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Updated: Aug 3, 2020


Please join me in welcoming Erin Tate to Lone Star Communications as a Communications Applications Specialist (ED) in the LSGP office. Erin began her employment on Monday, July 13th under the supervision of Patt Bowles. She brings more than 10 years of education experience, with advanced degrees in Teaching, Curriculum, and Instruction.

In Erin’s spare time she reads, paints, gardens, and spends time with her husband. On the rare occasions they allow it, she also likes to spend time with her two sons, ages 15 and 12!

Welcome, Erin, to our team! She can be reached at: (LSGP) 1414 Post and Paddock, Grand Prairie, TX 75050, (972) 809-5624, and

-Ramona Rook, Senior Human Resources Director


Andrew Mueller (Houston CAS) recently wed his wife (Tanya Mueller) Thursday, July 2, 2020. Congratulations on your nuptials!



Victor Gonzalez, Chief Operating Officer of Central Texas offices, grabs photo updates on his exciting travels throughout San Antonio (SA), Georgetown (GT) and Corpus Christi (CC). Take a peek below.

"Below is a picture of our San Antonio trucks now that re-branding is complete.

Next up is Georgetown, which is scheduled for August 1st."

"Here is a picture of Patt Bowles (Executive Vice President, CCEO) visiting with the Education team of LSCT:

-Dustin Reed, Georgetown (Sales)

-Kent Taylor, Corpus Christi (Sales)

-Roel Hernandez, Corpus Christi (Project Manager)

-Angel Rashin, Georgetown (Project Manager)

"Below is Jessica Hammond. She is working at Killeen ISD MS14 installing speakers. We just signed Jessica on permanently to the Georgetown Crew from TradeSTAR. She officially starts August 3rd. Lookout for that announcement from Ramona!"

"Below you will find Hammurabi (Hammi) Bueno installing an exterior speaker at Killeen ISD Middle School 14."

"Below is Angel Rashin, Project Manager for Education in Georgetown. He is installing exterior speakers at Killeen ISD, MS14."

"Below is Felix Escamilla working on clocks at Austin ISD, Doss Elementary."

"Below is a picture of a cake that our talented Director of Operations, Steven Spangler, made for his wife for her birthday. There’s another side to this guy after all, lol."

Thanks Victor!


Kaila Dorman, our Clinical Applications Specialist, made this for Ramona’s office. If you have spent any time with Ramona at all, you will find all of this to be true. I’ve been working with Ramona for over 20 years. I have worked for her and she has worked for me. She is exceptional in any role she is given.

- Melinda Gibbs



Please join me in welcoming Noah Hunter to Lone Star Communications, Inc. as a Technician in the LSAR - Springdale office. Noah began his employment on June 29th under the supervision of Taylor Taylor.

He brings four years of experience with him doing everything from installs, service work, and inspections.

Noah also spent 2 years in college going to school and participating in college rodeo at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. He is from Prairie Grove, AR.

In his spare time Noah enjoys fishing, team roping, and leather work.

Welcome Noah! We are excited to have you on our team!! He can be reached at 479-287-2332. His email address is

-Ramona Rook, Senior Human Resources Director



Melinda Gibbs, Office Manager of North Little Rock, provided some cool updates for the Arkansas area per usual. See below!

"Here’s a social distancing Hello from Little Rock!"

Wow Arkansas! Who knew social distancing could be so much fun!

"Here’s a pic of Doug Crowder. He’s the Sprinkler Service Manager. In the pic with him is his granddaughter Amelia. They share the same birthday of July 20th, which Doug says is awesome!"

"On Friday, July 17th we had a watermelon party! Doug decided we needed to eat watermelon together, so he provided the melon and asked everyone to come."

"A family that eats watermelons together, stays together."

"Remembering Christmas…in July when we could all hang out together. Little Rock Office Bowling Party."

Thanks Melinda!



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