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Employee Updates

Updated: Aug 27, 2021



Congratulations to the August Employee of the Month in Grand Prairie.

Craig started his career with Lone Star Communications on March 3rd, 2002. He has over 19 years of dedicated service with LSC. His role is Computer Network Support. Craig was hired to help with the growing internal network. The network has grown in size and complexity, and Craig has been part of the growth and reliability. In the beginning years, most of Craig’s time was spent looking after the internal network. As our industry and customers required more IT support, Craig took to solving problems for our technicians and customers. Today, Craig is involved in very complex projects and solutions involving our highest profile customers.

Craig is the one in the background, the invisible glue holding things together, never seeking any attention or glory for all that he does, which includes desktop support to network administration, passwords, email, server migrations, laptop maintenance and support, phone system support, access control management and many more daily tasks. He has his hands in everything we do. Craig also shows what it means to be “One Family”. Craig always helps anyone with technology issues and makes sure to follow through with it. He takes the time to get to know someone and always says hi. He is a valuable member to this organization, and we are very grateful for him.

Eric Gillespie’s Comment:

Always willing to help no matter what direction he gets pulled in!

Mumin Adeyemi’s Comment:

Craig is such an incredible problem-solver, passionate and resourceful. He inspires me to do better work.

Here are some comments submitted about Craig:

Always prompt to answer any of my inquiries and was available even during his time recovering from his accident. All out-team player.

He quietly dedicates himself to his position. Never a negative disposition.

He helps with all the computer needs.