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Employee Updates

Updated: May 5, 2021


Congratulations to the April Employee of the Month in Grand Prairie.

Lasonia started her career with Lone Star Communications on March 6, 2009 in the engineering department. Her love of people insisted we celebrate birthdays in Grand Prairie, so the Special Events Committee was formed. Lasonia loves her work and is ready to assist anyone when asked, and sometimes without asking.

She hails from Louisiana where she occasionally visits her grandmother.

Hayden’ comments,

I always look forward to our 1 on 1’s; we always manage to go over the time allotted because it’s such good conversation, which always leaves me in a much better mood. She has such a positive outlook on everything and is so eager to learn. She has taken on every challenge I’ve thrown her way from CAD operator to Design Apprentice and now stepping through that door as a Designer…she has made it her own.

We have a tremendous amount of mutual respect for one another. Lasonia definitely makes my job easier.

Here are some Comments submitted about Lasonia

She has been a very kind and understanding employee. Always looking to go the extra mile to help out others.

Consistently goes above and beyond, without being asked to.

Always taking care of people in the office whether it is the drawings on the board or her involvement with the special events committee. She always has a smile on her face.

One team and one family.

She ALWAYS goes above and beyond to help everyone, not just in her department.

One team, always willing to help and teach all that she can.

Lasonia goes out of her way to help others

She keeps our board updated, she is great with planning our monthly celebrations for birthdays, plus all the hard work she does within the Engineering department. She is a team player & hard worker!

Always on her game

She is an incredible employee that exemplifies the best of Lone Star Communications

Lasonia will receive a $50.00 card of her choosing.

And each Employee of the Month will receive a commemorative Coin.



We were fortunate to have one of our own attend the Responder 5 Training in April. Daniel Connell was sent from Arkansas. He is a perfectionist with his work and performance. He wanted 100% on the test and no errors on the four room build. He did great both days and his passion for excellence showed. Every detail matters to him and the results in the cabinet were perfect.

Daniel also had me try a pizza combo that was different but amazing…Pepperoni, Pineapple, and Jalapenos! One Team, One Purpose, One Family (Different taste buds 😊)

-Chris Coleman | Customer Service | R5 System Instructor


The Employees of Lone Star Communications Houston have voted our Service Technician Roberto Lopez our April 2021 Employee of the Month.

Roberto came to Halco back in February of 1998.

Comments from Roberto’s coworkers

• “20+ years of service”

• “Most reliable person I have known”

• “He’s a role model to look up to”

• “Professional”

• “He is always helpful and knows the nurse call systems very well”

• “Very Reliable and Hardworking”

• “When we have a question on old nurse call system, Roberto Lopez is always there to help anyone”.


This clip below is From June 2020 Newsletter when Roberto Lopez was our Lone Super Star from Jaime Chapa.

Roberto has played a vital role in making our Lone Star Communications Houston (LSCH) Service Team successful and truly demonstrates daily the Lone Star core values of One Team, One Purpose, & One family.

Roberto Lopez who was born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico has been with Lone Star Communications for over 22 years. Once he graduated high school, Roberto studied at the State College of Nuevo Leon (UANL) in Monterrey for 2 years and began to work for Black & Decker in there Electronic Manufacturing Division.

Shortly after getting married in 1993, Roberto and his wife of now 28 years moved to Houston, TX to pursue a career in the electronics field. He began working with a local low-voltage subcontractor (for roughly 5 years), which often assisted Halco Life Safety Systems for small and large projects.

This is where then owner Margie Adams (formally Halco) saw first-hand his excellent work ethic & determination. In 1998, she offered Roberto a full-time position and the rest is pretty much history.

Roberto holds certifications on the Rauland Responder III, IV, V, R4K, & R5K Nurse Call System along with other low-voltage system certifications (CCTV, Intercom, Access control & etc.).

His ability, to skillfully master & troubleshoot the different types of systems, has enabled him to be a true mentor to all new & upcoming technicians.

One Team, One Purpose, One Family.



Roberto will receive two gifts from RTIC outdoors in Cypress Texas.

A RTIC Lightweight 15 Can Backpack Cooler and a RTIC 16oz Travel Mug.

Plus, a $50 Whole Foods Market gift certificate so Roberto can fill that cooler.

We will add his name to the plaque in the front lobby alongside all the other 2021 Employees of the Month.

Finally, Roberto will receive one of twelve limited edition Employee of the Month commemorative custom coins designed by our own Cliff Switzer.

Congratulations Roberto!


We are proud to announce that we have a winner. Felix Escamilla is our April Employee of the Month!! CONGRATULATIONS FELIX!!!!

Below are a few comments from his coworkers.

  • Felix is always killing it on jobs and is always keeping all of our customers happy.

  • 1 Team: Keeping new installs moving along quickly, gets us all paid & keeping the install quality high makes work in the service department much easier.

  • Felix is one of our best techs.

  • He works great with everyone.

  • He is always willing to help others.

  • Felix is wanting to take on/learn more with Lone Star.

  • When Felix runs an install on big projects, he always completes the project ahead of time.

  • Felix is always willing to help other team members

  • He does whatever it takes to complete projects.



We are proud to announce that we have a winner. Kristin Best is our winner!!! Congratulations Kristin!!!

Below are a few comments from her coworkers.

  • Kristin has stepped up during Covid to help with many tasks not necessarily her responsibility.

  • She is very dedicated to her job and willing to adapt and learn new tasks.

  • Kristin always has a smile on her face, never complains and is always willing to help.

  • Kristin is a team player and always there to help internal & external customers.


I would like to congratulate Melinda Gibbs on being chosen by the Lone Star Communications Arkansas (LSAR) team as the March Employee of the Month. Melinda is the Little Rock Office Manager and has responsibilities in customer billing, licensing, office management, serves on the hiring committee, and recently accepted a role as a Team Lead on the acquisition team. She also has over 18 years of employment with our organization. Below are some reasons why you all chose her to be honored as this month’s Employee of the Month. She will be receiving a $50 gift card and a certificate. Congratulations Melinda!!!

I also would like to congratulate Chris Ainsworth on winning the participation award. He will be receiving a $25 gift card for being randomly selected among those that participated.

Thank you to everyone that participated. The April nominations will be sent out around the first of May.

Comments from nominations:

  • Melinda is always willing to do whatever it takes to help our customers and her coworkers. She is very precise with everything she does and most of all does it with a smile on her face!

  • Always considerate of the needs of the team and company

  • Always a positive attitude

  • She has helped others with projects while still maintaining her quality work

  • I don't think anyone displays all of our values more than her

  • Always doing whatever it takes for our customers and company



Please join me in congratulating Bret Thex (Crew Leader in Little Rock) and his wife on the birth of their new baby boy! Mom and baby are doing well.

Maxwell James Thex

Born: 4/26/21

8 lbs 14 oz and 22 inches long

-Taylor Taylor, Project Manager



Please join me in congratulating Aaron Andrews (Service Inspector in Little Rock) and his wife Brianna on the birth of their new baby boy 4 weeks early! Mom and baby are doing well.

Brooks Maverick Andrews

Born: 4/27/21 around 7:30 pm

5 lbs 8 oz and 18 inches long

-Jay Bradley, Service Manager



While on vacation in Branson, MO, my husband, Shay, and I were able to go visit the College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout, MO. While there, I was able to meet and talk with Dan Dilley, Maintenance Manager. Dan is a valuable customer that has been loyal to us for many years and has given us numerous fire alarm installation projects. It is always good to get to meet our customers.

-Melissa Terrell, Collections, North Little Rock



Did you all know that Wednesday is National Administrative Professional’s day? In alignment with the National day we are going to focus our company spotlight this week on the Administrative team. National Administrative Day is a time that we get to recognize the professionals who keep our offices running smoothly every day. They are the ones “behind the scenes” supporting each of you and ensuring we collect money from our customers! Administrative professionals have to be organized but flexible to handle the unexpected changes that occur from day to day, and this team definitely excels in those areas. I honestly couldn’t ask for a better group of hardworking, committed individuals to be part of this team, and I'm excited to honor them this week. I will be sending out emails focusing on each team member throughout the week. I encourage each of you to spend some time getting to know each of these individuals if you don’t already know them!

Carolyn Hardiman – Little Rock – Accounts Payable

Melinda Gibbs – Little Rock – Office Manager

Melissa Terrell – Little Rock – Collections

Melissa Woodruff – Springdale – Admin/Dispatch

Ramona Rook – Little Rock (Corporate) – Human Resources

Chet Chilcutt – Little Rock – Warehouse/Purchasing

Brian Fraser – Springdale - Warehouse


If you have ever received per diem then you definitely know this lady! She is the one responsible for remitting all the per diem for all 4 of the Lone Star Companies. Carolyn also handles the vouchers for our accounts payable department and ensures that our vendors get paid for all the parts that we order. She is also responsible for entering our recurring invoices, so she can be thanked for ensuring that we have lights, heat, and air in all the offices! I am sure that her responsibilities impact each of your in one way or another.

Here are just a few fun facts about Carolyn:

  • She owns over 40 pairs of shoes!

  • Her friends would describe her as loyal, accountable, and caring

  • Her family has a “motto” – Our roots run deep but our love runs deeper

  • If she could share a meal with any 4 individuals she would choose her father, mother, brother, and daughter (all deceased)

  • Her favorite childhood memory was when her father taught her how to drive

Thank you Carolyn for all your hard work and willingness to always help whenever needed!


Although Melissa is only part-time, she has big time impact on LSAR by ensuring that we collect cash from our customers. Melissa is responsible for our collections department and uses her positive attitude and charming voice to persuade customers to pay us in a timely manner. She is responsible for contacting customers and keeping the collection notes in Q360 updated, allowing us to know which customers tend to be “trouble customers” when it comes to receiving payment. She also makes sure that the Shout Out boards get distributed for all 4 companies. If there is a party or get together being planned, you can almost always count on Melissa being part of the planning!!

Here are just a few fun facts about Melissa:

  • If she could live anywhere it would Hawaii, Florida, or Mexico (where it is much warmer)

  • The one thing she will never do is again is Float the Buffalo because she is terrified of snakes

  • Her favorite holiday is Halloween

  • The one thing she can not go a day without is salt

  • If she had to choose between washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, cleaning the bathroom, or vacuuming the house then she would choose mowing the lawn (but make sure her husband doesn’t know that!)

Thank you Melissa for all your hard work and your commitment to ensuring LSAR is a fun place to work!


Missy is one of the newer members of the administrative team and serves as the Administrative Assistant in Springdale. She has also taken on responsibilities for service dispatch and definitely ensures the office stays clean and disinfected! In May she will be receiving her Associate's Degree in Business Science from Columbia Southern University (Congratulations Missy!). She also has several certifications including FEMA Certified in Disasters Response, Active Shooter, and Mobile Unit Setup and is Certified through John Hopkins University in Covid Tracing, Response and Use of Electric Sprayers. She has OSHA Radiation Training and Toxic Spills. She is an American Red Cross former Instructor in all CPR, Standard First Aid, Advance Board and Split Use, and Pet CPR, with over 1,500 teaching hours. One of the most interesting things that I discovered about her during her interview was that she has a side photography business that focuses on wrestling. She is always more than willing to help anyone and is constantly looking for ways to provide assistance.

Here are just a few fun facts about Missy:

  • If she ever won the lottery then she would pay off bills, donate to a few charities, help friends, and buy a house. She would keep working too, because it would give her a sense of purpose.

  • Her favorite recipe is her grandmother’s cornbread dressing. Her mom gave it to her and she has her grandmother’s mothers cast iron skillet to make the cornbread in. When she is using it, she kind of feels like her mom and grandmother are still with her.

  • If she had a warning label it would say – “Truly nice person UNTIL you tick her off. If a Cajun accent comes out of her mouth, RUN!”

  • She does not like surprises. She is a type-A personality. She doesn’t like unknown situations and suffers from anxiety disorder. Panic attacks for her are usually very bad and draining.

  • Her heroes are the voice for the voiceless, animal rescuers. She does this job herself and it is a thankless job, but when you see one you rescued get adopted, it makes it all worthwhile. Two Facebook pages come to mind, Juno’s Place and Harley. Deb, Rudi and Dan are awesome.

We are so glad you are part of this team Missy! Looking forward to many future years working together.


I like to take credit for hiring this guy, but really his hard work has earned him the reputation of always going above and beyond. I have seen Chet push himself to find ways to save the company money and improve all areas where he has responsibility. He tries to make sure that he takes care of our customers, builds relationships with our vendors, and knows his co-workers. He makes his way around the Little Rock office regularly to check on everyone and see where he can assist them. He has a great sense of humor that makes him a joy to be around! He has been a valuable asset to both the administrative team and to the LSAR organization. He also holds the honor of being the FIRST Employee of the Month from the non-tech group.

Here are just a few fun facts about Chet:

  • One of his proudest achievements is earning the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America in 2008

  • In high school, he was one of the editors for the school newspaper. He won State and National awards for his sports columns as a Junior and Senior. He also was on the quiz bowl team, played football, and was very active in Boy Scouts

  • His first job was in 2006 at the age of 16 as a Courtesy Clerk (Bagger) at Kroger

  • His family consists of three amazing children, a great wife, and three dogs. He has two boys and one girl. His oldest son is 9, his youngest son is 5 and his daughter is 7. He also has a Saint Bernard, a Great Dane, and a German Shephard/Mountain Cur mix

  • He was born in God’s backyard (in Chet’s words…AKA The GREAT State of Texas) but moved to Arkansas when he was 8

  • He enjoys bubble baths, candlelit dinners, and long walks on the beach with that special someone


Our newest team member is Brian Fraser. He joined us just a little over 6 weeks ago as the Warehouse Assistant in Springdale, and I have heard nothing but compliments on his attitude and focus on doing a good job. We like to think of him as a Chet 2.0 and he is definitely living up to the expectations. I can’t wait to see his growth and where his career at Lone Star Communications leads. If you haven’t met Brian yet, please reach out to him and get to know him a little bit better!

Here are just a few fun facts about Brian:

  • He loves to go on hikes or adventures with his family

  • He loves to play golf even though he thinks he is terrible at it (haha)

  • He enjoys fishing, specifically crappie

  • He loves to travel with his family and make new memories

  • One of his favorite childhood memories was watching Notre Dame football on tv with his Grandfather, and he has been an Irish fan ever since

  • The highlight of his life has been marrying his best friend along with having their two daughters. They are the reason he gets up everyday

  • He enjoys anything Boston related, because that’s where his family is from and will always be home for him


I would like to conclude the Administrative Celebration Week, by talking about the leader of our fantastic administrative team, Jennifer Mahan. From the day Jennifer started working here, she has brought passion and enthusiasm for her job. She has a great rapport with her team and with employees from all departments. There is a high level of trust and understanding she has developed across the company, which is emblematic of who Jennifer is – and is why they go to her. Jennifer takes on numerous projects and initiatives, barely ever admitting how much work she has happening, because she wants everyone and this company to be their best. You can see that in everything she does – including now adding color to her spreadsheets, LOL.

Personally, I can’t be more thankful, appreciative, of everything Jennifer does for me (or despite me). As a member of the Executive Team, she is the balance, has the key insights, has a feeling for the normal ebbs and flows of how everyone feels, how changes will be perceived and received, and most importantly, when we need a bit more thought on something. Every time I wonder if we can track something, she figures it out. Every time I challenge her with revamping spreadsheets, financials, adding her to committees, projects to her plate, she just keeps getting it all done. She is often my sounding board to make sure I am not getting off track – and she will tell me if I am, which I appreciate.

Thank you Jennifer, for your leadership, your teamwork, your commitment to all of us.

Here are just a few fun facts about Jennifer:

  • She has 14 year old twins (Mayson and Shelby) and her baby boy (Kylan) just turned 2 yesterday

  • She decided in 9th grade that she wanted to be an accountant and never swayed from that decision. She went straight to college the fall after she graduated high school and finished her Bachelors, then straight into the Masters program. She worked for a small company doing accounting work even before she finished her degrees. She then passed her CPA exam within 6 months of obtaining her Masters.

  • Her passion in life (outside of financial analysis lol) is traveling. She has a written bucket list that includes visiting all 50 states. She has visited 26 already, so a little over half way there.

  • Her sister is 10 years younger than her, but has always been her best friend. They literally do everything together.

  • If she could live anywhere it would be somewhere warmer and closer to the beach (Ray if you are reading this, she would like you to acquire a company on one of the coasts!) 😊.



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