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April Houston Weekly Office Update

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Ronald F. Kruse | Chief Operating Officer

Lone Star Communications, Houston

(d) 281-846-7352

(c) 817-739-5106

April 29, 2022

The Employees of Lone Star Communications Houston have voted Carlo Melo our April 2022 Employee of the Month.

Carlos Melo
Carlos Melo started as a contract technician with TradeStar Inc back in December of 2017 and was hired direct to Lone Star in August of 2018.

He has worked at Texas Children’s Hospital, Methodist San Jacinto Medical Center and worked night shift for us at MD Anderson.

Comments from his coworkers

  • “Hard worker.”

  • “Carlos has shifted into overdrive at VA keeping up with all that is thrown at him. He has come far from his days as an installer.”

  • “Carlos has stepped up to take lead at the VA and has been cutting over areas to Responder 5. He is communicating well to the team daily on progress.”

  • “Go Carlos - Keep up the good work. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you!”

“When he was working with me at Ben Taub cabling, he showed great professionalism and leadership. He led the cabling team by organizing the guys and scheduling the times in each area according to availability while managing the cabling team. Carlos understood and produced the quality of work that Lone Star expects and delivers to our customers.”

- Bryan Peltier

Recently when Ricky Pineda transferred to the Corpus Christi office, Carlos took over Veteran’s Administration project and has been doing a really good job.

Carlos has come along quite a bit on communications skills, organization skills and nervousness (something Jeo knows a little about 😊 - rfk)

– Jeovanny Alvarenga


Carlos will receive a gift set from behind door #56 in Ron’s office and we will add his name to the plaque in the front lobby alongside the other 2022 Employees of the Month (Joel Orellana, Cris Ortega, Andrew Muller).

Finally, Carlos will receive a limited-edition Employee of the Month commemorative custom coin designed by our own Cliff Switzer.


April 27, 2022


Omar Puente - Thanks for helping out in the warehouse while Hector is on vacation.

Gabe Sanchez - Earning the Certified Associate in Project Management Certificate - The Asana Project Management program at Texas A&M.


Aaron Reyna - New Project 4304 Texas A&M Commerce Whitley Hall [Transact]

Greg Propps - New Project HCA Kingwood Medical Center - Workflow [HCA]

Greg Propps - New Project 4308 HMH Willowbrook 2022 Nurse Call [HMH]


May 5 - Cinco de Mayo Fajita Lunch

@11:30 Ron will be cooking steak & chicken meat on the grille. We are looking for anyone interested in bringing, tortillas, limes, peppers, onions or a side dish.

May 11 - Second Wednesday Roundtable Coffee - Wednesday 5/11 @ 16:00

This is an open forum to come and go as you please with the opportunity to discuss our Vision Summary and how it pertains to you. This is just adding another opportunity beyond the newsletter and e-mail.

Our theme on May 11 with be a vision summary walk through and Emplify Survey results.

May 14 - Lone Star Motorcycle Run Nacogdoches

If you want to go, ping Julie Fischer for details.

May 18 - 2022 Houston Awards Dinner.

This will be a small group dinner in Pearland as we did last year.

25 years - Cliff Switzer

20 Years - Jamie Selman

15 Years - Gregory Propps, Marissa Cerna

10 Years Hector Reyes, Jeovanny Alvarenga

5 Years - Juan Castillo, Rene Sandoval, Monique Dow, Jonathan Pennington

May 18 - HR & Talent Development Houston Visit

Ramona Rook, Trey Meador, Alatrae Pruitt

May 30 - Memorial Day Holiday



April 20, 2022

2022 Houston Women in Health IT Panel Discussion

Please join the Houston HIMSS chapter for the second Women in Health IT panel discussion.

There is a Houston HIMSS event this Thursday evening. We will have beverages and door prizes! Please share with anyone else who might be interested as well.

TMC Innovation

2450 Holcombe Blvd

Suite X

Houston, TX 77021


5:30 - 6:15 pm Panel Discussion

6:15 - 6:30 pm Q&A

6:30 - 7:30 pm Networking Session (light refreshments will be provided)

- Regina Wysocki


April 15, 2022


From: Nicole Flores Sent: Thursday, April 14, 2022 Subject: Shout Out


Good morning sir, I just had to let you know about the hard work and dedication that the crew out at P3595 Houston Methodist Hospital West has displayed.

This job has had several challenges and the Lone Star team has really stepped up. Cris Ortega has been a key factor in overcoming the obstacles this project has thrown at us. Juan Castillo, Ernie Chavez, and Erik Rosas all have worked there as well. These guys have really been great.

Thank You,

Nicole Flores | Superintendent


Greg Propps - New Project 4287 MDACC R6 Cardiopulmonary Aesthetic Renewal [Vaughn]

Cliff Switzer - New Project 4286 UTMB Pillow Speaker Replacement [UTMB]

Marquis Woodard - New Project 4292 – TCH Main Street Tower Level 15 [Bellows]


April 6, 2022


April 8, 2022 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Trends workshop.

This three-hour discussion will be facilitated by Kevin Henderson and discussion breakout leaders will be Marquis Woodard and Donna Montgomery.

Marissa Cerna, Monique Dow, Nicole Flores, Brian Manibo, Leo Martinez, Gregory Propps, Erik Rosas, Nelson Saldivar, Gabe Sanchez, Gus Torres, Regina Wysocki, Yessenia Zamora


Marquis Woodard - New Project 4261 Texas Children's Hospital - Overhead Page [Bellows]

Marquis Woodard - New Project 4274 – Texas Children's Hospital Legacy Tower Level 9 ICU Buildout [Bellows]

Marquis Woodard - New Project 4275 – Texas Children's Hospital Legacy Tower Level 10 ICU buildout [Bellows]


Cliff Switzer - For graphics assistance with the newsletter Employee of the Month.

Jamie Selman - For taking charge of the April newsletter article "Lone Superstar" on Mr. Chapa. Nice writing skills sir.


Our 90 minute discussion on 4/6 had a few participants snacking and drinking some 1877 & Topo Chico. Below are some of the discussion topics from the roundtable on April 6 with Shawna, Marquis, Nicole, Jon, Ron and Julie.

  • Nurse call ceiling junction boxes (Nicole). Contractors tend to ignore installation of ceiling mounting even though they are in the contract.

  • Cabling Team Breakout? (Nicole)

  • Cable subcontractor poor performance @ HCA (Nicole).

  • KPI Discussion on Days Outstanding $$ and LSCH #1 @43.7 in the Lone Star Universe.

  • Encouraging PM's & PS's to keep sales informed about upcoming possible project changes so they can help grease the wheels if needed. (Marquis)

  • Super Ride Along - Recap notes in weekly blast? (Ron)

  • True percentage of job completion? (Julie) Q360 Auto Calculation drill-down.

  • IT accuracy based on subtasks and billing to admin (Jon). Shore-up time bill process.

  • Professional Services sales discussion.

I have reserved the Command Central conference room for the next Roundtable Coffee on May 11 from 16:00 - 17:30.


Julie Fischer, Andre Hernandez, Brian Manibo, Shawna Falco, Monique Dow, Justo Garza, Bryan Peltier, Yessenia Zamora, Joel Orellana, Andrew Mueller


Regina Wysocki, Marquis Woodard

Come and go as you please to discuss current events, Critical Numbers, Career Ladder, Emplify Survey results, and upcoming policy changes. We will look at the Vision Summary Boards, the Flywheel, and how it pertains to you in a roundtable discussion atmosphere.


April 1, 2022


From: Nicole Flores <> Sent: Friday, April 1, 2022 11:21 AM Subject: Shout out

Juan Castillo


I have to let you know about the dedication that Juan Castillo has shown recently. After he has finished for the day at Herman Memorial he has been coming to HMH West Houston to help out for a few hours every day. This has helped us along with the project to get us where we need to be.

- Nicole

Also, shout out to Javier Solis who was on leave and joined us for pizza Wednesday evening. - Ron




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