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Lone Star Acquires CareSight to Expand Alarm Management Services for Hospital Decision-Makers

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Lone Star Communications’ acquisition of CareSight will make it the only automated, multi- source solution as a service on the market that can deliver actionable data to nursing managers, patient quality officers, and hospital executives.

Lone Star Communications, Inc. (LSC), a recognized leader in life and safety solutions in the healthcare industry, is excited to announce the acquisition of CareSight, LLC, a powerful alarm analytics-as-a-service company that delivers the information required to help hospitals manage their alarm, alert, and notification environments. Effective immediately, CareSight, LLC will operate as a majority-owned division of Lone Star Communications Companies.

Ray Bailey

“I am excited about the powerful synergies between Lone Star and CareSight. The strength of LSC combined with the unparalleled capabilities of CareSight will make it significantly easier for hospital decision-makers to improve safety and operational efficiencies,” says Ray Bailey, Lone Star founder and president. “Emboldened with the right information, hospital management can confidently execute data-driven improvements and accelerate strategic programs.”

CareSight Founder Kenny Schiff says, “Our team brings over a decade of experience to LSC in the secure extraction of data from various sources, and experience transforming, normalizing, and correlating said data into usable information for different roles. In most environments, 99% of clinically relevant data is thrown away. Our solution leverages this data to support everything from staff planning to forensic research.”

Lone Star CareSight Press Release
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