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Defendify and Monthly Cyber Security Trainings

The risk of cybercrime against businesses like ours is increasing daily. We are committed to strengthening our culture of cyber awareness, so everyone continues to understand what we can each do to help protect our data and systems. This also keeps us compliant with risk assessments received from our existing and new customers. We are continuing to utilize a security awareness training program called Defendify to work on strengthening our “human firewall” of cyber-strong defenders.

Each month, selected employee positions will receive Phish Testing along with new short NINJIO microlearning videos. They are short, engaging animated videos that address specific threats in the cybersecurity landscape today. The topics covered can include password health, social media security, phishing emails, or ransomware. The testing and videos will help keep you safe both in and out of work.

Expect emails from Each month going forward, those selected employee positions will be invited to watch a short, 4-minute video. The results from the testing and completion of the NINJIO microlearning videos will be documented and emailed to all Chief Operating Officers.

Thank you for your continued support as we work together to improve our cybersecurity posture. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at .

July Cyber Security Defender


Lone Star Communications’ Field Technicians Scored a Perfect 100% for the Month of July, on the Defendify Phish Testing Campaign. Congratulations Team on a job well done and continue to be vigilant on protecting our personal, company and customers’ data.

-Brian Banks, Internal Information Security Officer

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