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Employee Updates!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Kelsey Maxfield Receives Dale Carnegie Award!

Kelsey Maxfield, CAS, recently received the Breakthrough Award in the Dale Carnegie Course! Great Job Kelsey!


R5 Installation Class!

On October 22nd, we had our Grand Prairie Customer Service Writer, Shaniah Jones, attend the R5 Technical Hardware Installation class. Although Shaniah had no prior experience with Nurse Call, she did great in the class. She asked the most questions and took the most notes. She could not attend the 2nd day due to a family emergency but I'm sure she would've been great.

Also in attendance, we had two Engineers from Texas Health Harris (THR) Harris Ft. Worth. Harris is one of our biggest DFW hospitals. Darryl Harris and Joey Phelps will be working directly with the Responder 5 system and Roy Coffman. They have the talent, tools, and now they have the knowledge to keep their hospital going!

-Chris Coleman, Customer Service & R5 System Instructor


Pflugerville ISD Telecenter U Training!

Brian Banks, from the Grand Prairie office, traveled to Pflugerville ISD for the first time to meet with Dustin Reed, Sales, to train school district security technicians on the Telecenter U operations, maintenance and future integration possibilities. Technicians were Billy Hartzell, John Paul Dela Rosa, Paul Mancha and Security Director, Ryan Ricke. The training was a success and the district representatives were overly thankful and pleased.

Billy Hartzell, John Paul Dela Rosa, Paul Mancha and Security Director, Ryan Ricke.

-Brian Banks, Internal Information Security Officer




This was such a fun event, with so many wonderful flavors. We had 6 entries in total at our cookoff on Friday, October 30th.

Thank you to all of the participants for sharing their amazing chili recipes. And thank you tasters for coming out to enjoy. Wasn’t that a treat to the taste buds?