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February Houston Weekly Office Update

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Ronald F. Kruse | Chief Operating Officer

Lone Star Communications, Houston

(d) 281-846-7352

(c) 817-739-5106

February 23 Weekly


Greg Propps - P4181 MHHS Northeast - Texas Oncology Suite 440 [Endurance Builders, LLC]

P4179 HMH DB1 CT Simulator project [SpawGlass]

Aaron Reyna - 4183 TAMUC McDowell Admin Building Security Button Project [

Cliff Switzer - P4186 UTMB John Sealy Modernization C&D Wing [Facility Solutions Group]


Rauland/Ascom Integration and Testing

Thanks, Mr. Pena, for always going the extra mile!

Gregory Propps | Technology Consultant

From: Jaime Pena Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2022 3:56 PM To: John Rochester TX-Bryan, Rey Chapa Subject: RE: Rauland/Ascom Integration and Testing


I wanted to check and make sure that the Tower is still happy with the changes that we made and tested with their Ascom phones on Tuesday. If there are any issues please let us know.


Jaime Pena

Lone Star Communications


February 24-25 - NSCA Business Leadership Conference in Las Colinas (Irving, TX)

Jon, Ron, Hector, Justo, Bryan.

Also joining us are others from around the nation as well as our employees from Grand Prairie, Georgetown, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Little Rock and Springdale.

It is icy, but we all made it. Some folks from around the country such as Chicago had to cancel due to weather and flight cancelations.

If you have attended in previous years, you will have an opportunity to attend again next year. We have a smaller group this year and will rotate next year.


February 16 Weekly


TMC-Nurse Call Replacements Phase 3-2105069 - Existing System Make Ready and Demo Floors 5 & 6.

Thanks. Your onsite team is doing a great job for us!

Juan Castillo

Roberto Lopez

Marco Huertas


Richard Mapes

Senior Project Manager

Memorial Hermann Health


Hector Ruiz got us a new sign.


Project 3725 Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center O’Quinn Tower McNair - 22% Complete

Harvey Builders

Sales - Greg Propps

PM - Justo Garza

Super - Nicole Flores

Lead - Cris Ortega

Responder 5 Nurse Call on floors 3 and 4

Responder 5000 Nurse Call on floors 1, 2 and 5 - 12.

Cris Ortega


Thanks to all who joined in for a little Chick-fil-A Wednesday lunch on 2/16/22.

It was nice to pause for a moment.

Hot Chick-fil-A Nugget Tray, Spicy Grilled Chick Sub Sandwich,

Cool Wraps, Potato Chips, Fruit Cups, Iced Tea


February 24-25 - NSCA Business Leadership Conference in Las Colinas

Jon, Ron, Phillip, Justo, Bryan.

If you have attended in previous years, you will have an opportunity to attend again next year. We have a smaller group this year and will rotate next year.


  1. March 7 - 1st Monday Safety Meeting

  2. March 16 @12:00 - WBS Master Class in Command Central

  3. March 24 @14:30 - Town Hall Meeting

  4. March 25 @ 07:00 - 12:00 - Q1 Spot Inventory - The Warehouse is off-line.


February 11

(Click the picture for the link to the article)

February 9 Addendum


My consultant Jamie Selman informed me that this might not be the best day or time for the month for a discussion forum and I agree with him. Until we have a chance to get employee ideas and feedback on the best method for talking through information, current events and issues on a monthly basis, I thought I would at least get something on the calendar for February as my month is slipping away. More to come for March and beyond based on your input.

I have reserved the Command Central conference room on this Friday 2/11 from 12:00 to 13:30 for a Vision Summary Coffee Forum. Kind of like a mini town hall. I realize that this is short notice, but there will be more opportunities.

This is an open forum to come and go as you please with the opportunity to discuss details and ask questions of our Vision Summary, the Flywheel, and how it pertains to you. This is just adding another opportunity beyond the newsletter and e-mail.

Also, on the table for discussion will be Critical Numbers, Career Ladder, Emplify Survey results, and upcoming policy changes based on surveys. Additionally, anything else you would like to discuss as we gain momentum throughout 2022.

I will have goodies to snack on as snacking and talking always go together.

You are always welcome for a one on one in the Fish Bowl as well. I work remote on Thursdays, but will come in the office to meet with you on that day if that is the only day convenient for you.

February 9, 2022 Weekly

(Julie will get this aviation joke in the title, I hope)

LSCH Office Area - Masks Optional as of 2/8/22. The numbers have come down and the risk has diminished.

"Yay….my eustachian tubes thank you!!!! Mine are so sore, they are literally raw from the masks."


From: Julie Fischer Sent: Tuesday, February 8, 2022 12:14 PM Subject: Service Call for Restroom between Pre-Op & PACU


I want to give a shout out to Jaime Chapa for his quick response to a service call and his response to the customer.

He not only responded in an expedient manner but gave the customer information of the Service Technician that would be handing the call and the approximate time of arrival. Way to go, Jaime Chapa!!

This is fantastic customer service at it’s best.


LSCH with the lowest Accounting Days Outstanding score in the Lone Star Galaxy.

Shawna, Marissa, Violeta.


From: Hayden Hughes Subject: Modified 37 Pin Receptacle RCK-1059-001

Curbell Engineering is working on the drawings and setting up ta custom unit. Modified 37 Pin Receptacle that is Centrella Ready. Centrella is a new Hill Rom smart bed model.


Greg Propps - Project 4129 MD Anderson Alkek Main Floor 12 Renovation [Linbeck]

This will be the first R5 footprint in the Alkek Patient Tower at MDA.

- Julie Fischer - Project 3696 (Contract Change Order) - HCAH Southeast (34) New Staff Terminals 3rd Floor Renovation [Rauland]


1. Opening-up brainstorming on monthly company gathering and vision summary brief ideas. You will be part of the conversation with your manager.

2. Good news on the horizon on a policy change based on Emplify survey results.


Keep on the lookout for a calendar invite to a town hall meeting on March 24 @14:30.

WBS Master Class on March 16 @12:00 in Command Central


Amy W. resigned her position as Receptionist and Admin Assistant on 2/4. She worked with Marissa, Violeta, Shawna and Jackson and her assistance will be missed.


February 2, 2022 Weekly


Cliff Switzer - P4145 UTMB LCC Mobile MRI Renovations [York Construction]


From: Andrew Mueller Sent: Monday, January 31, 2022 Subject: HM-Woodlands BI Latency Issues Resolved

Good afternoon Ron,

I just wanted to reach out to you to give a huge shout out to Jon Pennington. We have had a lot of issues with Responder BI load times at Houston Methodist – Woodlands. Jon continued to troubleshoot with Methodist IT, and countless emails with Rauland Support. He put in a ton of effort these past couple of weeks to resolve these issues, and today the latency issues were resolved! This issue could not have been solved without his hard work!


Andrew Mueller | Clinical Applications Specialist


You can't hide your smilin' eyes. By 50/50 split, we keep it up.


April 8 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Trends

Some of you will be seeing an outlook invitation for a gathering of twelve people along with three facilitators for a SWOT in the Command Central conference room on April 8th. It will be a mixture of different roles throughout the Houston branch. The discussion will be based around your observations and viewpoints regarding our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and trends. Be ready to exchange your ideas.

The information that we have gathered in prior meetings have been used to populate our vision summary board and nudge quarterly priorities.




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