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Houston Weekly Office Update

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Ronald F. Kruse | Chief Operating Officer

Lone Star Communications, Houston

(o) 713-667-9424

(d) 281-846-7352

December 29, 2021 Weekly


Hector Directing Stone Dump

We have a lot of our neighbors cutting corners. They cut the street corner so much near our building that it created a huge pothole. Someone thought it would be a good idea to fill this pothole with pallets. Once some drivers cut the corners on the pallets, it was a mess of shattered wood. Not good. On December 22, Hector Ruiz spearheaded an effort to fill-in a pothole the size of a smart car at the corner of South & West drives.

Shattered Pallet Wood

Sometimes you can't wait for the city to help out. First, Hector cleared a truckload of pallet wood from the hole. A lot of nails were sticking out of the wood. I'm sure the truck drivers were glad to see this mess go.

Next, Hector ordered a delivery of three yards of crushed concrete. Then Ron & Hector filled-in the large hole. It took an hour to get the hole filled and mostly drained. There was still some more work to do.

John Deterling of Deterling Company at 4223 South Drive came over to the site and added more large rock on top of the crushed concrete and used his tractor to smooth the surface over on Monday December 27. Thanks John.

Here is a video of the crushed concrete filling the hole on 12/22.

The filled hole as of 12/28


Greg Propps - New Project 4077 – Houston Methodist West Hospital – MOB 3 Orthopedic Build-Out [Vaughn]

Greg Propps - New Project 4078 HCA Healthcare -West 5th Floor Ortho [BFJ Construction]


Made available through the generosity of our sponsorship, coupons redeemable for 1 ticket (a $20.00 value) can be found at my desk for the Annual Shrine Circus Three-Ring Show presented by Arabia Shriners.

Performances held at the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds April 20-24, 2022.

Please call Amy Weisinger if you would like to claim some tickets.


December 22, 2021 Weekly - Second Day of Winter


Cliff Switzer / Rey Chapa - MAC Project 4076 - UTMB Angleton 2nd floor Light Controls [UTMB] This was going to be a change order for Project 2565 UTMB Angleton but UTMB never issued the change order. Rey Chapa closed the project. It has now resurfaced after all these months.

Another funny from the desk of Kevin W.


In September of 2021 the COO’s (Victor, Kevin, Dan & Ron) discussed the need to analyze education and healthcare estimates to look at our costs across all of the regions. My memory of the meeting focused on Master numbers and what might also be loaded in the various labor master numbers. We were making sure that we were not “double dipping” by covering costs in two places.

One byproduct of our analysis showed some regional estimating differences. On January 21, 2022 the healthcare estimators from all regions will meet in Grand Prairie for our first Estimator's Summit. We shall analyze an RFP (Request For Price) executed by all estimators in the fall of 2021. This will be a first visit to peel back the onion and view differences as well as get ideas for best practices.


Shout out to Amy Weisinger and Marissa Cerna for putting together the 12/17 Christmas Lunch. Lupe Tortilla was a little behind their delivery schedule, so we had some deep dish pizza appetizers cooked on the Houston Astros grill. Grill transferred to Houston from GP in May of 2018.

Also thanks to Hector Ruiz for setting up and taking down chairs.

Amy also presided over the white elephant gift exchange where Erik Rosas set the record for the most stolen from one person. Amy walked away with a bottle of Crown Royal that she stole from Marquis Woodard who stole it from Alex Sanchez.

Shout out to our new (again) Grandpa Greg Propps.


Ron Kruse had a road accident Wednesday 12/15 when the Lone Star black trailer hitch failed and the single-axle trailer detached from the moving vehicle heading east on FM 2234. The projectile trailer came to rest in the westbound lane of 2234 on the bridge. No property was damaged and nobody was hurt. Jeremy Herron of Clockwork Auto came to to the crash site and helped get the trailer back on to the vehicle. Jeremy identified that the hitch was no good and said that he had seen that one before. We took it back to Clockwork Auto and Jeremy had a new Bulldog hitch welded on the trailer on 12/20. It was brought back on 12/21 a little scraped-up, but safer with a shiny new hitch.