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Construction is the name of the game in GP

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

We are under construction again. This project was postponed due to the events of last year.

We are looking forward to the additions to the Grand Prairie office space. The west warehouse space will be converted to office space. This includes three private offices and eight to twelve cubicles. The space will also include a small classroom and conference room that will accommodate up to eight stations. There will be two rest rooms added as well.

Much needed parking is planned for the lot next door. The back parking will be expanded by 21 spaces. Ten will have access from a new drive on 113th street. Eleven more will be accessed via a new drive inside the gate.

Because of the year long events of the pandemic, it is a good time to reset our views. It is time to reset the furniture a bit. The Engineering area was reset around Memorial Day. By the time this article is out, the East end office pool will be reset. A few cubicles are being eliminated to allow more back-to-back space between workstations.

Other changes include Trey Meador, Manager of Talent Development, finally finding a home. Trey will be in Kathy Tackle's, the retired HR Manager's former office. That will move Kara Walker, the Group Controller, to the Vice President of Sales & Marketing's office, Joe Jackson, until the construction is completed. Accounting and a few others will occupy the new office space in the back. Michelle Harris, Accounting, will move to a temporary location in the "Think Tank (suite 200 exit)."

Other small changes will continue through July and August. The Project Managers are reviewing a reset for their area as well.

The most consistent thing around Lone Star is change.


-Dan Hiett, Chief Operating Officer, Grand Prairie



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