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Education Market Updates

Here is an update on what is going on the education side of Lone Star Communications.

John Borden

Dustin Reed and Roel Hernandez in the Central Texas region are having a fantastic year!

We have facilitated new projects in East Central ISD, Judson ISD, West Oso ISD, Freer ISD and so much more has set Central Texas for the next boom.

Uvalde ISD also has a new Telecenter Universe (TCU) System at one of the schools being used as the temporary campus this year. Erin Tate visited the district and completed the training for the staff at the campus. Eight Portables were added to the school, and we did an overlay to provide them emergency communication before school started.

Dustin Reed

Lone Star Communications has attended five Live Safety shows from Corpus Christi to Little Rock. Dustin Reed came up with the new table cover and sign.

Texas School Safety Conference in San Antonio

Roel Hernandez

Little Rock

We have been working hard as a team to bring on a new Private School/Church with their first TCU install. This has been a fun project as we have set up a cloud server. The Lone Star Team included Brian Banks, James Schwendig and Jonathon Murphy who made it all come together.

We also have our first TCU in the Hospital market. James is working with the Little Rock office to start bringing the new system on line.

Grand Prairie

We are having a steady year. Last year sales and new projects this year pushed Chris Bell’s team and they came through (even though not all the parts were available). The schools were ready to start on time.

We have many new projects that have come in that will keep the installation team going for the rest of 2022 and 2023. We also have new projects like the new Malakoff High School that will open in 2024.

Thank you everyone for your support!

- John Borden, Director of Education Sales



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