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Epic Sagas begin with Epic People

A message from sales: Epic Sagas begin with Epic People

All, we are halfway done and have a lot to look forward to. Lone Star has always been an innovator and a creator. We focus on our customers and prioritize “them” over the “us”. I write this to remind all of us to keep pushing and use the different groups in Lone Star to help all of us succeed.

Now this Meme could drive you nuts, irritate you, or you may not get the complex beauty of it – but here it is:

So, there it is, did you laugh, bang your head, or just scratch your head?

Here is what I would like you to see after you worked out the randomness if needed. So, I saw this for the first time a while ago and laughed at the ideocracy of the whole package. I like many fit into a category that loves all four of the references here and seeing them mashed up works for me and makes me wonder what an office with all four would be like.

If there was a dinner party, some would bond over tea while discussing the meaning of life and all of the trouble their associates find while, in the end, creating wonderful outcomes. While at the other end of the table, a group would be discussing ideas that would shake the foundation and create a solution to move forward in the changing times. Then of course you have the steady group discussing what needs to be done to get through what they are dealing with at the moment to ensure that the others don’t implode the universe.

With that, where do you fit… My guess is that we are all a bit of a mashup ourselves, and that in itself is Lone Star. Lone Star is not built where everybody is a Sam or Obi-wan. Lone Star is made up of people that have all the ideas of Harry, but the wisdom of Gandalf. We have Old Kirk with the tenacity of Han, and yes, we have those that just need to be Luke because they are great at it. I used this as the most ridiculous metaphor to get you thinking – where do I fit in, what can I do, what is next for all of us? Lone Star is a massive TEAM, and with the creation of a new product (Alairo) unique to Lone Star and ready for implementation, we are selling to our partners and customers utilizing any team member that supports and helps our partners/customers.

I am willing to bet the sales teams have been on more sales calls with subject matter experts outside of the traditional sales team in the last 6 months than we had in the previous 2 years. Who wouldn’t want to take a Jedi Master into a meeting to explain the complexities of Networking in a hospital, or a Wizard into a showdown with a competitor? We are a team; we are all looking out for Lone Star and its future. We protect each other like Sam, we mentor each other like Obi-Wan, and we fight for Lone Star together. We are Lone Star!

So, as we move into the second half of the year, share your ideas in the surveys where you can. Share ideas that you believe will help all of us succeed. If you are an expert in a field that someone needs help on, help when they ask. We all have tasks that we are responsible for, but if you reach out to our teams and we can help, I will bet you will get it when available. Over the years, Lone Star has become more than a job for most that work here. I want Lone Star to continue to be that place where the work fulfills us and inspires us to be better. We provide a service to our communities that I believe is essential and has an impact. We all play roles in creating an environment of “team”. Things may be going on in one area of the company that doesn’t feel like they affect you, but what we each do may help make the outcome something great. As the phrase goes: “We are Lone Star!”, so play the best role you can to make this the most epic MASHUP ever and create the greatest team ever assembled.

ALWAYS, Use the force, don’t give me the odds, decide what to do with the time that is given to us, and know that Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end.

- Michael Lee, Director of Regional Sales



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