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July Houston Weekly Update

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Ronald F. Kruse | Chief Operating Officer

Lone Star Communications, Houston

(d) 281-846-7352

(c) 817-739-5106

July 28, 2022


Close of Employee of the Month voting is today and we have a five-way tie. Unbelievable.

Bryan Peltier

Nicole Flores

Hector Reyes

Marquis Woodard

Adrianna Felan

Here we go again with the runoff.


Some bad news. We have a Tacoma that now sounds like a race truck. We had another catalytic converter stolen on one of the Tacoma trucks. That is two now. This one from the property at 4210. We are storing our spare trucks off in a building site now.


IT Summit in Georgetown next week. Jon Pennington, Brian Manibo and Jaime Pena will be in attendance from the Houston office.


July 21, 2022


This week Joel Orellana and Greg Propps made a walk through at Tyler County Hospital in Woodville, TX.

The ER was added in 2004 and has a Responder IV.

The Hospital was built in 1950 and still has the ORIGINAL Edwards Nurse Call in the Med/Surg. Unit.

Edwards Nurse Call Circa 1950

We found what may be the oldest Nurse’s Station Console still in continuous operation!

The little box you see at the lower left was the bell and striker doorbell apparatus that dinged only once when activated.

Gregory Propps | Technology Consultant


Q360 22.01 Upgrade Scheduled for August 10th


Julie Fischer - New Project 4410 HCA Southeast (Kindred) [Rauland-Borg Corporation]

Aaron Reyna - New Project 4412 TAMUC Vet Tech Project [Transact Campus Inc.]

Summer is a good time to log in for a class for those of you that have Star 12.


July 12, 2022


Wednesday July 13 @ 4:00 PM

We have Justin Bailey as our roundtable guest this month. Justin is the head of our R&D team and works with our CTO Jeff Richard. The location for our gathering is the Command Central conference room located at 4210 South Drive.

This is a slightly different format for this month as we will be looking into some new visualization tools. Justin will be discussing some possible new applications on data visualization using Business Intelligence software such as Tableau, Looker Domo, and Clic Data.

Where will this lead? Come join the discussion and find out.

The next bi-monthly roundtable coffee will be at noon on September 14.


Julie Fischer - New Project 4398 HCA Southeast Overhead Page


July 7, 2022

Ernie Chavez


Ernie has been with us for two and one-half years after initially working with us through TradeStar back in the spring of 2019. He became an employee of Lone Star in December of 2019.

I got to have a slice of pizza and speak with Ernie the other evening for a short visit at our 5th Wednesday pizza evening. We all are so busy it seems that we don’t have much time to say hi.

Ernie Chavez

Comments from Ernie's coworkers

  • Ernie has stepped it up and is very detailed in his daily events when he is in charge of a project.

  • He has really stepped up and taken more responsibility.

  • He’s very helpful when needed.

  • Is there when you need him.

  • He is very dedicated and willing to work to get the project completed on time!

  • Team player.

  • Hard worker, never complains about work.

  • He has shown that he wants to move ahead and has been assisting other Leads with what they need, showing that he is a good a team player.

  • Good worker.

  • Never had a negative attitude and have improved so much.


Ernie will receive a gift set from behind door #33 in Ron’s office and we will add his name to the plaque in the front lobby alongside the other 2022 Employees of the Month.

Finally, Ernie will receive a limited-edition Employee of the Month commemorative custom coin designed by our own Cliff Switzer.

Here are some of the projects that Ernie has worked on in 2022:

Advanced Body Scan - Bellaire ASC

BCM Fannin Tower Level 20

BSLMC - O'Quinn Tower McNair

BSWH Brenham R5 Retrofit

Harris Health Ben Taub ED Renovation

Harris Health QM Remodel Project

HCAH Southeast 3rd Floor Renovation

HMH Baytown Bed Tower

HMH Jones 8 & 9 Renovation

HMH Main 7 S Nurse Call Upgrade

HMH Sugar Land Main Tower Nurse Call Replacement

HMH Sugar Land Neuro Bi-Plane Cath Lab

HMH West - Level 6 NW Buildout

HMH West Digestive Health Center Buildout - Third Floor

HMH West Hosp. Nurse Call Upgrade

HPH Expansion Levels 1 & 2

Kingwood Elite Surgery Center

TMC-Nurse Call Replacement - Floors 5 & 6

TMC-Nurse Call Replacement - Floors 7-10

UTMB TDCJ Nurse Call

VAMC 2019 R5 NC Upgrade



From: Gregory Propps Sent: Friday, July 1, 2022 To: Ron Kruse, Jaime Chapa Subject: A Shout Out to Service

News Flash!

Lone Star’s Customers are demanding!

Yeah, yeah, we knew that, and meeting their demands sometimes can be a challenge.

But our Service Department is up for the task.

Mr. Chapa and I received an e-mail on Wednesday from HCA West, wanting a price for moving an existing Console to a new, undefined (no drawing) location and another price for just adding a new Console in the new location. Erik Cañizales was able to swing by that same afternoon to have a look and Mr. Chapa had pricing out to the Customer Thursday morning.

We know it’s all in a day’s work, but we also know things can’t always happen overnight.

This time they did, and Lone Star is a little brighter!

Gregory Propps


From: Regina Wysocki Sent: Wednesday, July 6, 2022 To: Ron Kruse Subject: Shout out to Jaime Pena

Good morning,

I wanted to give a shout out to Jaime Pena for all his assistance in the last two weeks. I have had a lot of questions for him since taking over several new IDNs, and he always is available to assist. He also has gone on-site with me to HCA Kingwood to help troubleshoot some issues the customer was having. Without his expertise I would not have been able to answer their questions, so I am very grateful he is such a team player and willing to share his knowledge.

Thank you,



  • July 13 - Carlos MeloResponder 5 Firmware & Applications Certification

  • July 13 - Second Wednesday Roundtable Coffee -- we have Justin Bailey as our roundtable guest. Justin will be discussing some applications on data visualization using Business Intelligence software.



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