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Hello Lone Star Family!

Updated: May 5, 2021


Hope all is well across our OUTSTANDING company. Here we are again, another quarter in the books and momentum is strong for the summer. We have a huge backlog which you may remember Ray mentioning during our company meeting the other day. Things are looking good here in Central Texas. Changes we made in the beginning of the year are bearing fruit. Changes like transitioning Roel Hernandez to Education Sales from Education Project Manager. He has moved into this position seamlessly and we already have work in the books thanks to his efforts. We also have transitioned Joe Trevino into our IT/Programming department. This has been an awesome change for our team. Joe has been a Project Manger for the Healthcare division in Corpus Christi. Along with those moves we have added to David Gonzalez’s plate, making him Project Manager for any projects in the Corpus Christi branch as well as San Antonio. This is a temporary solution as we build the work to constitute looking for a project manager for the Corpus Christi office. Thank you David for taking this on; way to show us all how to be ONE TEAM! We have also promoted Kristin Best to Office Manager for Georgetown; Kristin has been handling accounts receivable for Lone Star Communications Central Texas (LSCT) among other things for a while. We went ahead and made it official. Kristin is a hard worker and represents Lone Star culture to the fullest.


Some other news to mention out of LSCT- we have a new technician in Corpus Christi, named Xavier Gonzales. He is a nice addition to our group of veterans in the Corpus Christi office. From Georgetown, we nominated Ron Walker to be a part of The Acquisition Team Jennifer Mahan is working on. He has accepted the spot and is all in! One Family. We would also like to thank Kristin Best and Buck Smith for accepting spots on the team Trey has created to help spread the word about Rising Star Culture. This is a great team, and we are glad to have Kristin and Buck representing us from LSCT. We have rolled out BLUEBEAM to the engineers and project managers. This is still new to us, but we are hearing good things from the Engineering team. Michael Leavell mentioned that he loved the ease of use while doing take offs. This is a method used for estimating. As mentioned by Ray in his weekly update, we have also begun our "Employee of the Month" program this year. So far, we have had 3 awesome employees chosen. This helps us to recognize team members from all departments that are going above and beyond. Unfortunately, we only choose one employee per month. We must keep voting and doing what we are doing, I am positive we will eventually get to everyone. We have a great group of people.


One other item to mention is we are getting ready for our ISO audit in June. This will be LSCT’s first experience with ISO; should be fun! We are excited about being included in this and look forward to any challenges it may present, which is hopefully not much! Once we accomplish this task it can be listed as one more step to moving us toward our goal of becoming one company standardized across the country to provide our excellence and expertise to every customer out there. Keep Turning the FLYWHEEL!!

-By Victor S. Gonzalez Jr, Chief Operating Officer, Central Texas



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