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The Adventure We Call Lone Star

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

October 2022

Lone Star family,

Michael Lee

Let's take a moment to look at what Lone Star is doing in a different light. We have grown from one office to now eight in what we can consider a short time. We have been led by innovation and a desire to not just expand, but rather grow to support the needs of the organizations that we support (Healthcare and education).

As we look at the year so far from a sales perspective, we can see that what Lone Star is doing is working. As a partner to our customers we

continue to push the limits in every department to make Lone Star better. We innovate with technology, we define best practices between offices to enhance operational throughput, and we continue to collaborate to find the best ways to design and estimate all that we do.

Working at Lone Star Communications is something that you can look at in many ways. I ask that you look at it through a “Calvin and Hobbs” lens which to me means find a different perspective sometimes. As 2021 ended, we saw a tough year ahead, we knew it would take an all hands-on deck approach to ensure that we, as a company, would be able to meet or exceed the goals that were set. It remains a great pleasure to say I work at Lone Star as we come out of this “pandemic” year. Yes, we still have challenges with supply, as we look ahead, we can see a glimmer of light down the road. We are at a place that takes the challenges our customers have and finds or creates solutions. Lone Star Sales now has the ability to say “yes, we can do that” more

than any other time in our companies’ history. As evident in the last town hall we will be pushing the envelope again as we move into 2023 with our Professional Services and R&D group. These are truly exciting times at Lone Star. Our competition is trying to step back up, and we will be doing all we can to stay ahead of them as a company. Having each department, each leader, and each frontline and office Lone Star employee supporting the Lone Star goal is an absolute blessing. I say these all-in hopes that you will look back at your experiences over the last twelve months and see all the positives, all the team work, all the “family” moments that exist in Lone Star. I do not know everyone here, but I hope each of you has someone you work with that influences you in a challenging and positive way and is your work brother or sister. This can be the most fun you have ever had at a company, a work experience, at this home.

- Michael Lee, Director of Regional Sales Grand Prairie



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