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Employee Updates

Updated: May 4, 2021

Congratulations to the first Employee of the Month in Grand Prairie.

Hannah’s current role is Project Manager. Hannah moved into the PM role in October of 2018. Hannah successfully passed the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam in September 2020.

Hannah is also involved in the Process Alignment committee and is working with the ISO committee with internal process audits.

The role of PM has allowed Hannah to use her analytical nature, passion for organization and best practices.

Involvement in the other committees allows Hannah the opportunity to learn more about Lone Star in a “big picture” way and help better understand her role in the company and how it effectively impacts others.

Hannah is currently pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and plans to graduate in May 2023.

When Hannah has free time, she enjoys cleaning, yardwork, jigsaw puzzles, random adventures, hiking, and visiting with family and her dog Darcy. She is planning more time this year visiting her brothers’ families, two new little nieces and her other 4 nephews and nieces.

Here are some Comments submitted about Hannah

“She truly cares about the customer's needs and clearly communicating to her internal team. “

“I nominate Hannah Cooper for employee of the month. Hannah is a very engaged LSC employee. She demonstrates this by her level of involvement in so many parts of the business. She serves as a right hand to Josh Hiett on the QM Committee, she serves as a mentor and coach to new PMs or PMs that are struggling with how to improve their skills, she brings new ideas forward on a regular basis and is willing to pilot if all agree they are good ideas, she works with me and the CAS and Programmer team on how to best use Q360, she has provided written documentation to all of the above teams, even when she is not asked. I believe she is also on the Social Event Committee and helps keeps their activities organized also. Hannah always asks team members what can she do to help them……and she is also in school learning new things to make her an even more valuable resources and PM to LSC. If you can’t tell, I think she is awesome! “

“She is thorough and prepared. “

“Goes above and beyond to help this team. “

“Driven, efficient and customer focused. “

“One Team “

“She is very hard working and consistent in her methods of operating. “

“I think Hannah exhibit all LSC core values everyday as she executes her role. 1-TPF. She is very purposed driven and make sure the job is done to satisfactory! “

Hannah decided on a Home Depot Gift. $50.00

And each Employee of the Month will receive a commemorative Coin.


Please join me in welcoming Dakota Stowe to Lone Star Communications as a Receptionist. Dakota began her employment on March 22, 2021 at Grand Prairie and reports to Jim Hendrix. She brings more than 1 year of retail experience and has expertise in administration and customer service.

In Dakota’s spare time she goes to concerts and spends time with family and friends. She also paints and attends art museums as often as she can.

Welcome Dakota to our team! You can reach her at: 972-336-0000, or .

-Ramona Rook, Senior Human Resources Director


Please join me in welcoming Luis Castanon to Lone Star Communications in the Grand Prairie office as an Installer. Luis began his employment on March 22, 2021 under the supervision of Mickey Longoria. He brings more than 5 years of electrical and construction experience and has expertise in residential electric and operating machinery.

In his spare time, Luis enjoys expanding his mechanical and automotive knowledge and perfecting BBQ recipes.

Welcome Luis to our team! You can reach Luis at (469)835-2761 or .

-Ramona Rook, Senior Human Resources Director


Joshua Phillips joined Lone Star Communications as Lead Technician on March 8th, 2021 at Grand Prairie and reports to Chris Bell. He brings more than 3 years of Rauland experience and has expertise in several low voltage systems pertaining to healthcare, security, and fire notification.

In Josh’s spare time, he enjoys doing anything that is a challenge ranging from building cars and motorcycles, to repurposing circuit boards from fried electronics, because, why not?

He spends most of his time hanging out with family and doesn’t have much time for projects. They like to take day trips camping, hiking, and adventuring anywhere and everywhere we possibly can.

Please welcome Josh to our team! You can reach him at: 563-650-4614, or .

-Ramona Rook, Senior Human Resources Director



Drew Bowden, Fabrications Manager, attended the Responder 5 Technical Hardware Installation class on March 4th and 5th. I want to say that this was the end of his first week with Lone Star Communications Grand Prairie (LSGP) but there was no way to tell that by his actions. He was attentive and asked plenty of questions on the first day. On the second day, he did great. He did everything and was fearless with the install. It’s easy to see why he was hired. Drew is a natural leader, and we are better with him onboard. One Team. One Purpose. One Family.


Chris Coleman | Customer Service | R5 System Instructor


Employees of Lone Star Communications Houston have voted our Service Coordinator Violeta Soria as March 2021 Employee of the Month.

Violeta came to Halco back in May of 2013.

Comments from Violeta’s coworkers

  • “Violeta has been always reliable when I needed tickets or need info for a site that has been dispatched. She’s also a hard worker. “

  • “Steadfast. Dependable. A definite part of the "Team" within our work family.”

  • “Tucked away in a corner, a lot of important information goes through Violeta's desk. To get more repeat customer projects, good service needs to be provided. She is one of the first people that customers talk to when they need a problem fixed. She works with Operations, Administration and other departments to transfer information back and forth to be able to provide good quality service to our customers.”

  • “Violeta has consistently shown her ability to assist & adapt to any and all task that have been thrown her way. Great Asset to the Lone Star Team.”

  • “She is very helpful.”

  • “Dedication to the job.”

  • “She is always there when you need help and is willing to go out of her way to help others.”

  • “Great multitasker and team player.”

  • “Very Deserving of more than just this award Has handled her job and other responsibilities Great to work with and takes care of Service Department.”

  • “Responsible”

  • “Great attitude and always ready to help.”

  • “Violeta is always available to assist both customers and colleagues. She is a real team player and an asset to the company. We appreciate her and all she does for the service department.”

  • “Very helpful!”

  • “Violeta is always available when she is needed and always willing to help.”

  • “Violeta really likes our technicians and customers. It shows in her attitude. She is one team.”


I would like to be the first to congratulate Violeta on being voted the March Employee of the Month. Violeta has been with the Lone Star team for almost eight years and has been a pivotal player in enabling our Service Department to grow and become what it is today.

Through the years, Violeta has taken on many additional tasks/job duties with not only the Service Department but with also the Accounts Payable Department. Her ability to adapt and take on these new responsibilities makes her a valuable employee.

Violeta is one of the few Lone Star employees that has taken advantage of our Continuing Education Program. She is currently attending the University of Houston and is planning on getting her bachelor’s degree in accounting at the end of this year.

Keep up the Great Work Violeta!

  • Jaime Chapa | Director of Service



Violeta will receive two gifts from RTIC outdoors in Cypress Texas.

A RTIC Lightweight 15 Can Backpack Cooler


a RTIC 16oz Travel Mug.

Plus, a $50 Whole Foods Market gift certificate so she can fill that cooler.

Finally, Violeta will receive one of twelve limited edition Employee of the Month commemorative custom coins designed by our own Cliff Switzer.

Congratulations Violeta!



Jon Pennington – From HCA on their Kingwood RSIP upgrade“Thank you, Jon. Lonestar consistently outperforms our expectations. As far as Rauland distributors go, there is no close second to your team.” Jon Zagami, MBA

– Jon gets a spiffy Lone Star Communications plastic drinking bottle

Leo Martinez – Email double check using his cyber training skills. Leo alerted Ron that the e-mail address from an evite he sent out did not originate from a known address to him. The invitation that was sent used a secondary e-mail address that was not Lone Star Communications. Thanks for noticing that unusual address Leo.

The work of Brian Banks is paying off.

– Leo gets a spiffy Lone Star Communications plastic drinking bottle

Debra Sandoval, Gabe Sanchez, Violetta Soria, Julie Fischer“You, Gabe, Julie and Violeta have been wonderful to us and we appreciate all your assistance”

Martha Hunter, Facilities Maintenance Administrative Assistant II - CHI St. Luke’s Health Brazosport

Debra Sandoval – Shout out to Deb and her eloquent email that has evolved over time to get customer feedback/survey responses. - Marquis Woodard


On a scale of 1-10, ten being the best how would you rate LSC Customer Service?

Feel free to provide more feedback or give me a call I would love to speak with you.

Thank you in advance for your participation, I look forward to your response!

Hector Ruiz – For the first COO Outstanding Employee Recognition Award

– Hector received a spiffy Killian’s gift card and dog treats

Aaron Reyna – New Project - Cypress Surgery Center Responder 5000

Jamie Selman - Now has water in Hitchcock.


Thanks to Jennifer Mahan of LSAR for her assistance with the logistics of our employee of the month program.

Thanks to the folks that added their votes last week for Gabe Sanchez as the February employee of the month.

“Gabe has stepped up to assist with many tasks that are not necessarily his responsibility.”


Normally we would award at the company meeting.

This year due to large gathering constraints, we will hand out awards during a small dinner at Killian’s in Pearland on March 25.


Jaime Chapa

Shawna Falco

Marquis Woodard


Rey Chapa

Justo Garza


Omar Puente


Nicole Flores

Leo Martinez

Joel Orellana

Jaime Pena

Aaron Reyna

Yessenia Zamora



Jorge Lopez – Moving into the Service Group

We would like to officially welcome Jorge Lopez to the Lone Star Houston Service Team. Jorge has been working with the Operations Department since the old Halco Days dating back to the summer of 2004. Just shy of 17 years. He began as an Entry Level Installer for a major project I was Project Managing at the time in College Station, TX. Through the years I have been able to see first-hand how Jorge has grown and adapted to the many obstacles that come with every new job site.

Over the past few months, Jorge took on the task of assisting the LSCH Service Team during a time when we were short-handed and had our backs against the wall. I can tell you, right off he hit the ground running. His knowledge of the different sites and systems really came to light. This has made it very easy for me and my service team to invite Mr. Lopez to join our Service Department permanently. Welcome aboard Jorge!!!!

- Jaime Chapa

Xavier Gonzales joined Lone Star Communications as an Installer on March 10th at LSCT/Corpus Christi and reports to David Gonzales. He brings more than 4 months of fire alarm and access control experience and has expertise in life safety and low voltage systems.

In Xavier’s spare time he likes to weld and strengthen his archery skills.

Please welcome Xavier to our team! He can be reached at 361-774-5158 or .



March 23rd, there were cupcakes and ice cream to celebrate those having a birthday in December through the month of March in our Central Texas Office. This is a picture of Ron Walker, Purchasing and Chris Russell, Director of Service, enjoying the cupcakes. Ron’s birthday was in December and March 24th was Chris Russell’s birthday.


March 15th, the Executive Team implemented a breakfast meeting to update staff about all things LSAR (Lone Star Communications Arkansas) related.

The meeting entailed the LSC Strategic Plan from a high level, reviewing the LSAR Strategic Plans in more detail, discussing COGS (Cost of Goods Sold), the Flywheel, the importance of their feedback in the decision making, and strategy they put together. Emplify was also discussed a little bit and how that helped shape some of the initiatives they put into place. They additionally covered "Start, Stop, Keep," and then opened it up for questions.

The meeting was a wonderfully positive experience, we learned some things about the company and areas we can improve as a TEAM!

-Melinda Gibbs, Office Manager, North Little Rock



March 15th, we celebrated our February and March birthdays -Taylor Taylor (Feb. 27) and Lori Welcher (Mar. 11) - with Rice Krispies Treats.

-Melinda Gibbs, Office Manager, North Little Rock



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