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Cyber Security Beyond Lone Star Communications’ Domain

During the month of June, we experienced an increase of email attacks that our vigilant team continues to detect, report, and delete. The Human Firewall at Lone Star Communications (LSC) continues to strengthen. As expected, cyber criminals continue to search for vulnerabilities. Our partners, vendors and customers are not immune to email phishing and may receive fake emails possibly pretending to be a part of the Lone Star Communications' team. If you are made aware by our partners, vendors or customers of any attempts that are spoofing the identity (pretending to be you) notify your local LSC Information Technology Professional or immediately.

If you receive an unexpected email, with or without attached documents, that appear to be legitimate, from a partner, vendor, or customer, do not hesitate to report and call the sender utilizing a documented number on file. In some cases, we have found that their email credentials were compromised and by making the call, they were alerted early enough to make the necessary internal cyber security adjustments to avoid malicious activity on their network. I will continue to give our team shout-outs because Cyber Security Awareness is a Team effort. Together we will continue our best efforts at protecting our customers’ and company’s data. One Team, One Purpose, One Family!

June Cyber Security Defender

Brian Manibo, IT Support Professional

LSC Houston

Brian’s reaction time and attention to detail, in the event a possible threat has been detected, has been stellar! In the month of June, Brian’s response to the call of reviewing and assisting employees with account settings and password maintenance on their email accounts, prevented escalated cyber security incidents. Thank You Brian Manibo!

-Brian Banks, Internal Information Security Officer



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