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Enjoying What You Do In 2021

Updated: May 4, 2021

Things continue to move down here in Central Texas. We have been extremely blessed to have a little more work than we can handle. Despite COVID-19 issues, we have continued to persevere like our other Lone Star brothers and sisters. We are making some good moves internally as we transition ourselves to handle the growth. For instance, as mentioned in past newsletters, we have hired Noely Ramirez in Georgetown to take care of the warehouse. This has allowed us to utilize Ron Walker, our Purchaser, to help us out with estimating and SOVs. Side Note, Ron is a spreadsheet GURU; this will be good! We are also making moves in engineering. In engineering, we are working closely with Grand Prairie to align our outputs. This is getting pushed along thanks to a large project from one of our Integrated Delivery Networks, (IDN’s), Baylor Scott and White. This project will require that North Texas and Central Texas work together to produce one outcome for Baylor Scott and White. We are all excited and looking forward to it. We didn’t do very much for Christmas due to COVID, so we don’t have very many pictures or updates in that regard. It was a little boring, but better safe than sorry.

I wanted to include something in my article that I feel is important especially for our younger or newer employees in all branches as we begin a new year. Simply said, enjoy the work you do. Of course, we all need to make a living, so no doubt some of us ended up where we are - looking for a paycheck. That is understandable, but at some point, sooner rather than later, you must stop and evaluate if you are really enjoying what you get up and do every day. I feel this is so important for all us here at Lone Star Communications. We have the pleasure of working in healthcare facilities, education facilities and commercial plants. In all these areas, what we do matters. When you enjoy your profession, it reflects on everything you do. You are naturally more courteous to everyone around you and you feel better when you get home to your family and friends. I know some will say, “How do you enjoy working in insulation, pulling cables in the summer heat, or being woken up in the middle of the night by a night nurse who is wide awake and thinks you should be too because the volume does not work on the pillow speaker?” Well, the answer is the feeling of accomplishment. It's great when the nurse call works now at 3 a.m. and the staff thinks you are a hero, or when you finish testing the product you fixed resulting in the system showing no errors. That is the enjoyment I remember when I was working in the field. I am sure most of you all know what I am talking about. There is also administration and management; our attitudes can have a domino effect going from internal to external.

Customer service is a big part of what drives our business (remember the FLYWHEEL). Outstanding customer service is a direct result of each one of us enjoying what we do. When you enjoy your profession, you are at your best and our customers know it and can feel it. They want us in their facilities because they can sense our character and know we have their best interest in mind. This same idea can be applied to all of us working in the office. When you are working close with others, your work will reflect how much you really enjoy what you are doing.

Now a days, I find my enjoyment through the success of others. When a huge sale comes in, a project comes in under hours or we have another extremely satisfied customer, I know it is because of EVERYONE here at Lone Star working hard to make IT happen. When you get to work for a great company like Lone Star Communications and you have good people who look out for you, it cannot get any better. Happy New Year! lets break some records! 2021! One Team, One Purpose, One Family.

-By Victor S. Gonzalez Jr, Chief Operating Officer, Central Texas



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