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Is Our Family, Our Team Having Fun Yet?

Hello all,

Welcome back to the Sales Corner from Central Texas.

Our we having fun yet?

As we have transitioned out of COVID – as much as we can anyway – and some sense of “regular life” has returned, I find myself marveling at the amount of activity we have going on.

Between current projects we are in the process of installing, upcoming projects we are ramping up for and the never-ending process of securing projects for the future, this is as busy as I think we all have ever been.

We’ve managed to navigate through and maintain momentum, even gaining in many places.

One cannot say enough, nor be more proud of how everyone has pulled together and moved us forward. Our collaboration between offices is something that really sets us apart form other companies; we are truly much greater than the sum of our parts.

That’s a great thing on myriad levels, and it is one of the biggest, being we are going to need it for all that is coming.

I’m excited about what is in our pipeline. I'm even more excited at us getting into new products and new services – looking at our business through a different lens to allow us to provide more in different ways.

While we will always maintain and excel at our core business. The fact that Lone Star Communications actively desires to be a disrupter in our industry makes our future that much brighter.

We are seeing a huge amount of increase in interest in areas like RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) – specifically asset tracking and asset management. While it was always out there – the technology now being brought to market by our manufacturing partners is making it much more palatable for our customers. I see a tremendous amount of growth for us in the future in this space – some of it very near term.

As we all continue to excel in what we do and are able to continue to accelerate our flywheel, it’s fun to take a few minutes every now and then and think about where we all will be 12 months or 18 months from now.

Let’s keep doing our thing (actively trying to be the best family and team members we can be).

It will be fun to be able to look back and see all we have accomplished, together, when we thought things couldn’t get any more action packed.

Here’s to what’s next!

-Chris Andrus, VP of Sales & Business Development, Central Texas



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