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Employee Updates

Updated: Oct 8, 2021



Congratulations to the September Employee of the Month in Grand Prairie.

Ruben Morante started his career at Lone Star Communications in operations as a field tech on June 28th, 2018. Ruben currently holds the position of Project Superintendent. Ruben is recognized by many of his peers as a hard worker, teacher, team player and someone who goes above and beyond. He brings many assets and skills to the Operations Team and to Lone Star Communications. Ruben is an outstanding example of what it is to be One Team, One Purpose, and One Family.

Chris Bell’s Comment:

Ruben is a great team member; he always goes above and beyond. He always makes sure his teammates have what they need. He is a good teacher and coach. Our team is lucky to have someone like Ruben. Congratulations Ruben, you deserve it!

Mickey Longoria’s Comment:

Ruben is a tremendous asset to our team, great teacher, communicator, just an all-around outstanding employee.

He has been a great teacher even for me. I came from the healthcare side of the company, and these past few years I have had Ruben as my Superintendent on my Education projects and l have learned so much from him.

Here are some comments submitted about Ruben:

Always comes prepared to meetings and seems to be a good leader out on the field.

Ruben always goes above and beyond to complete a project on time. Exceptional drive.

Works hard.

ONE TEAM, Ruben always goes above and beyond. He is a great asset to the OPS team.

Hard worker, team player. Very good at what he does. All day Every day.