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December 2021


Completed Support Items:

Heather Hiett


  • Updates to material list

- You can now scan in the Mac Address.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Parent Task

- Now hours on the subtask will show on the parent task as expected.

  • Update to Opportunity

- When you change the status on an Opportunity it will update the Won-Lost code and date fields.

  • Update to Material List

- When request day is 5 days out, it will turn yellow and when it past due it will turn red.

New or Updated Reports, Dashboards, or Workflows:

New Reports

  • Created Total Billable Hours report

– Shows total billable hours by department and labor type.

  • Created a Report for Backorder material using the PO

New Dashboards

  • Project Project Manager Dashboard

  • Project Superintendent Dashboard

Workflow Amendment

  • Add Critical Parts bucket to the Service Workflow

Items Currently in progress:


  • Opportunity with Multiple Quotes

- The value on the quote will include all quotes & order except ones marked exclude and any quotes in rejected, canceled, dataentry or confirmed status.

  • Site Record - Quality Index

- Add "Bed Count" field.

  • SUB TYPE 3 field

- Added another sub type field .

  • Service Call - Add Include Opportunity Document

- See documents from the opportunity on the call.

Future Build Development Items :

Spring 2022:

  • All Live Data Reports

- Adding a filter option for each quarter and next year.

  • Material List Split Line Items

- Ability to split multiple lines into single lines.

Future Unscheduled Development Items:

  • Opportunity Funnel Tasks in Resource Console

- Be able to move Opportunity on Resource Console like a task.

  • Master Number - Profile Tab - Profile Grid

- Hide expired profiles and add a "see all" check box.

  • Canceling HR requests

- Give the user the ability to cancel their HR time off request.

  • Global schedule

- Option to change the hours on the global schedule.

- Heather Hiett, Q360 Support Specialist




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