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April Sales Corner - Say it ain't so Joe

April 2022

Joe Jackson

Farewell From Your Biggest Fan!

As I head into retirement at the end of April, I was pleased it was my turn to write the Sales Corner to say thank you to all of you for the best experience of my life.

We have come a long way over the past 12 years! We have transformed ourselves from being the “call-bell / intercom guys” into the most significant and respected life safety specialist in our respective markets, and in my opinion, the US. The future for this company is clear as a bell, we will continue to dominate our markets and deliver more value than ever before. As we grow in value the distinction between Lone Star and our competition becomes overwhelming clear and VERY painful for them while at the same time increasing our profit margins. This as an employee is where opportunity comes from!

I have had a wonderful career full of great experiences, but I am so proud to have Lone Star and our accomplishments as the final chapter in my book. It has been wonderful to have watched the change that has been fueled 100% by every employee making what we do and the communities we serve personal. The communities we serve are safer than those we don’t.

Our competition is chasing their money while we are most interested in transforming efficient and effective life safety communications to save lives – it is very personal to us, our secret sauce. We serve a much higher purpose than they do, and it is in our DNA.

I appreciate everyone so much; you will always be very special to me. God bless you all and keep building on our magnificent reputation – what you do will always matter!

- Joe Jackson, Retiring VP of Sales & Marketing, Grand Prairie




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