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Employee Updates

Updated: Oct 8, 2021



Congratulations to the September Employee of the Month in Grand Prairie.

Ruben Morante started his career at Lone Star Communications in operations as a field tech on June 28th, 2018. Ruben currently holds the position of Project Superintendent. Ruben is recognized by many of his peers as a hard worker, teacher, team player and someone who goes above and beyond. He brings many assets and skills to the Operations Team and to Lone Star Communications. Ruben is an outstanding example of what it is to be One Team, One Purpose, and One Family.

Chris Bell’s Comment:

Ruben is a great team member; he always goes above and beyond. He always makes sure his teammates have what they need. He is a good teacher and coach. Our team is lucky to have someone like Ruben. Congratulations Ruben, you deserve it!

Mickey Longoria’s Comment:

Ruben is a tremendous asset to our team, great teacher, communicator, just an all-around outstanding employee.

He has been a great teacher even for me. I came from the healthcare side of the company, and these past few years I have had Ruben as my Superintendent on my Education projects and l have learned so much from him.

Here are some comments submitted about Ruben:

Always comes prepared to meetings and seems to be a good leader out on the field.

Ruben always goes above and beyond to complete a project on time. Exceptional drive.

Works hard.

ONE TEAM, Ruben always goes above and beyond. He is a great asset to the OPS team.

Hard worker, team player. Very good at what he does. All day Every day.

Ruben will receive a gift card.

And each Employee of the Month will receive a commemorative Coin.


Please join me in welcoming Alatrae Pruitt to Lone Star Communications as Talent Acquisition Specialist in the LSGP office. Alatrae began her employment on September 13th, 2021 under the supervision of Ramona Rook. Alatrae brings more than 4 years of recruiting experience with her and has expertise in verbal/written communication, problem solving, leadership, organization, perseverance and motivation, and the ability to work under pressure.

In her spare time Alatrae enjoys riding her Suzuki GSXR and fishing with her 7 year old daughter.

Welcome to the Lone Star team Alatrae!! We look forward to working with you. She can be reached at 214-677-4171 or .


Julio Torres joined Lone Star Communications as Service Technician on October 4th, 2021 at Grand Prairie and reports to Michael Traylor. He brings more than six years of low voltage experience and has expertise in data, voice, video and paging systems.

In Julio’s spare time he enjoys indoor and outdoor soccer.

Please join me in welcoming Julio Torres to our team! He can be reached at: 469-442-5070 or .



Responder 5 training is offered to all departments of Lone Star Communications. The Grand Prairie Warehouse Manager, Austin Eubanks, completed this training in late August. He has thousands of R5 parts pass through his section every month. Now he knows what to do with them. He led the way during the build and scored great on the test.

The following week we had our North Little Rock Field Technician, Bret Thex, attend and get certified on the Responder 5 System. He was flawless with everything he put the tools to and near perfect score on the test. Lane Wilcox from Shreveport also attended as a refresher course. They made the four room build look too easy.

It's always great to see familiar and new faces with our 1 Team, 1 Purpose, 1 Family!


-Chris Coleman | Customer Service | R5 System Instructor


The Employees of Lone Star Communications Houston have voted Rey Chapa our September 2021 Employee of the Month.

Omar and Javier will be passing the baton over to Rey.

Rey came to Halco in August of 2004 and received his Lone Star Communications 15-year award this spring. He was born in Houston and raised in Pasadena and is the older brother of Jaime Chapa.

​In in his spare time Rey enjoys traveling all over the world. Rey’s car is 415HP Chevy SS and, as far as we know, he has not got any speeding tickets lately (even though red attracts the police).

​His favorite sports team is the Houston Astros. Since heights are not his thing, going to the Astro’s game, I assume he does not sit in the 400 section (high section).

Rey enjoys going to new places, horse racing, catching Astros games, and socializing with a vast network of friends.

Comments from Rey’s coworkers

  • Great Project Manager!

  • Passionate.

  • Great leader!!!!

  • Persistent.

  • Rey is always there to help out and provide guidance to anyone.

  • Ambitious.

  • Team player.

  • Thinking of others.

  • Hard worker - I always see him in the office after 4 pm

  • Very knowledgeable and always willing to help.

  • Great problem solver!


One Team, One Purpose, One Family.



Rey will receive a gift set from behind door #1 in Ron’s office and we will add their name to the plaque in the front lobby alongside the other 2021 Employees of the Month.

Finally, Rey will receive a limited-edition Employee of the Month commemorative custom coins designed by our own Cliff Switzer.




I wanted to let you know of a service opportunity right in our own backyard that might interest you. Houston Ground Angels is an organization that provides no-cost transportation for people coming to Houston’s Texas Medical Center for treatment.

Houston Ground Angels helps patients by arranging free ground transportation from area airports to the Texas Medical Center for treatment using a network of volunteers (Ground Angels). This service helps reduce the financial burden associated with treatment for patients. When I fly a patient on an Angel Flight to or from Houston, sometimes they are transported to the airport by a Ground Angel in their personal vehicle.

I used to volunteer to drive when I lived in the city and have picked up folks coming to town from places such as New Mexico, Georgia, Ohio and Alabama and taken them from MD Anderson to Bush Intercontinental, Hobby and West Houston airports after their treatment. On my last mission, I picked up a couple coming in on the first flight from Atlanta and took them from Hobby to MD Anderson.

Some of the patients are flying commercial into and out of Bush Intercontinental and Hobby airports. Other patients are flying on Angel Flights in private General Aviation aircraft arriving and departing local airports such as Hobby, Houston Executive, West Houston Airport, David Wayne Hooks Memorial, Sugar Land Regional and Houston Southwest in Arcola (my airport).

Now that I live out in Alvin and fly patients on Angel flights, I do not have time to volunteer to drive as well. I was hoping that some of you might be able to help from time to time. It is pretty simple to help out. The patient requests a ride (Mission) which will be posted on the Ground Angels website. Once posted on the site, a Ground Angels volunteer can then accept the mission.

Please consider, if during your travels to and from the medical district, you might have the ability to volunteer. If you do have some time to give, you can get on the Ground Angels website and become a volunteer.




We are proud to announce that Richard Morrow has been chosen for employee of the month for September.

Please see below what some of his coworkers have to say about him.

  • Richie constantly performs under pressure.

  • He always has his technician’s setup for a successful project.

  • He always meets his deadlines.

  • He’s always willing to help out.

  • He is always at the shop early to help technicians get what they need.

  • Does whatever needs to be done, no matter what the task is.

  • He is a good leader & is always looking out for his coworkers.

  • Always willing to get the job done, whether it is office work or working out in the field.




A few folks Celebrating Birthdays June-September 2021.

Left to Right: Homero Martinez, Victor Gonzalez and Hammurabi Bueno


I would like to congratulate Nathan Wolfenbarger on being chosen by the LSAR team as the September Employee of the Month. Nate is a Project Superintendent in our Springdale office and was nominated based on the knowledge, leadership, and improvements he has brought since joining the install team. He will receive a gift card and a certificate. Congratulations Nate!!

I also would like to congratulate Chet Chilcutt on winning the participation award. He will be receive a $25 gift card for being randomly selected among those that participated.



I would like to congratulate Bret Thex on being chosen by the LSAR team as the August Employee of the Month. Bret is a Crew Leader in our Little Rock office who was nominated based on his recent collaboration with the engineering department and ensuring that our customers are receiving exceptional support. Some examples are on the Ouachita County R5k project with the IR pillow speaker programming, the South Mississippi County Medical R5k project with the challenging headwall situation, and with the Piggott R5K Overlay where he tracked down the device addressing and device types needed.

He will be receiving a gift card and a certificate. Congratulations Bret!!

I also would like to congratulate Doug Crowder on winning the participation award. He will be receiving a $25 gift card for being randomly selected among those that participated.




Arkansas offices does quarterly employee recognition emails. This quarter, the highlights fell on the operations department. Learn interesting details about the amazing team below!

Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson has been a technician with Lone Star since November of 2018, and came into the business completely green. Daniel’s passion for life safety is evident, as he is working towards a career in nursing, and when an opportunity presented itself, he joined the Lone Star team. Coming from a family of nurses, Daniel was able to combine his technical aptitude with his passion for providing safety for friends and family members in critical situations.

Daniel began as an apprentice, and his aptitude for growth and learning were apparent in his commitment to providing the best results in everything he did. In December of 2020, he accepted a position as a Crew Lead and relocated from North Little Rock to the Springdale location with his wife and daughter, which was a great move as he enjoys taking his daughter to the park and hopes to get her interested in nature soon.

He and his wife are expecting their second child in January, and although it won’t be confirmed until next week, Daniel is certain it is a boy, based on absolutely nothing other than that’s what he thinks.

Some other interesting facts you should know about Daniel:

1. Was born and raised in Arkansas but spent 10 years and graduated high school in California.

2. Has been married for 6 years and has a daughter that will be 6 next month.

3. Likes to spend his free time playing video games and piddling around the house.

4. Loves animals and has a pack of seven dogs.

Thanks, Daniel, for your commitment to our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY!

(click to enlarge)


Daniel Connell

If you have never had the opportunity to let Daniel Connell talk your ear off, you are truly missing out. He is largely known in the Springdale Office for chatting with anyone who will listen to him tell jokes, that are even sometimes funny. Daniel enjoys making others laugh, and in his own words is “funny – not Kevin Hart funny, but better than your average dad joke funny.”

Daniel is also an adventurer, and will gladly share with you about his travels to 4 continents and 10 different countries. While he has seen the world, his world revolves around his two children, his daughter Ashlynn who is 9, and son Declan, who is 18 months old.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Daniel’s attention to detail is apparent in all his work. He workmanship and quality are frequently complimented by both coworkers and customers. With 4 years experience in the industry, Daniel is celebrating his 1 year anniversary with Lone Star this month!

Some other interesting facts you should know about Daniel:

  1. He played soccer for 20 years

  2. He is an avid food critic

  3. He is getting a haircut on Friday

Thanks, Daniel, for your commitment to our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY!

(click to enlarge)


Jerry Palik

This morning, I wanted to take a moment to tell you all about the rockstar that is Jerry Palik.

Jerry came to Lone Star with no experience in our field, but a very impressive background. Jerry is a 20-year veteran from the US Airforce, and was a crew member on C-130 aircraft, as well as a combat veteran of Desert Storm. In addition, Jerry worked as a walking letter carrier for the US Postal Service for 20 years, delivering to and servicing the Sherwood, North Little Rock, and Rose City areas. One year ago TODAY, Jerry was sent his official Lone Star Offer Letter to begin phase 2 of his retirement – working.

In speaking to any of the technicians who have had the opportunity to work with Jerry, you will hear nothing but respect and appreciation. Jerry’s work ethic pushes the entire team to go further and be the best they can, and he maintains his popularity by simultaneously keeping his positivity and sense of humor while on the job.

Some other fun facts about Jerry?

  1. In July of this year he celebrated 40 years of marriage to Delyce Palik

  2. He has two children, Jason (some of you may have heard of him, I hear he’s kind of a big deal around here) Jennifer, a daughter-in-law, Sarah, and two beautiful grandchildren, Judd and Lilly

  3. His hobbies include fishing, shooting, property management, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Thanks, Jerry for being an integral part of our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY


Kaleb Sutton

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you guys to Kaleb Sutton.

Kaleb has been working with Lone Star for just a few months, but has been in the industry for 2.5 years. While he spent the majority of his life thinking he wanted to be a mechanic, after working as both a motorcycle then diesel mechanic, Kaleb realized it wasn’t something he could see himself doing the rest of his life. He began a career involving security and fire alarm systems, and quickly realized how much he enjoyed the feeling of knowing he was making people’s lives safer, and decided to pursue it long term.

If you’re in the market for quality cheese, Kaleb may be able to help, as a Wisconsin native he claims that it is a great place to grow up, but the best place to get good cheese. While back home, his hobbies included playing video games and spending as much time as possible with his family – and as the youngest of 7, that can take up a ton of time. He credits his work ethic to his dad, who taught him everything he knows about being successful in life.

Since moving to Arkansas, his hobbies have expanded, and he stays busy exploring NWA and all it has to offer – hiking, trying out food and restaurants, and traveling to new places making memories with his girlfriend and their daughter.

Kaleb has been a fantastic addition to our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet him, be sure and make time to say hello in the near future!

(click to enlarge)


Noah Hunter

Today we would like to recognize Noah Hunter, and his contributions to our team!

Noah originally came to work with us back in 2015 as an Inspector in the Springdale office. After a brief hiatus, Noah rejoined us in the Install Department in June of 2020. Since his return, Noah has been a vital part of our team, and has time and time again displayed his flexibility and adaptability by assisting with and running system installations, and helping in service whenever he is needed. In addition to that, Noah volunteered to make the switch over to the Sprinkler Department earlier this year, where he quickly picked up the ropes and ensured our team was able to stay ahead on critical projects. Truly a jack of all our trades, Noah is currently going back to his Lone Star roots by assisting with Inspections again.

In his spare time, Noah enjoys roping and competing with friends at Jackpots. He began rodeoing late in high school riding bulls (😯), and attended UAM to College Rodeo in the Ozarks Region. Noah also spends his free time with friends cooking out, having barbeques and fish fries.

His self-proclaimed greatest accomplishment is being married to his best friend and enjoying the days when he comes home from work and gets to spend the day with his wife and their two dogs, Delta and Scout.

Thanks Noah, for being such a team-player and always stepping up for our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY!

(click to enlarge)


Gavin Moore

Today’s Employee Spotlight is on Gavin Moore.

Gavin identifies as “a little bit of a nerd." His love for science and math are a reflection of this. Gavin took his passion for science and turned it into a degree, but graduating in May with a Bachelor of Science in Allied Health, with an emphasis in Kinesiology.

Gavin did low-voltage work for 2.5 years while a student under Dan Dilley at College of the Ozarks, and came to us highly recommended due to his attention to detail, in both life and work. Gavin prides himself in that the systems he puts in help someone on a daily basis.

Here’s some fun facts about Gavin:

  • He’s known as “Uncle Bub” to Amelia Kate Moore

  • His favorite author is John Grisham, and he’s read all his books

  • He is the middle of 3 children, with an older brother, and younger sister

Thanks Gavin, for being part of our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY!

(click to enlarge)


Wilson Green

This morning, I would like for you to meet Wilson Green!

Wilson joined us in February of this year, bringing more than 5 years of experience in multiple construction industries. Wilson is a ray of sunshine and positivity in the Sprinkler department out of the Little Rock office, where he is currently working as an apprentice. In his time here, he has proven to be a go-getter, who is capable of self-starting, and when needed, working on job sites solo after less than 6 months with us. He is constantly sharing his ideas about how we can grow our team and make an impact, and is motivated to learn everything about the industry and start his education to become a licensed fitter as soon as possible.

Wilsons free time is usually spent exploring new places or listening to and playing music, and because of his musical hobbies he has accrued a large collection of instruments ranging from guitars and banjos to ukuleles and fiddles. On the weekends, he can typically be found checking out a concert….he REALLY likes music!! He also enjoys spending time with his family when he is home in South Louisiana.

We are very glad Wilson is part of our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY! Make sure to introduce yourself if you haven’t had the opportunity to meet him!


Shawn Jones

Todays Employee Spotlight is on one of our newest, but most experienced, Sprinkler Fitters, Shawn Jones.

Shawn joined our team in July of this year, and has quickly jumped in to manage and help with Sprinkler Install, Service, and Inspections. Shawn has over 24 years of experience, with his expertise in managing projects and field staff. He has been a positive addition to our team, earning consistently excellent feedback from customers and teammates alike.

Shawn is a big car aficionado, which is apparent in his extensive Hot Wheels collection. In addition, in his time away from the field, Shawn attends car shows where he shows both his 1999 Corvette and his 2016 Camaro SS.

We are very grateful to have Shawn as part of our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY!

(click to enlarge)


Bret Thex

Today’s employee spotlight is on our Employee of the Month, Bret Thex!

Bret recently celebrated 2 years with Lone Star, but came to use with 5 years of low voltage systems experience. Prior to that, Bret served in the Army as a helicopter mechanic. Bret came into our Little Rock office as a Crew Lead, and has helped develop the skills of multiple technicians and apprentices since then. His problem solving skills and ability to work independently have been utilized across every project he has been on, and he has consistently shown adaptability and problem solving skills.

In his spare time, Bret likes being outdoors, and spends his time hiking, camping, and fishing. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and kids.

If you see Bret in the hallways, make sure to stop him and make him talk to you, and don’t let him run away or hide!

Thanks, Bret, for being a part of our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY!

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Chris Beaird

Today’s Employee Spotlight is on the one and only Chris Beaird

Chris joined the Lone Star team back in March of 2018 as an install apprentice and progressed quickly to the crew leader position. Chris has seen it all after spending several years on an ambulance as a paramedic and working for International Paper in Mansfield, LA where he was the Occupational Health Tech/Paramedic. He also spent 15 years working for General Motors in Shreveport and was part of the launch team for the Chevy Colorado, Hummer H3 and GMC Canyon. His passion for life safety stemmed from these experiences, and is evident in the quality of his work. Chris cares about what we do and why we do it, and because of this has helped foster relationships with several customers, earning their trust and repeat business.

Chris is also an experienced archery bow mechanic. In his time away from the office, he enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting, cooking. (And – per Chris Ainsworth - long walks on the beach!)

Thanks, Chris, for being a part of our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY!

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Lane Wilcox

Today’s Employee Spotlight is on Lane Wilcox.

Lane joined the Lone Star team back in August of 2019 as an install apprentice out of the Shreveport office. After graduating from North DeSoto High School in 2018, Lane worked with his dad at Morris and Dickson Pharmaceutical as a stocker. He has recently taken his first steps up the career ladder, towards a crew lead position, and is doing exceptionally well running his first job.

When not working, Lane enjoys playing video games, basketball, and hanging out with his friends.

We are glad to have Lane as part of our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY!

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Daryl Adcock

This morning, I would like to spotlight another one of our Shreveport technicians, Daryl Adcock.

Daryl joined the Lone Star team back in August of 2019 as an install apprentice. Before coming to LSC, Daryl worked for Kroger where he was a Produce Assistant Lead. Daryl also spent 15 years working for General Motors and helped assemble at least a handful of Chevy S10’s, Colorado’s, H3 Hummer’s, and GMC Canyon trucks.

When Daryl is not out in the field or on the road with the team, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family.

We are glad to have Daryl as a part of our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY, thanks Daryl!!


Chris Ainsworth

This morning, I am thrilled to tell you all about the man behind the mystery, Chris Ainsworth.

Most of you are familiar with Chris, as he has been with the company now for 9 ½ years. In his time here, he has come in contact with most faces and places, and has proven time and time again his adaptability and team spirit. Chris currently works as the Project Superintendent, leading the Shreveport Install team.

Prior to coming to Lone Star, Chris spent 15 years working for General Motors. He has 2 daughters, Alyssa and Anna Kate, and has every reason to be a proud dad. Alyssa is 22 and finishing up her BSN at Northwestern State University. Anna Kate is 19 and just started her sophomore year at Louisiana Tech. When Chris isn’t working or spending time with his girls, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and shooting, but his real passion is drag racing and restoring muscle cars. Most people don’t know this, but Chris’ need for speed led him to win the 2004-2005 EFI LSX Fastest Street Car Championship (I realized while typing this that maybe we should revaluate letting him have a company truck). Chris is also an avid LSU fan, but we try not to hold that against him.

I personally am incredibly thankful to have Chris as a shining example of our Lone Star TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY!

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Zach Wilson

This morning we are spotlighting another one of our fantastic Operations Managers, Sprinkler Project Superintendent, Zach Wilson.

Zach has two daughters, Bree, age 16, and Kailyn, age 12. Zach’s entire family bowls, and he’s confident in his daughters’ ability to out-bowl anyone. When he’s not working (which is rare), Zach enjoys traveling, going to the lake, and working on cars. He is also a BIG TIME Chicago Bears fan, and once got to go on the sidelines of a Bears vs. Cowboys game to be in a fan game – and was on TV. He is also slightly obsessed with Batman and has a large collection of Batman items. Zach is a big fan of any Rob Zombie film, Tropic Thunder, and Django Unchained.

Zach has been in the sprinkler/life safety industry for 16 years, and his love for what he does shows through in his work and his attitude. The epitome of a team player, he is always willing to help and is frequently commended by customers and the team alike.

THANK YOU, Zach, for being a part of our TEAM, PURPOSE, and FAMILY, we are very thankful to have you!

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Arkansas office's recently hosted their local 30th year anniversary celebration. Check out some of the fun event photos below.

(click to enlarge)

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