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American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA)

Regina Wysocki

Last week I attended and presented at the annual conference of the American Nursing Informatics Association (ANIA). ANIA was established in 1982, and their mission is to "advance nursing informatics through education, research, and practice in all roles and settings". While this conference was attended mainly by professionals in the nursing informatics world, the concepts and ideas discussed throughout the event can also be applicable to our work here at Lone Star Communications. The nurses use our Responder 5 systems to keep their patients safe and provide the best care possible. Healthcare IT is a huge industry, and the work we do here puts us right in the middle of those discussions.

My presentation, "Upgrade Your Informatics Brand with LinkedIn", was an hour-long informational session on how to establish and promote your expertise as well as grow your professional network on LinkedIn. I'm happy to share the presentation with anyone who has more questions about how to set up and use their LinkedIn profile. You can check out Lone Star's LinkedIn page to see how our company is expanding our reach professionally. I would not have known about the opening here for the Houston CAS role without LinkedIn!

I would like to thank both Donna Montgomery and Ron Kruse for their support in my attendance at this conference, and continued participation in Healthcare IT professional organizations. Also thank you to the following people who attended my "practice" session- your feedback was very much appreciated! Thanks to: Donna Montgomery, Marquis Woodard, Trey Meador, Brian Manibo, Sharlisa Riley, Monique Dow, Tessa McAuley and Lauren Lavender.

I encourage anyone who is interested in poster or podium presentations to reach out to me- there are multiple professional organizations in the Healthcare IT universe, and they are always seeking content. You don’t have to be

a clinician to apply to present at these conferences, as the Healthcare IT world welcomes anyone who works in our domain. I have found that the best presentations are the ones that include both clinical and technical perspectives, as they blend well together to give a complete picture of what is going on i

n our industry. It's important for us to share our knowledge and expertise with our colleagues and showcase the great work we do here at Lone Star Communications.

To learn more, here are a few Health IT professional organizations to check out:

- Regina Wysocki, Informatics Clinical Application Specialist

Monique & Regina at 5th Wednesday Pizza in April



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