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Employee Updates

Updated: May 5, 2021


Congratulations to the April Employee of the Month in Grand Prairie.

Lasonia started her career with Lone Star Communications on March 6, 2009 in the engineering department. Her love of people insisted we celebrate birthdays in Grand Prairie, so the Special Events Committee was formed. Lasonia loves her work and is ready to assist anyone when asked, and sometimes without asking.

She hails from Louisiana where she occasionally visits her grandmother.

Hayden’ comments,

I always look forward to our 1 on 1’s; we always manage to go over the time allotted because it’s such good conversation, which always leaves me in a much better mood. She has such a positive outlook on everything and is so eager to learn. She has taken on every challenge I’ve thrown her way from CAD operator to Design Apprentice and now stepping through that door as a Designer…she has made it her own.

We have a tremendous amount of mutual respect for one another. Lasonia definitely makes my job easier.

Here are some Comments submitted about Lasonia

She has been a very kind and understanding employee. Always looking to go the extra mile to help out others.

Consistently goes above and beyond, without being asked to.

Always taking care of people in the office whether it is the drawings on the board or her involvement with the special events committee. She always has a smile on her face.

One team and one family.

She ALWAYS goes above and beyond to help everyone, not just in her department.

One team, always willing to help and teach all that she can.

Lasonia goes out of her way to help others

She keeps our board updated, she is great with planning our monthly celebrations for birthdays, plus all the hard work she does within the Engineering department. She is a team player & hard worker!

Always on her game

She is an incredible employee that exemplifies the best of Lone Star Communications

Lasonia will receive a $50.00 card of her choosing.

And each Employee of the Month will receive a commemorative Coin.



We were fortunate to have one of our own attend the Responder 5 Training in April. Daniel Connell was sent from Arkansas. He is a perfectionist with his work and performance. He wanted 100% on the test and no errors on the four room build. He did great both days and his passion for excellence showed. Every detail matters to him and the results in the cabinet were perfect.

Daniel also had me try a pizza combo that was different but amazing…Pepperoni, Pineapple, and Jalapenos! One Team, One Purpose, One Family (Different taste buds 😊)

-Chris Coleman | Customer Service | R5 System Instructor