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Grand Prairie Updates

Updated: May 27, 2022


Open for Business--Weather permitting

May 17th -- HR Training for hiring managers

Ramona, Trey, and Alatrae presented tools pertaining to HR processes on Tuesday May 17th. The hiring managers were Introduced to the Application Tracking System (ATS), new employee hiring process, orientation/onboarding, reviewing the scorecard , how to get the most from One on Ones, and discipline process.

Sounds like there is plenty to know.

May 17th -- Employee Tenure Awards

Thank you for your dedication to your teams at Lone Star. Your contribution made Lone Star number one in our field. Stop by to say congrats.

Hannah Cooper 5 Years

Ryan Bailey 15 years

Brian Banks 15 years

Arturo Vazquez 15 Years

Craig Cordes 20 Years

Joshua Hiett 20 Years

Eric Gillespie 20 Years

Patt Bowles 25 Years

Dan Hiett 30 Years

Town Hall -- June 2nd ---2:30pm - 3:30pm

Save the date- Link to the Town Hall will arrive soon.

Stop in to hear about what is going on at Lone Star and what it means to you.

Monthly Town Hall - Guest Hosts - R & D, DOD, Professional Services See what has been going on behind the scenes in the Research and Development group. See some of the ideas that have come from the Division of Disruption group. Also, see where Professional Services is going...We will have a couple of promotions to announce and talk about the tenure achievement award dinners. Please plan to attend!

Recognition Awards

Tenure awards we celebrated across all regions this month. All will be recognized in the town hall

What's happening around LSGP

Baylor-Scott and White team

We now have a Lone Star Team dedicated to Baylor-Scott and White (BSW) representing all regions.

BSW has named their process Plan - Build - Run.

Lone Star now has a team to align with BSW's team.

Let's meet the team.

LSC Plan team leaders are Chris Anders (CT) and Michael Lee (GP)

The Plan team will consult with BSW to determine the best possible products to solve BSW needs.

LSC Build team leader is Hannah Cooper (GP)

The Build team will manage all projects to build out the solutions from the plan team.

LSC Run team leader is Robby Culver (CT)

The Run team will support all BSW facilities for daily calls and planned integrations/updates.



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