert systems.

Locations & Times of School Shootings (from Education Week)



We all have children in our family - whether it is a child of our own, a niece, a nephew, a godchild or a grandchild, and one way or another many of us have experienced the loss of a loved one or someone close to us. This is heart wrenching, but is especially very piercing when it is the result of a PREVENTABLE tragedy. 

Telecenter U is also ideal because:

  • Even if staff are hiding  from danger, emergency signals can still be sent throughout the school and to emergency responders 

  • It provides signals that certain areas are safe, so responders know which areas to focus on

  • It provides precise instructions to move staff and students to secure areas during inclement weather

  • It provides data driven reports to substantiate claims, increase efficiency and drive accountability

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