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Updated: Oct 12, 2021

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Grand Prairie, TX, July 8th, 2021 - Lone Star Communications (LSC) is pleased to welcome Chief Technology Officer, Jeff Richard. Mr. Richard (pronounced Ree-shard) will support the organization in its continued mission of providing exceptional customer and employee experiences every time “with no exceptions” by initiating advanced companywide technological improvements and spearheading innovations both internally and externally that will help increase efficiency for all and resultantly, the number of lives saved daily. This vital new hire comes immediately on the heels of Lone Star Communications successfully ISO 9001:2015 certifying all eight offices, as of June 10th, 2021, with the core goal of providing the same high level of consumer quality to all clients regardless of location.

“Jeff joining the company will help continue Lone Star Communications’ commitment to providing advanced services to the healthcare industry and acute care hospitals specifically. Jeff will help take the services Lone Star Communications currently offers up a level and he will be an outstanding asset to the team,” says Raymond Bailey, President of Lone Star Communications.

Mr. Richard brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this new position and Lone Star Communications as a whole. In his 25-plus years in the Life Safety industry, he has developed extensive skills working in corporate clinical, technological, and operational leadership (for individual and multi-site healthcare systems) as well as fire and safety. Mr. Richard possesses key attributes of being strategically focused, outcomes driven, and asserting process improvements, which are reflected in his impressive portfolio of managing profit and loss of around $130 million, expansion projects worth over $40 million, and yielding net revenues that consist of $18 million, as well as previously working for healthcare giant Baylor Scott & White’s hospital system for over 10 years. He also notably holds a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Care and a Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management. Furthermore, he possesses the strong capability of being able to successfully develop and maintain consumer relationships with high-level executives, as well as collaborate with them and peer leadership teams, to provide guidance and insight that drive measurable success.

Mr. Richard expressed his enthusiasm about joining LSC by stating, “After having the opportunity to work with Lone Star Communications for a number of years to leverage technology and interoperability for the benefit of our patients and efficiency gain for our direct care-givers, I am extremely excited to be joining Lone Star Communications as the Chief Technology Officer to do my part to advance the vision for what is possible in the healthcare technology space and contribute to the continued success and growth for Lone Star Communications.”

With the addition of this new customer centric, results driven talent, Jeff Richard, Lone Star Communications hopes to innovate and initiate new processes that increase efficiency and make the consumer experience as simplified, seamless, and enjoyable as possible, which has been the driving force behind Lone Star Communications since day one.

About Lone Star Communications

Lone Star Communications is a dynamic, multi-awarded organization that was founded by Raymond Bailey. Since Lone Star Communications’ inception in 1991, the primary focus of the organization has always been on quality which resulted in the establishment of its mission phrase: “The Right Product, On Time, First Time, No Exceptions.” Manifesting this motto, daily, through client projects and relations in the Healthcare, Education, and Commercial industries has resulted in Lone Star Communications not only becoming a top Rauland distributor in the nation, but a strong force to be reckoned with in the life safety industry overall. Lone Star Communications has continued working towards this goal, of providing high quality solutions and experiences to clients, by requiring all its business locations establish and maintain procedures that result in heightened quality as well as an increased number of lives saved daily.

For more information about Lone Star Communications, please visit and for additional inquiries please contact Raymond Bailey at 972-595-3955.


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