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Feels Good To Be Needed? Then We Should Feel Great!

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Dr. Montgomery came across this YouTube video that everyone needs to watch.

It is short, entertaining, and done by healthcare workers to express, with humor, their lives in the workplace.

This is awesome Donna. I love this kind of stuff.

Our purpose is to simplify lifesaving processes when milliseconds matter.

As you are watching this video think about what we do in the context of what they are communicating they need help with (actually begging for with humor).

I expect you to find it like I did; we play a big role in the relief they are begging for.

When milliseconds matter and we help bring care to the bedside or stop a bad situation at a school from escalating, these are families that don’t have to experience horrible grief. I cannot think of a better legacy, for each of us, and a powerful brand identity for the company.

Watch the video. Make it even more personal what you do every single day, because the work you just completed will save lives for years to come, which is the right way to see it.

What makes us really special to our customers is how personal this is to our company, and we hear this from the customers directly on a frequent basis.

While the reputation is great for business, the action you take every day has a much higher purpose than just having a J.O.B.

Thank you for what you do every day to help make the company stronger and our communities safer. j

-By Joe Jackson, VP of Sales & Marketing, Grand Prairie



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