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How a customer induced problem can resurface. Sometimes you just have to cut the cord.

Roberto Lopez

07/18/2020 07:10 AM

Facility: Kingwood Medical

Location: 22999 East Texas Freeway

Humble, TX 77339

Equipment: Nurse Call

Issue: The nurse call is not ringing or responding or doing anything it is supposed to do. This has been an ongoing

issue (customer description).

On Saturday July 18, service technician Roberto Lopez found that patient room 8 was causing a short in the nurse call system via the Hill-Rom bed interface cable. This short was bringing down the nurse call power for the entire unit. This of course was the same patient bed that he had notified Facilities about one month ago. At that time, Facilities just placed tape over the connector end to indicate not to use the 37-pin bed interface connector. Well, on Saturday the tape had been removed and the bed was connected to the wall plate by the nursing staff and then caused the problem. So this time Facilities cut the cord so the bed would no longer be used.

- By Jaime Chapa, Director of Service, Houston

“Ray’s honesty and integrity is second to none. He is honest, fair and always keeps his word. I’m so privileged to work for him.”




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