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It’s GO TIME – Alairo Investment Sites!!!

Hello Lone Stars,

Hard to believe it’s already June – we are halfway through 2023 and I am left shaking my head as I type this. Feels in some ways like we just got started and, yet, in other ways like it’s been quite the adventure getting here. Upon this reflection, we are happy to say the journey has been worth it as we have massively exciting news to report. Thanks to the work of our unreal R&D team, along with our partner manufacturers, we are ready to deploy Alairo to several demo/ Beta sites!

If you think about the flywheel Ray described – this is a huge step, not only for Alairo and its continued progress, but for our core business as well. The constant contact we have with our core customers about their needs is largely driving the development of Alairo. Now, with the completion of the Alairo MVP (Minimum Viable Product), we are working with a few special partner customers and deploying our solution.

Alairo is going to drive more core business as we continue to develop innovative ways to help our hospitals and their patients, which in turn will give us more areas and sites to expand all of our products and services footprint. We’re calling these sites our ‘Investment Sites’ because that’s what they really are. Yes, we’re making a significant investment in Alairo and the Alairo team, but equally important, we are investing in our customer’s sites and their leadership and staff.

These early deployments with key customers will help us in numerous ways. We can continue to work on and refine our methodology of design, implementation, and support. We will learn “what we don’t know”, which in some ways is just as valuable as the outright data we are gathering. Each of our customers will become true development partners for the Alairo team and they will help guide us through this 1st iteration of Alairo as well as all the exciting subsequent phases/additions we will have to our base platform. We are working with each of these customers to determine one (maximum of two) use cases we will be tackling with them. We will be targeting things like fall prediction/prevention and/or the current lack of immediate unified reporting across multiple clinical systems. The goal is to show MEASURABLE improvements over time. Most every player in the industry claims to have a solution that does this but none have actually achieved it. The amount of frustration we hear from our customers about these failed promises is one of the key things driving us to go further faster.

Our first two sites are Shannon Medical Center in San Angelo and Methodist Mansfield outside Dallas. Our third target will be NEA Baptist in Jonesboro, AR. Our plan is to have the 1st of these sites installed by the end of June with the 2nd coming online soon after.

I wanted to get this great news out to everyone about our continued progress - please be on the lookout for updates as we move forward and provide tangible improvements to those we are partnering with.

Until next time, keep the pedal down,

- Chris, VP of Sales and Business Development



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