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Keeping the Momentum

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

We are entering the last month of our first quarter for Cyber Security Awareness Training. The past weather challenges were definitely additional opportunities to fine tune remote office work. With rolling blackouts and loss of power, tethering my smartphone, and utilizing a virtual private network (vpn) service for internet access was a smooth transition for sending and receiving emails. I also remained capable of attending video conference meetings, via Microsoft Teams. However, cyber criminals wasted no time trying to take advantage of these challenges, company-wide, with more phishing emails to include text messages and fake automated phone messages. Thanks to the entire LSC Team for remaining vigilant at checking and reporting suspicious emails, text messages and voice calls.

As we continue to encounter unforeseen challenges, I am for certain that cyber criminals will continue to take advantage in any way possible to gain access to personal information or sensitive data. We have a new 7-episode short series of Cyber Security Awareness trainings that will be coming out soon that I am sure everyone will enjoy, find very informative and keep our team aware of potential old and new cyber threats.

For More Information on VPN Services, Please Feel Free to Contact Me or on MS TEAMS

-Brian Banks, Internal Information Security Officer



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