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April Houston Weekly Office Update

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Ronald F. Kruse | Chief Operating Officer

Lone Star Communications, Houston

(d) 281-846-7352

(c) 817-739-5106

April 29, 2022

The Employees of Lone Star Communications Houston have voted Carlo Melo our April 2022 Employee of the Month.

Carlos Melo
Carlos Melo started as a contract technician with TradeStar Inc back in December of 2017 and was hired direct to Lone Star in August of 2018.

He has worked at Texas Children’s Hospital, Methodist San Jacinto Medical Center and worked night shift for us at MD Anderson.

Comments from his coworkers

  • “Hard worker.”

  • “Carlos has shifted into overdrive at VA keeping up with all that is thrown at him. He has come far from his days as an installer.”

  • “Carlos has stepped up to take lead at the VA and has been cutting over areas to Responder 5. He is communicating well to the team daily on progress.”

  • “Go Carlos - Keep up the good work. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you!”

“When he was working with me at Ben Taub cabling, he showed great professionalism and leadership. He led the cabling team by organizing the guys and scheduling the times in each area according to availability while managing the cabling team. Carlos understood and produced the quality of work that Lone Star expects and delivers to our customers.”

- Bryan Peltier

Recently when Ricky Pineda transferred to the Corpus Christi office, Carlos took over Veteran’s Administration project and has been doing a really good job.

Carlos has come along quite a bit on communications skills, organization skills and nervousness (something Jeo knows a little about 😊 - rfk)

– Jeovanny Alvarenga


Carlos will receive a gift set from behind door #56 in Ron’s office and we will add his name to the plaque in the front lobby alongside the other 2022 Employees of the Month (Joel Orellana, Cris Ortega, Andrew Muller).

Finally, Carlos will receive a limited-edition Employee of the Month commemorative custom coin designed by our own Cliff Switzer.