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From the Horse’s Mouth

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Well it is so good to be back in front of 3D humans again! I have been on several in person appointments over the past 2 months. It is like being on a diet of salad, then you finally get to eat cake as fast as you can pound it in. Love it! Our new normal - negotiating with masks. My wife is a banker. She would not think this is nearly as funny as I do.

We met recently with a Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) who made me pause. His facility has had 4 CNO’s in 2 years. Culture trumps everything. Theirs needed repair badly. I was first struck by how warm and genuine he was. He had some grey on the top, meaning it was not his "first rodeo." We had enough conversation for me to pick up, mask or no mask, he is the right person to fix a dented culture.

He made a statement I wanted to share. I will not quote him, but I will do my best to get close. The topic was nursing overload. We have a severe nursing shortage, and a pandemic making nurses very literally walk off the job.

His insight: Caregivers in the workplace today wished they had it like they did when they used to think it was bad. Those in the workplace today will always be grateful for relief someday and pray for it.

This is what we get to do for a living every day. Help reduce nursing burden. Dr. Donna Montgomery (Chief Clinical Informatics Officer) and the CAS Team are engaging the customer at a new level of relevance which is driving our value higher and higher every day. Plan, Do, Check, Act. - and repeat. The more we do to reduce clinical burden through continuous innovation, the higher our value. The higher we drive our value we then become the chased instead of the chaser.

Happy holidays to everyone and to your families! Get lots of rest over the holidays, we are going to need it. It is about to get seriously fun. Culture trumps everything, and we have a great one that just keeps getting better and better. jj

-By Joe Jackson, VP of Sales & Marketing, Grand Prairie



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