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Let’s Attack 2021 Together

Hello all,

You are stuck with me yet again for a Sales Corner article.

It’s time for the transition from 2020 to 2021.

What a year it’s been; everyone is saying it and it’s so worth repeating.

The only thing consistent about 2020 is that it is was constant chaos. Each time we as a planet thought we were getting a hold on things, 2020 would go a different direction.

Even now we are right back in the middle of the COVID mess.

BUT, we’ve made it this far. Together we have managed to persevere as a family, a team, and a company. We’ve managed to make the best of things. We are far better equipped now to stare down whatever is coming next.

I am so proud of our group (all parts of our team) for what we have been able to accomplish and for what we have been able to snatch from the monster that has been 2020.

Each of our offices has managed to make things happen in the end that seemed FAR from possible in April and May.

So, as we look back and reflect, I have come to believe that 2020 has only steeled us to be that much better in 2021.

We are ready to not let things happen to us, but rather, use all we have learned and experienced to make 2021 what we want it to be.

2021 for the Lone Star family is going to be the best yet. We have so much to be grateful and excited for.

Let’s attack 2021 together, with positivity for each other and positivity for what we will accomplish.

After this year we all KNOW we can do it, so let’s go do it together!

-Chris Andrus, VP of Sales & Business Development, Central Texas



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