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Employee Updates!

Updated: May 4, 2021


Joshua Hiett (Counsel) and Heather Hiett (Q360 Support Specialist) welcomed their new addition on New Year's Eve. What a birthday to look forward to annually, along with all the fireworks around the world in her honor! 🎇🎇🎆🎆



"When I went to the Townview training in Dallas this morning, they were very concerned about social distancing, so I floated the idea of having them try out the Articulate module instead of doing the training in-person. They really liked that idea. I ended up

doing the console portion of the training in-person with the Science Magnet since I was already there, but I am going to personalize the Articulate for Townview and send it out to them so they can train on bell scheduling. I am also going to send it to the other two magnet schools (Health and Talented/Gifted) today so they can try it for training as well. I am also going to offer a follow-up Remote training to answer any questions they may have after doing the module." - Erin Tate, Education C.A.S.


What a great response to a Customer's need! Well done, Erin! We appreciate your flexibility and supportive attitude. -Patt Bowles


Justo Garza received a great birthday message on 12/22 at 08:00 from the Project Management Institute.

Justo has earned the Project Management Professional (PMP) Credential.

Justo took the PMP course a couple of years ago from Villanova University. He self-studied and then scheduled the exam for December 21, 2020. What a stressful way to end the year. The good kind of stress that you get when you strive for improvement. This is quite a challenge.

The PMP Exam is 200 questions with a four-hour time limit. The questions are broken down into Process (50%), People (42%), and Business Environment (8%).

This is a four-hour exam, but due to so many on-line tests (which are usually in-person), Justo’s test was five hours.

He was on camera the whole time and not allowed to leave his seat. Anyone coming into the room during the test would have disqualified him.

With the certification come the requirements for continual Professional Development Units (PDU’s) to remain sharp on the subject matter and retain the credential.

Please join me in giving Justo a well-deserved CONGRATULATIONS!

-Ronald F. Kruse, Chief Operating Officer, Houston

All I Can Say Is Just WOW!!!

I haven’t replaced or filled a new position in seven years, and may I just say I was so impressed at how thorough everyone was and how fast and smooth the new hire onboarding process went. Great job to Ramona Rook, Brian Manibo, Craig Cordes, Jon Pennington, and Tony Urban. Thanks to the IT and HR teams, my new hire is all set up and ready to go on day one. What a great impression you all are making on our new hires.

A special thanks to Ramona Rook for holding my hand through this and for your outstanding communication. The organization of this whole process has your name all over it. As always your work is outstanding! As we like to say in Little Rock…You’re the BEST!

-Melinda Gibbs, Office Manager, North Little Rock


Please join me in welcoming Melissa “Missy” Woodruff to Lone Star Communications as an Administrative Assistant in the Springdale, AR office. Missy began her employment on Monday, December 21st under the supervision of Melinda Gibbs. She brings 15 years of administrative experience and expertise in fire systems and alarms, and office management. We look forward to having her on the team.

In her spare time Missy enjoys photography and riding horses.

Welcome to the Lone Star Team! She can be reached at 901-371-7191 or .

-Ramona Rook, Senior Human Resources Director


Cool Christmas Ornaments!!

The North Little Rock office made little Christmas angels out of masks to hang on their tree last month, and there were enough remaining for everyone to take one home. What a cool way to repurpose a mask and lighten things up!!!


Zach Wilson Obtains NICET License!

I'm pretty proud of this guy! Zach Wilson obtained his NICET level II in Inspection and Testing of Water-Based Systems. Way to go Zach!

-Melinda Gibbs, Office Manager, North Little Rock



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