Updated: Oct 2, 2020


There has been some down time between R5 classes this year. Before this week, the last 2-day class was on March 5th and 6th. Yesterday and today we had a guest from Baylor University Medical Center. Donald Sims worked on ASCOM and a few other nurse call systems. He knows and has worked with some of our LSC staff like Justin Bailey, Pat Harvey, and Mike Traylor.

A couple of weeks ago we had a unique R5 class designed just for Clinical Application Specialists. Our first two attendees were Dr. Donna Montgomery (Chief Informatics Officer) and Sharlisa Raley (CAS). This included a Q&A session with our Responder 5 training system in PITCO. We also looked behind some of the devices just so we could see how they are connected. We finished the day with a "CAS" scope of the Responder 5 Power Point.

-Chris Coleman, Customer Service & R5 System Instructor

September 25, 2020


Looks like we have ourselves a chili cook off!!! The weather is already cooling down for us too, maybe tonight.

We have 7 signed up in Little Rock, 3 in Springdale and I heard from 3 brave souls in the GP office who will battle it off for the title of “Grand Prairie’s or Little Rock’s or Springdale’s Best Chili of the year."

Oh but wait, did I mention your pot of chili gives you an entry for a chance to win a $25 gift card, bragging rights and a little jingle in your pocket (Hmmm, I should enter?).

All you have to do is serve up the best tasting chili. Bring any fixing you need to ensure your bowl is the TASTIEST.

Your peers will be the judges. May the best pot win.

You want to enter, but not sure yet. Don’t fret! There is no deadline.

If you want to enter the chili cook-off, simply email me here letting me know you want in on the battle. If your going to compete in Little Rock or Springdale, email Melinda Gibbs, mlinda.gibbs@lonestarcom.com

Then come October 30th with a pot of your best chili.

We will make sure you can plug in your slow cooker. You will be in charge of monitoring it.

Lunch is served at 11:30 am.

This event is brought to you by SEC (Special Event Committee) and Lone Star Communications Arkansas LSAR. We are always looking for more ideas.

If you would like to join, please see any of the following members for more details: Kelsey, Anna, Erika, Kara & myself.

-Lasonia Reed, CAD Operator


Jorge Garces and his wife delivered Olivia Sofia on Friday, September 11th, 2020 in the morning!


Please join me in welcoming Alex Sanchez to Lone Star Communications as a Lead Technician in the Houston office. Alex began his employment on 08/31/20 under the supervision of Phillip Cerna. He brings more than 3 years of data communication and data networking experience with him and we look forward to having him on the team.

In his spare time Alex enjoys working out.

Welcome to the Lone Star Team Alex! He can be reached at 346-772-6855 or alex.sanchez@lonestarcom.com.

-Ramona Rook, Senior Human Resources Director


Valerie Brzykcy, Director of Professional Services and Staff Training in Georgetown will be doing several internal R5 Firmware and Application Classes for Houston Technicians on-line at the end of September (25 & 28) and beginning of October.

The following technicians will then be taking the Rauland on-line R5 Firmware and Application certification class in the fall offered by Rauland.

  1. Oct 15-16 Rauland Class

  2. Alexander Sanchez

  3. Nicolas Batres

  4. Andre Hernandez

  1. Nov 5-6 Rauland Class

  2. Cris Ortega

  3. Marco Huertas

  4. Rene Sandoval

Thanks to Valerie for giving our technicians a leg up in their preparing for that certification class.

-Ronald F. Kruse, Chief Operating Officer


Jamie Selman, engineering manager in Houston, lost a good friend on September 4.

The Selman family runs a dog rescue in Hitchcock, Texas and have rescued hundreds of dogs from shelters and off of the streets. Jamie’s dog Duroux was one of those pups.

Duroux actually belonged to a negligent owner who let him run loose on busy Duroux street.

After the third time of finding the dog on the loose and already warning the owner twice, Lee Selman decided he would be better off coming home with her.

That was a great day for Jamie, Duroux and the whole family.

The pup was named after the street he used to patrol.

(Click to enlarge photos)

Over the last twelve years through Jamie’s seven major surgeries and various stages of disability, Duroux took the role of constant companion never leaving his side.

After Jamie’s health was restored, Duroux would walk with him and supervise the exercises on the machines.

These last several months while working from the home office, Duroux loved sitting on Jamie’s lap for Zoom meetings and did not understand when his owner had to use both hands to type and had to put him down.

True animal lovers completely understand the unconditional love of their pet.

In Jamie’s words, “In this world that can be hard, and times that are unsure, Duroux provided a kinder and softer side of life and made our lives so much better.”

-Ronald F. Kruse, Chief Operating Officer


Please join me in welcoming Noely Ramirez to Lone Star Communications as a Warehouse Assistant in the Georgetown office. Noely began her employment on August 24th under the supervision of Victor Gonzalez.

Noely told me she worked with AC&C for about 5 months starting last July, and now she has been working at the Warehouse since August.

In her spare time she likes to play video games and make BBQ with her family or go kayaking with friends at Lady Bird Lake.

Welcome to the Lone Star Team Noely!! She can be reached at 512-803-3694 or noely.ramirez@lonestarcom.com.

-Ramona Rook, Senior Human Resources Director


Central Texas recently hosted a multi-birthday celebration for current birthdays and birthdays dating back to Covid-19 lockdown, since it was impossible to party at that time! Held at both Corpus Christi and Georgetown, it was done "open house" style since staff were in and out of the office that day. Cupcakes, cookies and hot beverages were served. Take a look at some of the staff posing with their cakes.

I wonder who this is posing with a cupcake? Could it be the C.O.O., Victor Gonzalez?

(L) Homero Martinez, Warehouse manager (R) Wilfredo Lamb, Operations

(L) Homer/Joe with Roel Hernandez Education Project Manager, (R) Joe Trevino, Healthcare Project Manager


I would like to congratulate Zach Wilson on being chosen by your fellow co-workers as the August Employee of the Month. Your hard work and commitment to living the Lone Star values have been noticed and recognized by many across the LSAR organization. He will be receiving a personalized write up, a $50 gift card, and a certificate recognizing him as the August Employee of the Month.

I also would like to congratulate Josh Denham on winning the participation award. He will be receiving a $25 gift card for being randomly selected among those that participated.

Thank you to everyone that participated. The September nominations will be sent out around the first of October.

- Melinda Gibbs, Office Manager, North Little Rock