Employee Updates!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

2021 started off with a bang and a snowstorm. Take a look at staff pictures and video clips from the highly memorable experience! Click on the Snowmageddon video below to watch.

Anthony Mebaghandu joined Lone Star Communications as an Installer on February 1st, 2021 at LSGP and reports to Mickey Longoria. He brings more than 5 years of experience and has expertise in Installations. In his spare time he likes to play scrabble and travel.

Please welcome Anthony to our team! You can reach Anthony at 682-414-1986,

anthony.mebaghandu@lonestarcom.com .

-Ramona Rook, Senior Human Resources Director


Drew Bowden joined Lone Star Communications as Fabrications Manager on March 1st, 2021 at LSGP and reports to Chris Bell. He brings more than 15 years of experience with team supervision of industrial electronic systems repair and maintenance.

In Drew’s spare time he likes to play video games, fly drones, and fish.

Please welcome Drew to our team! You can reach Drew at 817-7235667 or drew.bowden@lonestarcom.com .

-Ramona Rook, Senior Human Resources Director



SEC (Special Events Committee) put together a fun birthday celebration for the month of February, choosing to incorporate the themes of the recent Chinese Luna New Year and Mardi Gras (which typically spans the end of February to the beginning of March)! Chinese fortunes were provided with gold coins to use to scratch off the cards revealing interesting messages and also utilized as fun décor. Mardi Gras colored beads were also provided to add to the ambiance and to wear. Staff enjoyed an assortment of flavored cupcakes and Blue Bell ice cream cups.




Josh Murphree, Account Executive, was being annoying. So we built a beautiful wall for his cubicle.



Technicians, Alan Vasquez, Jesse Salazar, and Jose Rodriguez attended "The Fundamentals of Troubleshooting," an educational training taught by Brian Banks, Internal Information Security Officer. The class' primary objective was to equip technicians with knowledge and skills to utilize a 10-step troubleshooting process when confronted with problems that they may or may not have in depth product knowledge on.



COVID did slow us down with some training. It is great to finally get Responder 5 training going again. We have been able to train our employees, temps, and hospital staff. In the next 12 weeks we have a total of ten 2-Day trainings scheduled. This is a great time for training since the summer is just around the corner and that is a busy time for Lone Star Communications.

Back in December of 2020 we had our Customer Service, Tech Carval Landrum, attend the class along with Anthony Mebaghandu and Luis. Just recently we had two Temp attendees Jose (Dallas Cowboys hat), Eleazar (Red shirt), and two Texas Health Employees complete this class. Last week we had two Baylor Scott and White BioMed technicians complete this class. If people want to learn, we will keep training. One Team, One Purpose, One Family.


Chris Coleman | Customer Service | R5 System Instructor


Employees of Lone Star Communications Houston voted service technician Gabe Sanchez as our February 2021 Employee of the Month.

Gabe came to Halco in November 2007 through Trade Star. During his first few months on the job, Gabe began to display many exceptional qualities that motivated us to bring him on permanently. Though he initially started out in the Operations Department, it didn’t take him long to get noticed by Mr. Chapa the Director of Service and he was quickly recruited to join the Service Team.

Over the years, Gabe has been able to master just about all the systems that Lone Star Communications installs and services. These include Nurse Call, Fire Alarm, Overhead Paging, Access Control/Security, RTLS, & Infant Abduction Systems. Gabe’s expertise and knowledge of each of the systems along with his extraordinary communication skills have enabled him to become an excellent customer service representative for Lone Star Communications. These traits have also led Gabe to becoming the LSCH Instructor for Rauland Responder 5 Hardware training class for any upcoming technicians as well as customer end-users.

The Lone Star Communications team is extremely pleased to have someone of Gabe’s caliber in their corner. Keep up the excellent work Gabe!!

  • Jaime Chapa

Gabe Sanchez

Employee of the Month Survey Comments

  • “Gabe is always looking for new Opportunities for Lone Star while he is making his rounds. He's always well informed and easy to work with.”

  • “Has stepped up to assist with many tasks that are not necessarily his responsibility.”

  • “His incredible customer service, communication skills, and system work experience. Customers love Gabe!”

  • “Gabe, is a dedicated, providing support 23/7/365. Handling emergencies at 3:00 a.m. night after night in addition to working his 8-hours during the day. The customers trust him. When Gabe was dealing with this health struggles, he continued to support our LSC Team and our customers even during this time. He is totally committed to our one team, one purpose and one family.”

  • “Gabe always answers his phone and provides assistance to the best of his abilities.”

Gabe will receive two gifts from RTIC outdoors in Cypress Texas.

A RTIC Lightweight 15 Can Backpack Cooler and a RTIC 16oz Travel Mug.

Plus, a $50 Whole Foods Market gift certificate so he can fill that cooler.

Congratulations Gabe!



Congratulations to the Houston Methodist Center for Innovation and winning the new Listie Award. https://lnkd.in/gzTRc4x

They are also moving forward with Lone Star (Marquis Woodard, Director of Sales, and Donna Montgomery, Chief Clinical Informatics Officer, are working together on this) regarding Enterprise and how Rauland technologies can connect with their strategy. More to come. Until then, check out the video below.



Take a peek at the excitement in Central Texas Offices through the eyes of Chief Operating Officer, Victor Gonzalez. See below.

Homero Martinez recently created Frozen's winter wonderland for his daughter!

We moved Ron Walker from out in the warehouse to inside the building. He is enjoying his new spot.

Valerie Brzykcy held a training class for CAS’s Kaila Dorman and John Salyers in Georgetown.