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Employee Updates

Updated: Aug 3, 2021



Congratulations to the June Employee of the Month in Grand Prairie.

Michelle started her career with Lone Star Communications on September 17, 2007, in accounting as Accounts Payable. She now holds the position of Accounts Receivable. Michelle has shown great dedication through her time here at Lone Star Communications. She is efficient, detailed, driven and is a true team player in all aspects! Michelle is one of the people behind the scenes that keeps the flow going in the office. She “Takes care of more than anyone knows,” is an anonymous comment that stands very true. She is versatile and considerate in her actions. She takes on many tasks with a great attitude and drives to get it right.

Jim Hendrix’s Comment:

Michelle is one of best workers I have had the pleasure of working with in my career. She is a living example of delivering the "right product on time, first time, every time, with no exceptions." Her willingness to take on difficult tasks is unmatched and her dedication and loyalty to her job and Lone Star Communications, Inc. is second to none.

Kara Walker’s comment:

Michelle has been with Lone Star Communications, Inc. since September of 2007. She has worn many hats over the years, from Accounts Payable to Accounts Receivable, as well as taking care of the many office management tasks needed. There are too many to list, but the mere fact that everyone turns to Michelle says it all. She has seen the company grow and expand, and has been a pivotal part in accomplishing that growth. When anyone needs help, she steps in with no question and figures out a solution, even if it means learning something new in a different department. Her work ethic is undeniable, mostly because that is just who she is and because she cares about this company. Each time I hear or see “One Team, One Purpose, One Family,” I immediately think of Michelle.

Here are some Comments submitted about Michelle:

#OneTeam - Michelle always goes beyond the scope of her responsibility to ensure everything that comes across and leaves her desk is 100% correct.

A real Pro. Comes in extra if needed, whatever it takes to get the job done. Has answers to my questions or points me the way.

One Team!

Always ready to help. Takes care of more than anyone knows. Has the company's best interest in all her decisions.


Michelle's attention to detail is second to none. She always goes above and beyond when it comes to getting the job done!!

Michelle will receive a gift and each Employee of the Month will receive a commemorative Coin.



Patt Bowles recently celebrated 25 years at Lone Star Communications (LSC)! Special Event Committee (SEC) members, Lasonia Reed (CAD Operator) and Erika Jones (Accounting), surprised her with celebratory decorations in her new office!


Please join me in welcoming Jose Chavez to Lone Star Communications as a Technician in the LSGP office. Jose began his employment on May 24, 2021 under the supervision of Chris Bell. He brings 4 years of voice & data experience within the school systems with him and we look forward to having him on the team. Jose told me he enjoys installing nurse call systems for Lone Star Communications and continues to learn something new every day.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing piano and guitar and camping out with his family.

Welcome to the Lone Star Team Jose! He can be reached at 903-461-9531 or .

-Ramona Rook, Senior HR Director



I sat in on the Arlington API integration with Informacast and absolutely loved Jonathan's knowledge, professionalism and customer service. I kind of felt like a big brother watching his younger brother DELIVER !!! Great work Jonathon!

-Brian Banks, Internal Cyber Security Officer



Jason Chatham recently received the Outstanding Performance Award in the Dale Carnegie course! You're on a roll Jason. Keep up the great work!




Congratulations to James Schwendig in the LSGP office for his award in the Dale Carnegie Leadership Course! He received the "Crashing Through Award!"



Back in the Dark Ages when I was entering High School, I met with the Guidance Counselor and asked for Drafting Class to be my 2nd elective.

I wanted to pursue a career as a mechanical engineer like my father.

I was told: “There are no girls in the Drafting Class. Pick something else.” and was directed to take typing or homemaking instead…. I chose typing.

THANKFULLY, the World is a much smarter place now; so much so that the brilliant minds and talents of Shelia Elizondo, Lasonia Reed, and Yessenia Zamora are integral parts of what makes the Lone Star Communications Engineering Department so SPECTACULAR! We honor these colleagues and we want to sincerely thank you for all you do to make Lone Star a better place to work each and every day!




-Patt Bowles, COO | Executive Senior Vice President


The Employees of Lone Star Communications Houston (LSCH) have voted Nicole Flores our June 2021 Employee of the Month.

Nicole was also born in the month June and joined Lone Star Communications on February 6, 2016 as an installer working out of the Grand Prairie Office.

Nicole moved to Houston in 2018 and in 2020 she became a Project Superintendent for the Operations department where she communicates daily with Rey Chapa and Justo Garza.

Nicole holds a certificate in the aviation world as an A&P (Airframe and Powerplant) mechanic. These are the folks that keep us flying.

She worked for GE before coming to LSC.

The first project Nicole worked on for LSC was Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Denton.

Nicole is married to a dental hygienist and has two stepdaughters and two grandchildren. Nicole and her wife have a cat and two dogs (Ranger and Carley). Her pets love to go on adventures to the park. In her spare time, Nicole likes to take the family hiking and to the beach as often as she can. Nicole loves to travel and is always down for a spontaneous road trip.

Some of the projects Nicole has worked in Houston:

  1. Houston Methodist Continuing Care

  2. CHI St. Luke’s Livingston

  3. CHI St. Luke’s Lufkin

Comments from Nicole’s coworkers

  • Great communicator.

  • Being on site, always giving advice, never afraid to see what crews are doing.

  • Nicole is always prompt, prepared, and kind. Anytime I need her attention on an issue she's happy to help.

  • A little too bubbly for me sometimes, but she is the real deal.

  • She always has a positive/friendly attitude.

  • Boy, she sure loves a spreadsheet.

One Team, One Purpose, One Family.



Nicole will receive a gift set from behind door #4 in my office and we will add her name to the plaque in the front lobby alongside the other 2021 Employees of the Month.

Finally, Nicole will receive one of twelve limited edition Employee of the Month commemorative custom coins designed by our own Cliff Switzer.

Congratulations Justo!


Fernando Grant joined Lone Star Communications as Commercial Sales Representative on June 7, 2021 at Houston and reports to Marquis Woodard. He brings more than 18 years of telecommunication experience and has expertise in relationship management, business development and financial planning.

In Fernando’s spare time he enjoys sports, biking, and outdoor activities with family and friends.

Please join me in welcoming Fernando Grant to our team! He can be reached at: 832-876-4001, or

-Ramona Rook, Senior HR Director


Amy Weisinger joined Lone Star Communications as an Administrative Assistant on June 1, 2021 at LSC Houston and reports to Marissa Cerna. She brings more than 2 years of administrative experience and has expertise in communication and other interpersonal skills.

In Amy’s spare time she enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, going on long walks with her husband, and spending time with family and friends.

Please welcome Amy to our team! You can reach Amy at: 713-255-2901 or .

-Ramona Rook, Senior HR Director




We are excited to announce that we have a winner! Joe Trevino is our June Employee of the Month!! CONGRADULATIONS JOE!!!!

Below are a few comments from his coworkers.

  • Joe is always willing to help where needed.

  • He can be counted on to get projects completed on time, very reliable.

  • Does a great job at programming our systems.

  • He is doing an amazing job programming with very little assistance & guidance.

  • Helps the group with issues in & outside of the office.

  • Even though he was going through a rough road he still comes in & helps out where needed.


Reese Hardin joined Lone Star Communications as an Installer on June 1, 2021 at the Georgetown office of LSCT and reports to Richard Morrow.

In Reese’s spare time he enjoys watching basketball, football, & playing video games. He also enjoys fishing, woodworking, & drawing.

Please join me in welcoming Reese to our team! You can reach him at: 254-913-4513, or .

-Ramona Rook, Senior HR Director


Armando Omana joined Lone Star Communications as a Technician on May 24, 2021, at the Corpus Christi Office of LSCT and reports to David Gonzalez. He brings more than 11 years of experience and has expertise in Access Control, CCTV, Security, Radio Frequency, & Fire Alarm.

In Armando’s spare time he enjoys his favorite hobby, which is singing with his band, Kultura. They play tropical music, like Salsa, Bachata, Cumbia and Reggaetón but he also sings other styles of music at home. He enjoys learning about technology and listening to audio books when he gets the chance. His favorite color is royal blue. He is currently trying to learn how to play piano & audio editing. And his favorite number is 7.

Please join me in welcoming Armando to our team! You can reach Armando at: 361-876-8998, or .

-Ramona Rook, Senior HR Director

Brian Fraser joined Lone Star Communications as a Warehouse Assistant on June 28th, 2021, at Springdale, AR and reports to Chet Chilcutt. He brings more than 4 years of Quality Control/Assurance experience and has expertise in logistics, safety and distribution management.

In Brian’s spare time he enjoys traveling, spending time with family, golfing and fishing.

Please join me in welcoming Brian Fraser to our team! He can be reached at: 479-335-1234 or .

-Ramona Rook, Senior HR Director


Gavin Moore joined Lone Star Communications as an Installer on May 17, 2021 at LSAR-North Little Rock and reports to Taylor Taylor.

In Gavin’s spare time he loves spending time with his niece Amelia Kate. She will be one year old in a few days and he can’t wait! He also enjoys playing disc golf.

Please welcome Gavin to our team! You can reach at: 501-514-2408 or .

-Ramona Rook, Senior HR Director


Nathan Wolfenbarger joined Lone Star Communications as a Project Superintendent on June 1, 2021, in the LSAR-Springdale office and reports to Taylor Taylor. He brings more than 20 years of construction experience and has expertise in installation and service of low voltage systems.

In Nathan’s spare time, he likes to hunt, fish, ride horses, ATVs, take long walks on the beach in the full moon light, and socialize with friends.

Please join me in welcoming Nathan to our team! You can reach him at: 479-243-3174 or .

-Ramona Rook, Senior HR Director



I would like to congratulate Rich Orvis on being chosen by the LSAR team as the May Employee of the Month. Rich is the LSAR Director of Engineering and has been with the company almost 23 years and has 33 years of industry experience! He is a member of the LSAR Strategic Team and brings amazing solutions that support the Lone Star values. My favorite memory with Rich is in Tampa at the BLC and when he jumped into karaoke mode and had the whole place singing Closing Time! I admire him and his leadership, and I am happy to see him chosen. Below are some reasons why you all chose him to be honored as this month’s Employee of the Month. He will be receiving a gift card and certificate. Congratulations Rich!

I also would like to congratulate Ryelan Jones on winning the participation award. He will be receiving a $25 gift card for being randomly selected among those that participated.

Comments from nominations:

  • Rich is the true definition of a team player. He is willing to help in any way that he possibly can and encourages team work among all the employees.

  • Rich is constantly putting customers and the team first.

  • Rich gets things done!

  • Rich will NEVER toot his own horn, but he has lived our values even before we even ironed out what they were. An excellent leader!

  • Rich is very thorough when putting together proposals, to the kick off meetings, to on site kick offs. which has made me want to be more thorough in my site surveys. He attention to detail = fewer change orders.




I'm so proud of our co-worker, Rich Orvis, who just recently obtained his Certified Fire Protection Specialist certification Friday, June 25th, 2021. This is a huge accomplishment in our industry and he pursued this all on his own. I know he had to spend countless hours studying huge manuals to pass this test. As always, he has proven he has the discipline, determination, and drive to complete anything he sets his mind to. Way to go Rich! We are so proud of you!


Your Co-workers

-Melinda Gibbs, Project Manager



Arkansas offices recently celebrated and highlighted their sales staff, listed below, over the last two weeks. Learn more about the individuals listed below.

David Watson

Dennis Bledsoe

Shiva McCraw

Kellie Cockrell

Doug Crowder

Kevin Waruszewski

Lori Welcher

Carey Cox

Jason Palik

First on the list, and someone that just received an award for 25 years at this company – David Watson.

If you haven’t met David, when you do you will notice, squirrel. Sorry, you will notice that he has a lot of, squirrel. I’m so sorry, he has a lot of passion for what we, squirrel. LOL.

Ok, seriously, David has a huge passion for the LSAR portion of Lone Star Communications, that his dad started back in 1975. When David came on-board, he started modernizing how they did business, and really helped elevate LSAR into a customer focused company. He currently is a Systems Sales Representative out of the Little Rock office, selling the vision and passion of our team and problem solving solutions to our commercial customers. If you have known David as long as I have, or longer, you know that family, fishing and BBQ with his dad are the three areas away from work that David spends his time on.

At work, he really is passionate about life safety and taking care of customers. All of our conversations have to do with ways that we can be better, that we can drive the business forward and what he can do to help. A big portion of the large and small nurse call customers we have, were sold by David Watson really picking up steam around 2011 and 2012. All of that work he built, developed, laid the bedrock for where we are, and want to go. David is serious about what we do, but easy going enough to take food off your plate while you are eating, or if you stepped out for a second.

If you haven’t met David, when you see him – introduce yourself, settle in, and guard your food.

Thank you David, for everything you have done for this team.

Here are just a few fun facts about David:

  • He loves to travel. He has been to 35 countries and 48 states. Only Hawaii and North Dakota are left on his list.

  • His biggest hobby Is fly fishing as evidenced by the big salmon caught on the Pere Marquette in Michigan.

  • He just celebrated 31 years of marriage on May 12th. He has five children and two grandkids.

  • He and his dad have a shared passion for BBQ and go on an annual road trip to discover new BBQ joints. Top 3 from our 8 trips - Wright’s in Johnson AR, Black’s in Lockhart TX and Central BBQ in Memphis.


Day 2 of our Sales Spotlight Series – Dennis Bledsoe.

Dennis – get your glasses on.

Dennis joined us as a Senior Inspector after having served in various roles in life safety at other companies not nearly amazing as Lone Star Communications. Highly, highly detailed and extremely knowledgeable about life safety codes, Dennis brought some professionalism to that side of the house that we had been looking for. He loves talking to customers about their systems, how minor tweaks can make their systems compliant, how the systems will save their lives and property, and why it’s so important to keep their systems up to code. What a coincidence, our Purpose: Making Communities Safer. What We Do Matters.

We started to notice something about Dennis as he was wrapping up inspections and doing his detailed paperwork. He was talking to the customers about the inspection, repairs they needed, and system upgrades! So, some really smart people that work here, and myself, started asking him what he wanted to do when he grew up. Dennis wanted to do Sales. We needed a Service Sales person that knew inspections, life safety code, and was able to speak to customers. Most of you know that math and I are in a complicated relationship – but even I was able to solve that equation.

We moved Dennis into the Service Sales position where he gets to combine his passion, knowledge, and work ethic into a role he really loves. He also happens to be a spiffy dresser, and those are real bow ties not clip-ons. Dennis has really taken on that role, taken over the territory, and is really starting to pick up steam. If you talk to him about the work he is doing, you can see and hear the excitement he has. He has been closing business and renewing relationships ever since. I have no doubt that 2022 is going to be a big year for Dennis.

Dennis – we are thankful you joined Lone Star Communications, and we are excited to see what you accomplish in Service Sales.

If you haven’t met Dennis, when you see him – introduce yourself, and ask him about inspections.

Here are just a few fun facts about Dennis:

  • He is a Pastor in a Church in Bryant.

  • He does CrossFit to stay in shape.

  • The last book he read was Spurgeon’s Sermons 3rd series 1857.

  • The most interesting thing he has ever done was surfed a reef break in Baja California with sharks.


Day 3 of the Sales Team Spotlight Series – Doug Crowder

Doug is a Fire Sprinkler Sales Representative based in Little Rock. Doug joined us from Simplex after spending two decades there. Why? He wanted to join a company that had a healthier team based culture, and he found that here at LSAR. Doug has made a career out of working with clients on their Fire Sprinkler needs, making sure they are code compliant, and speaking to our purpose and passion here. He has lived the experience of an industry that has changed dramatically over time the way it’s delivered, and how the customer views it.

Doug is a fantastic relationship builder with customers, really builds a trust in him and in Lone Star Communications. When we talk about building lifetime customers, this is an area that Doug really excels in. He cares so much for taking care of the customer, he stays plugged into the process each step of the way. When we talk about One Team and One Family here, Doug has to come to mind. He is always willing to help in whatever capacity is needed, and he genuinely cares for everyone that works here. Another thing that really matters – Doug is open to input on any aspect of the Fire Sprinkler business. If you think there is a better way, you have questions, thoughts, ideas – he’s always willing to talk about it. By that I mean taaaaalk, about it – LOL.

Doug – we can’t wait to see what other lifetime customers you build here at LSAR. If you haven’t met Doug, when you see him, introduce yourself – ask him about guns, hunting, family; and then get your popcorn out and settle in……

Here are just a few fun facts about Doug:

  • He loves to fish with his wife of 40 years, and deer hunting Is his passion. He specified hunting and not just killing!

  • His favorite family vacation was Grand Isle Louisiana for a 5 day salt water fishing trip.

  • His favorite sport to watch is baseball.

  • His first job was Baskin Robbins that he started on his 16th birthday.

  • If he won the lottery he would RETIRE and move to the gulf coast.

  • He has distant relations to Nation American Indian Chief.


Day 4 of the Sales Team Spotlight – Shiva McGraw

New to the Team this year is Shiva (pronounced She-vuh) McGraw, Education Sales, based in Little Rock. Shiva focuses on threat management automation for the K-12 market using the Rauland TCU product.

From the moment she stepped into the hiring process, you could tell she was on a level that we were looking for; the professionalism, values, the experience. Her values and passion for life safety was immediately noticeable, in particular in education (kids). Since joining the team, she has really hit the trail hard. Shiva has wasted no time getting in front of multiple decision-makers at school districts all over the state, speaking to healthcare leaders, technology leaders – and is currently working on setting up ALiCE training to really push the Lone Star Communications brand into the marketplace for threat management assistance. We have school districts, medical facilities, engineers, all being invited – that is going to be a really great event.

When you speak to Shiva about schools, the lives of the kids and staff, state regulations – there is an obvious passion and twinkle in her eye. She means business, and is going to put Lone Star Communications on the map in Arkansas and Memphis in this focused area. Already with several opportunities and quotes in the hands of decision-makers, it’s only a matter of time before we get this rolling. She has also taken up the baton with me at the state level, so we can start getting legislative action on enforcing life safety codes and laws, and implement the PASS security guidelines for schools. I am really excited about having Shiva on the team, what she is doing, and what the discussion will be a year from now.

We are thankful you are on the team, and really excited about what you are doing. If you haven’t met Shiva, when you see her, introduce yourself – ask her about life safety in schools. It will renew your energy levels, I promise!

Here are just a few fun facts about Shiva:

  • She loves Karaoke or open mic nights! She sings everything from Elvis, Patsy Cline, Adele and more.

  • She is related to both former Presidents Adams and Nixon – they are both her cousins.

  • If money was no object, she would travel in a converted van all over the U.S. and blog about her travel and write books.

  • From the time she was 6 years old to high school, she wanted to become a police officer and work her way up to detective.

  • Her first job was a graphic designer at the Texarkana Gazette at the age of 18. Before that she sold antiques and was a nanny.


Day 5 of the Sales Team Spotlight – Kellie Cockrell

Kellie has been with Lone Star Communications for a couple of years now, focused on the Healthcare market with Rauland Nurse Call and Hugs Infant Security. She started in the Northern Louisiana and Southern Arkansas market, which is how we ended up with a really great customer in VA Overton, and one of the larger nurse call installations we have done here at LSAR. Kellie has recently transferred to the Little Rock area so she can dominate the state, and create some anchor accounts for LSAR. She has already brought a renewed energy to some long-time clients that were really seeking a more continuous relationship with.

There are all kinds of sales personalities out there in the world. Many of them want to sell things and keep moving as quickly as possible to the next sale. They aren’t even really sure if what they are selling is right, if the customer is happy or how the team is doing. That is not Kellie. She cares about our customers, and that the solution she is working with them on is what they need, will solve their problems, and the team can win also. She desires to know what she can do better and how WE can be better. That is a combo I will take any day of the week. The other thing that is really great? She takes in information and training, and then uses that the next time she is out meeting customers, or presenting Lone Star Communications as a solution. That’s what being a team player is all about – and we should all strive for.

Kellie is also a mom and wife. Two jobs that are likely more difficult, but the love for her family is evident, and carries over to her extended family. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish all over the territory, and the next big client you bring in! If you haven’t met Kellie, when you see her, introduce yourself and ask her about Rauland Enterprise……

Here are just a few fun facts about Kellie:

  • When she was younger, she wanted to be a storm chaser thanks to the movie Twister 😊.

  • Her family is what motivates her to work hard.

  • Her proudest accomplishments are her 2 biggest blessings, Addison and Candlar!

  • If she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life it would be chips and salsa all day, every day!


Day 6 of the Sales Team Spotlight – Lori Welcher

Lori joined Lone Star Communications a couple years ago as a Healthcare Account Manager, based out of the Little Rock office, but covering every healthcare customer we have in Arkansas and Louisiana. An Account Manager (AM), has ONE major goal, being a customer advocate. They meet with the customer on a regular basis to find out how we are doing, is there anything we can do for you, how could we serve you better. They take that information, and feed it back to the team, both positive and improvement opportunities. If there was ever a role more clearly made for someone to be in, I haven’t heard of it.

Lori is a Lone Star CHAMPION with our customers, is constantly meeting with them, communicating with them, helping solve issues, sending back the positive interactions and team to-do’s. Her attention to detail and determination to make sure the customer experience culminates in one outcome, with the customer seeing Lone Star Communications as she does, second to none. I simply can’t count the number of times that having Lori plugged into an account has made all the difference, and the customers are more than willing to tell us as well. That’s the goal of an AM, but finding the right person to carry that out – to have the passion for the customer, for the Lone Star Communications purpose – attention to detail, strong communication and follow-up, easier said than done.

One thing I do appreciate about Lori is her willingness to challenge the "why" of something we are doing, or a process – she and I will both admit we have had some tense discussions – but it was always with the same end goal, and coming from the same dogged desire to solve our customers problems and give them an experience they can’t find with our competitors. I am thankful you are on the team Lori, and I know you have a lot of fans inside and outside of Lone Star Communications.

If you haven’t met Lori, when you see her, introduce yourself and ask her about our customers – get reenergized!

Here are just a few fun facts about Lori:

  • She is the oldest of 2 kids, born in Southern Illinois, but raised in Northeast Arkansas.

  • She was saved at 11 years old at a Southern Baptist “revival.” Not perfect but redeemed….

  • She graduated from ASU with a double major in Elementary Education/Early Childhood Education when they were still the Indians…

  • She soloed in an airplane when she was 32.

  • She is married to her best friend Mike. They share 3 kids and 2 grandsons.


Day 7 of the Sales Team Spotlight – Kevin Waruszewski

Let’s start with the obvious, what a fantastic first name, I am a big fan: Kevin. His last name is where Kevin and I take a different path – Waruszewski (pronounced: War-zes-ski). Kevin Waruszewski.

KW (pronounced K-dub) joined Lone Star Communications a couple of years ago to be a Commercial Sales Account Representative based out of the Springdale office. Kevin covers all things commercial; manufacturing, schools, churches, business, processing plants, etc. Kevin has been able to tap into the local businesses and provide all non-healthcare products we install. He was instrumental in developing the relationship with Tyson that has resulted in the installation of negotiated fire alarm installs in several of their plants. He also manages the Arvest account from a high level as the main point of contact, and easily developed a great relationship with Rex. Customers love working with Kevin.

Kevin is a great teammate, often running with Jason Palik to develop new leads, passing leads off to other sales representatives, and asking what he can do. He stays connected to his customers, cares deeply about the services we provide, and what that means. Our purpose is engrained in everything he does, how he approaches the work that we do. If Kevin says he is going to do something, that’s what gets done. That is a trait that garners so much respect inside and outside of Lone Star Communications. Something I like about Kevin is that he will call me with a need for a solution for a customer, to drive business, and we can bounce ideas around and typically land on something we can both agree with. Sometimes that goes in his favor, and sometimes it doesn’t – but it’s always about the customer.

Kevin, aside from the fact that I thought you would be taller, we are really glad you are a part of the team and can’t wait to see you continue to excel. I’m still bummed that K2 never really took hold.

Here are just a few fun facts about Kevin W:

  • He was married in September of 2012 to his amazing and beautiful wife Jill. They have two energetic and spectacular boys Austin (7) and Mathis (5).

  • He made it to the final round fly-in audition for the Bachelorette season 6, but didn’t go because he had just met his wife Jill.

  • He has a twin sister, who is just 14 minutes older than him.

  • He has found over 100 four leaf clovers.

  • He has been playing competitive ultimate frisbee since 2002, enjoys golf, and is passionate about college football. He recently picked up playing tennis.

  • A perfect night for him would be to cook outside for the family, catch lightening bugs with the boys, and then watch the Goonies on the projector while sharing a bottle of wine with Jill.

  • He loves going to Beaver Lake on the weekends and his family vacation to the beach is always an adventure

  • His family life verse is: Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful (Colossians 3:15).


Day 8 of the Sales Team Spotlight – Jason Palik

Jason Palik is a Service Sales Representative based in our Springdale office – specializing in selling Test and Inspect contracts, Advantage Plan and Test and Inspect Renewals, monitoring, and other service contract related items. From the minute Jason joined Lone Star Communications, it was obvious that he is a people person and a team player. He is very passionate about our customers, excels at getting them to believe in the importance of having a company that does things right. He tells them we won’t be cheaper – here is why we won’t be cheaper, here is why you should care, and when the competition comes in here with a low price, you know you are being cheated. There are two times I can remember that the customer made the wrong choice, but because of that seed Jason planted, they ended up signing with us after they paid the price for bad service.

Jason is also highly passionate about annoying me – and he is really good at that, but we work through all of those items. He is a really good communicator, a throwback really, to when we didn’t have cell phones and texting, emailing. He’s a face-to-face, tell me what you are thinking so we are on the same page kind of guy. He seems to know someone everywhere, or someone that knows someone and because of the relationships he has, that generates meetings.

One Team – Jason lives this. If he nets a meeting, and all that comes out is a request for an installation or something else he doesn’t sell, he happily gets the appropriate teammate involved and stays connected to the process. We are thankful you are here. I can’t wait to see you bust next years goal we set for you Jason!

Here are just a few fun facts about Jason:

  • He is the proud husband to Sarah and father to Lilly and Judd.

  • He was a professional drummer for 10+ years.

  • He loves the outdoors! Camping, Crappie/Bass Fishing, Hiking, Etc.

  • He was a Youth Pastor for 11 years

  • He can’t stand olives of any kind….yuck!

  • He doesn’t have toenails on either one of the big toes (Thanks for sharing that Jason 😊).


Day 9 of the Sales Team Spotlight – Carey Cox

Carey Cox is a Healthcare Sales Representative based out of the Grand Prairie office, BUT, covers the Louisiana areas of the business for LSAR. A second term Lone Star, Carey was laser focused on Long-term Care, and has now added acute care. He has stepped right into the customers and opportunities that Kellie had going, without any of them skipping a beat – and purchase orders are knocking on the door. He’s also hard at work developing other opportunities for LSAR. He has stepped right into all the meetings and huddles we have here by providing great insights and ideas as well as offering to assist on anything that comes up.

Proof of that is Carey jumping right into the middle of the VA Overton; good thing you are an endurance athlete Carey. He is well versed in the drive to do subscription or lease-based sales, and accompanying service contracts that go along with those, so he is getting our customer base all primed and ready to keep building that RMR (Recurring Monthly Revenue). Carey, we can’t wait to see what you do in the market going forward and are thankful you are on the team.

Here are just a few fun facts about Carey:

  • This is his second stint with Lone Star Communications. He worked from February 2009 and came back in 2018 to establish more of a presence in the Long-term Care market, now working with Rural Acute Care sites as well as Long-Term Care sites.

  • He enjoys attending University of Oklahoma games, watching live music, local charity events and generally anything that involves sun and/or water.

  • He is a member and volunteer for the “The Longest Day Association” (an organization dedicated to Alzheimer’s research).

  • He is semi-retired from endurance events, but working his way back into the more geriatric-friendly competitions

  • His parents were amazed he made it to this point in life, because when he was a child….he was thought to be a suicide machine. Everything from jumping off his roof into the shallow end of the pool to crawling and exploring drainage pipes to shaving his tongue. He has a few scars, but he keeps on ticking for some reason.

  • If he had three lives, he would have worked for Lone Star Communications, been a homicide detective, and a deep sea fishing boat captain.

  • His two favorite things in the world are…..babies and dogs (dogsitter extraordinaire-will travel if needed).

-Kevin Henderson, Chief Operating Officer



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