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June Houston Weekly Update

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Ronald F. Kruse | Chief Operating Officer

Lone Star Communications, Houston

(d) 281-846-7352

(c) 817-739-5106

June 28, 2022

June 29 - 5th Wednesday Pizza (BYOB) @ 16:30

Construction Career Collaborative (C3) 12th Annual Golf Classic - You're Invited!


  • July 4 - Independence Day

  • July 7 - Virtual Town Hall @14:30

  • July 13 - 2nd Wednesday Roundtable @16:00

  • July 13 - Hank Kruse Jr. turns 62 (where did the years go old man)

  • July 19 - 20 - Q3 Planning Meeting in Arlington, TX


June 22, 2022


Jon Pennington has been promoted to Manager of IT Operations for Lone Star Communications.


Cliff Switzer - New Project 4364 UTMB Galveston ED Renovation - [Letter of Intent Hoar Construction]

Cliff Switzer - Harris Health Casa de Amigo Health Center [Rogers-O’Brien Construction]

Greg Propps - New Project 4366 HCA West CT Equipment Replacement [BFJ]

Julie Fischer - New Project 4365 HCA Friendswood [Rauland-Borg Corporation]


  • June 21 through 24 - Gus Torres – Responder 5000 System Certification Class - Chicago

  • June 24 - Lone Star Warehouse Spot Inventory @ 07:00 - 12:00

  • June 29 - 5th Wednesday Ribs & Pizza (BYOB) @ 16:30


June 15, 2022


Rauland Borg R5 training June 2-3 feedback - Baylor Scott & White

Gentlemen can’t thank you enough for letting us have Gabe for the R5 class in Grand Prairie. I know we threw him a curve ball with a class that size, however he handled it like a champ.

Here is some customer feedback on his training class.

Luis Morales – Baylor All Saints

David Taylor – Baylor Irving.

James Bailey – BSW McKinney


Michael Langelier | Director of Customer Service


I received good feedback on the Rauland Borg R5 training June 2-3!

-instructor was very knowledgeable

-would recommend the training to other techs

Thank you for arranging the training. Looking forward to more training in the near future😊

Carol L. Wyatt, MPA, CBET, CHTM

Program Quality Director


  • June 21 through 24 - Gus Torres – Responder 5000 System Certification Class

  • June 24 - Lone Star Warehouse Spot Inventory @ 07:00 - 12:00

  • June 29 - 5th Wednesday Ribs & Pizza (BYOB) @ 16:30


June 8, 2022


From: Cliff Switzer Sent: Monday, June 6, 2022 1 To: QM Cc: Ron Kruse Subject: Fw: Your team - Memorial Hermann Demo & Make Ready Work (RIV)

I wanted to share this with the QM group.

Our team has been working with Memorial Hermann on a large value RIV (Rauland Responder 4) removal project. Even though we are removing an RIV system and they are installing Hill-Rom, the work has not gone unnoticed and will come back our way in the future.

Richard Mapes is a senior project manager for M Strategic Partners. He manages several high-value projects for Memorial Hermann. I've known him for years, and he can be very demanding.

Justo Garza, Nichole Flores, & Shawna Falco have been his points of contact. I can't stress enough how impressed Richard has been with our team, and I've been on several projects with him over the years.

For Richard Mapes to comment on our work, it means a lot!

What a fantastic job, we have an outstanding team!

Cliff Switzer | Healthcare Systems Specialist


As I noted during our call yesterday, I cannot express how much I appreciate the work your team has done on the Nurse Call project at MH TMC.

Justo and Nicole and their crew and Nicole have been outstanding. You said you gave me the A Team knowing how difficult this project was going to be. I don’t think we even knew just how difficult it turned out to be. But your team handled it with great professionalism and supported the rest of the team every way possible. I’d take them with me on any project and know that I’d be covered!!

Also, I don’t want to forget Shawna and how great she has been to work with on the invoicing.

Thanks again,

Richard Mapes

Senior Project Manager


For those who did not click on this...........


  • June 8 - Second Wednesday Roundtable Coffee - Cancelled to do AC unit

  • June 13 - Rise Performance Group (Mark Fenner) - The Work of Leaders Workshop (on Line)

  • June 21 through 24 - Gus Torres – Responder 5000 System Certification Class

  • June 24 - Lone Star Warehouse Spot Inventory @ 07:00 - 12:00

  • June 29 - 5th Wednesday Ribs & Pizza (BYOB) @ 16:30


Factory Training Classes in Mount Prospect Illinois

  1. Carlos MeloResponder 5 Firmware & Applications Certification – July 13-15

  2. Joel OrellanaResponder 5000 Certification – August 2-5

  3. Regina WysockiResponder 5 Nurse Call and the Clinical Application Specialist - September 12-14


June 3, 2022

Emergency Text Service

Lone Star Communication Houston is now using a service provider for mass emergency text messages. Now that hurricane season is upon us, we will deliver relevant workday information for weather alerts or power outages via text message to your phone.

If there is an emergency and we need to blast a message, you will see the message originating from this text caller ID; (817) 839-4017.

A test message will be sent on the afternoon of June 3.

Email as well as MS Teams messages will remain in use for communications. This is just another layer at our disposal for more urgent or time sensitive communications.


June 1, 2022



Debra Sandoval

Debra Sandoval arrived back in January of 2019 to assume the role of Heath Care Account Manager for Lone Star Houston. Debra reports to Marquis Woodard and works with Cliff Switzer, Julie Fischer, Aaron Reyna, and Greg Propps in the healthcare market.

Although not from the Lone Star State, Debra has some big ties to the Houston Cougars (her son Max is a graduate of U of H). Debra is the first one to dress up for any holiday and neighbors report that her Christmas decorations might possibly be over the top. She also will be joining the employee advisory counsel which meets in early June.

Comments from Debra's coworkers

  • "Hardworking, dedicated, always available with a smile."

  • "She is a great team member.”

  • "Deb is amazing to work with. Exceptional customer service."

  • She always tries her best to get what you need!”

  • "She always has a helping hand and an ear to listen. She works at all hours, even late into the night."

  • "She works night and day to make sure everything is taken care of and makes sure the customers are satisfied. We can always count on her."

  • "Deb is Awesome!"

"Deb’s role as account manager has change a lot since she started. She has taken on new responsibilities and helped shape current procedures, all in an effort to keep customers happy. Deb truly believes in One Team, One Purpose, One Family. Everything she does is to improve one or more of our core beliefs.

Interesting Fact, though she may not be fluent in Spanish, Deb is very proud of her Hispanic background."

- Marquis Woodard


Debra will receive a gift set from behind door #44 in Ron’s office and we will add her name to the plaque in the front lobby alongside the other 2022 Employees of the Month (Joel Orellana, Cris Ortega, Andrew Mueller, Carlos Melo).

Finally, Debra will receive a limited-edition Employee of the Month commemorative custom coin designed by our own Cliff Switzer.

Designed by Cliff


  • June 2 - Virtual Town Hall Meeting @ 14:30

  • 2nd Floor Classroom refresh

  • June 8 - Second Wednesday Roundtable Coffee @ 12:00

  • June 24 - Lone Star Warehouse Spot Inventory @ 07:00 - 12:00

  • June 29 - 5th Wednesday Ribs & Pizza (BYOB) @ 16:30




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