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February Employees of the Month

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

March 2022 Newsletter



Congratulations to Drew Bowden and Lasonia Reed!! Drew started his career at Lone Star Communications on March 1st, 2021. He is a part of our Operations department and holds the position Fabrication Manager.

Lasonia Reed started her career at Lone Star Communications on March 3rd, 2015 (hired by Ron Kruse). She is a part of our Engineering department and holds the position of Systems Designer.

Each show what is to be One Team, One Purpose, and One Family. Thank you for all that you do and congratulations once again!

Comments from their coworkers:

Drew Bowden
  • "Drew is always there to help and helps to take care of more than people know. He is a hard worker and never complains!"

  • "Drew's work in PITCO goes above and beyond the LSC standard. His work on the equipment in PITCO is ALWAYS CORRECT AND CLEAN! Drew is always willing to help out if you are in need in the PITCO area."

  • "One team always ready to get the job done assisting the team with all head end and more."

  • "He is a good guy that loves to help everyone and very detailed. I’m lucky to have him working with me and he puts up with me." - David Mullins

Lasonia Reed

  • "Very hard worker and is always there to help! Wonderful attitude!"

  • "Really appreciated the Feb. birthday celebration/Super Bowl lunch."


  • "Always willing to help gotta love it."

  • "Her value for "one team, one purpose" is exceptional."

  • "One team always willing to help everyone no matter what."

"What a phenomenal choice for Employee of the Month! Not only does Lasonia display an exceptional work ethic and outstanding production outputs, she is the sunshine of the Grand Prairie office! One Family! Lasonia gives the Engineering team her full support sharing her design talents with Lone Star since 2015. One Team! Sh

e spreads her passion for producing a quality output and is a constant source of encouragement each day. One Purpose! We are so very grateful for such an amazing employee." - Patt Bowles

Each person will receive a $50 card along with an Employee of The Month commemorative coin.

One Team, One Purpose, One Family



The Employees of Lone Star Communications Houston have voted Cris Ortega our 2022 Employee of the Month.

Joel Orellana (our January EOM) will be passing the baton over to Cris.

Crisoforo Ortega

Cris came to Halco on October 7th, 2013 (Halco became part of Lone Star Communications in December of 2015).

Cris's first project with the company was at Baylor Medical Center working under Hector Reyes then later at UTMB Jeannie Sealy under Rey Chapa. Cris has come a long way over the years with us and is a very valuable employee. One of his hobbies is building miniature model train towns.

Congratulations Cris!

Comments from his coworkers:

  • “Cris is one of the persons who’s always going above and beyond for Lone Star projects.”

  • “Always reliable and willing to share his knowledge.”

  • “Cris is a dedicated employee who goes above and beyond to get the job done correctly. He has trained other leads who have turned out to be some of our best leads.”

  • “Cris takes pride in his work and always looks for ways to be more efficient and get the job done faster.”

  • “Cris has shown that he is a good lead in keeping up with projects and training techs while keeping under or within project hours.”

  • “Team player - mic drop”

  • “Hard worker and works well with others”


Cris will receive a gift set from behind door #33 in Ron’s office and we will add his name to the plaque in the front lobby alongside the other 2022 Employees of the Month.

Finally, Cris will receive a limited-edition Employee of the Month commemorative custom coin designed by our own Cliff Switzer.

Designed by Cliff

Robby Culver


Robby Culver

I am happy to announce that Robby Culver has been selected for Employee of the month for February!

Congratulations Robby!!

Thanks for all your hard work.

Here are some comments from your peers:

  • "Always willing to lend a hand and gets stuff done no matter how long/late it takes. He's a great teammate to have in this business."

  • "Robby is always willing to get the job/task done no matter what it takes or what time it is. He is a true example of 1 Team , 1 Purpose, 1 Family."

  • "Great leader, always positive and has that joy that Inspires everyone."

  • "He’s a bad***"

  • "Robby is hard working. Always willing to help. He is always working. And is a genius"


Dustin Kelley

I would like to congratulate Dustin Kelley on being chosen by the LSAR team as the February Employee of the Month. Dustin was nominated based on his commitment to One Team, by jumping in and helping to keep inspections going and also helping to make sure we address deficiencies that are found on inspections.

He will be receiving a $50 gift card and a certificate. Congratulations Dustin!!

I also would like to congratulate Bret Thex on winning the participation award. He will be receiving a $25 gift card for being randomly selected among those that participated.

Thank you to everyone that participated!

Melinda Gibbs | Office Manager




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