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Bring Your Passion

May 2022

David Mullins

Change is hard for some while others embrace change and push the limits. Some think only the old guys have a problem with change. "It worked for the last thirty years why change?" So when a guy comes along that has experienced our business for over 55 years you might expect a push back to change and innovation.

David Mullins brought with him his life’s journey. He started as a go-fer technician running after whatever the boss wanted. He soon began to lead jobs on his own. When the great State Fair of Texas rolled around each year, he spent his time setting up, sound stages and then mixing some of the shows in Fair Park (Dallas). David will tell you his greatest learning came when he worked as a subcontractor for several sound companies. No greater motivation than to wake every morning unemployed. Other roles for David have been Operations Manager, Service Technician, and Purchasing Agent.

David is that guy that grew up in our business and brought all his knowledge and passion to whatever role he was assigned. This has been the case with the fabrication area. David came to Lone Star Communications seven years ago to manage and develop our PITCO (Pre-Installation Testing and Check Out) area.

There were changes at every turn. As David learned the systems and people, he began to experience processes he had thought about for years. He quickly caught on to the power of the processes through Q360. David has led Lone Star to a higher level of accountability and quality. He expects those around him to be passionate about doing the best job possible. David will call you out if the standard is not met.

This is David’s short story. He has done it all and seen it all when it comes to solving our field problems.

David has decided to retire on May 13th. He will be missed the second he leaves the building. Please join the Grand Prairie family in thanking David for his contribution.

On May 13th, we will provide lunch 11:30 am to 1:00 pm in the classroom for those that want to come by and hear some stories and visit with David.

- Dan Hiett, Chief Operating Officer Grand Prairie



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