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January Employee Updates

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

January 2022

December 20, 2021

Regina Wysocki

We welcomed Regina Wysocki to the CAS team on December 20, 2021 during a quiet week when most folks were on vacation. Regina is a Board Certified Registered Nurse and in her previous position she worked at Texas Children's Hospital in their informatics department.

Regina is one of two harp players at Lone Star Communications. Can you name the other one? Maybe a jam session upcoming.

Regina will report to Donna Montgomery and has been working with Andrew Mueller on orientation. She is spending a few days the week of 1/3/22 training with Valerie Brzykcy in Georgetown. Photo updated 1/10/22.

December 29 2021


Hector Directing Stone Dump

We have a lot of our neighbors cutting corners. They cut the street corner so much near our building that it created a huge pothole. Someone thought it would be a good idea to fill this pothole with pallets. Once some drivers cut the corners on the pallets, it was a mess of shattered wood. Not good. On December 22, Hector Ruiz spearheaded an effort to fill-in a pothole the size of a smart car at the corner of South & West drives.

Shattered Pallet Wood

Sometimes you can't wait for the city to help out. First, Hector cleared a truckload of pallet wood from the hole. A lot of nails were sticking out of the wood. I'm sure the truck drivers were glad to see this mess go.

Next, Hector ordered a delivery of three yards of crushed concrete. Then Ron & Hector filled-in the large hole. It took an hour to get the hole filled and mostly drained. There was still some more work to do.

John Deterling of Deterling Company at 4223 South Drive came over to the site and added more large rock on top of the crushed concrete and used his tractor to smooth the surface over on Monday December 27. Thanks John.

Here is a video of the crushed concrete filling the hole on 12/22.

The filled hole as of 12/28

Ronald Kruse, COO Houston


January 2021

Donald Lot joined Lone Star Communications as Warehouse Assistant on 1/10/22 in the Grand Prairie office and reports to Austin Eubanks. He brings more than two years of warehouse experience and has expertise in shipping, receiving and forklift operations.

In Donald’s spare time he enjoys watching sports, especially Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks. He also enjoys poetry recitation and drama improvs.

Please welcome Donald Lot to our team! He can be reached at:

December 2021

Thanks to Lasonia Reed and Erika Jones (the special events committee) for helping get people involved.

Here is a follow-up on the donations made to the Arlington Life Center. Collections were plentiful.

The Special Events Committee sorted and boxed the donations. Lasonia would like to highlight their honorary member Alatrae Pruitt who was very instrumental in her assisting in December.

Trey Meador volunteered his truck and time to deliver the goods before Christmas.