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2023 - Let's Go!!!

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Hello Lone Star Family,

Happy New Year!

Away we go into 2023. I wanted to share three reasons to be excited about where we are headed:

1. Core Business

Our supply chain issues remain but we seem to be getting a better handle on them. If nothing else we have more cost certainty than we did, allowing us to make better decisions instead of being stuck with outcomes. Also exciting is a renewed commitment to distributors and transparency by Rauland. This is very promising and brings a new air of positivity as we move forward. Additionally, the increased collaboration between our CAS and Sales teams will yield huge benefits.

2. Increased Focus on Technology and Software

Lone Star has focused on new technology and software (“Always in stock” to quote one Ray Bailey). This allows us to get into new places with existing customers, essentially allowing us to re-seed our current installed base and expand to places where we don’t have the hardware. Working with Vizabli,, and especially CareSight will allow us to do things with our customers we’ve previously only “hoped” we could do at some point. Please see the before/ after illustrations below to see how CareSight can be such a differentiator with all systems we are near, not just nurse call. This may look like a silly cartoon but it speaks volumes.

3. Project Polaris

We are hard at work on a single software/hardware platform that leverages each of the companies listed above. We are bringing together these innovative, creative, powerful teams to build something that has never before been offered in a coherent solution. It will handle system/ data integration, messaging, digital signage, advanced data analytics and reporting, as well as fall prediction/fall prevention through AI all in one offering. It is massively exciting for LSCI and only gets better as we work through all the inherent challenges. Polaris will position all involved for a very bright future. Once a customer has chosen Polaris they can opt to continually unlock its evolving feature set to provide customized solutions to the problems they are facing.

There’s not enough space here to detail all we’d like but did want to get these things out there as we attack 2023. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions on any/ all of the above.

It’s going to be a wild 2023!!!!!

Chris Andrus

VP of Sales/Business Development



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