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LONE STAR COMMUNICATIONS' BIGGEST LOSERS! Final Installment: Trey Meador's Big Loss!

Trey Meador, Manager of Talent Development

For the final installment of "Biggest Losers," we uncover how Corporate's very own Manager of Talent Development used his "talent" to "develop" a successful diet resulting in a loss of 45 lbs! 😱

1. What did you do to lose the weight?

At first, it wasn’t planned. It just happened. During our time working from home, I lost 10 lbs. I wasn’t “dieting” per se, but fast food and restaurants visits did stop due to imposed restrictions. I was forced to enjoy the foods that we had at home or chalk up money for UberEats. I chose the former.

One day near the end of quarantine, I weighed myself and was shocked by the weight loss. As soon as I realized that I could lose weight, I became motivated to become more active in my quest for healthy living. After some reflection and investigation, it turned out that my next-door-neighbor just started a side role as a diet and nutrition coach. The stars aligned and I went for it.

2. What does your new healthy routine include?

I will disclose that I am a part of a weight loss program. As of right now, I eat five small “fuelings” or snacks of 100 calories or less every two to three hours throughout the day. These fuelings also provide protein while limiting fat and sodium. I also drink at least half a gallon (if not more) of water throughout the day. In the evening, I enjoy your typical portion-controlled healthy dinner – grilled protein and vegetables. I do have to be picky about the protein (fat) and vegetables (carbs), but I have no complaints at all. After the fourth day of my diet, I was no longer struggling with hunger pains.

3. What made you decide to change your diet or lifestyle?

Honestly? It took me twenty years to piece it all together.

My father unexpectedly died when I was a senior in high school. He had a heart attack that was caused by atherosclerosis. No one – including him – knew that he had atherosclerosis. He was fit and very active. We didn’t see it coming. That was the first warning shot.

At the beginning of March, I weighed in at the doctor’s office at a 290 lbs. I didn’t put much thought in to it at the time, but it did make an impression on me. I would notice “it” during Zoom or GoToMeetings. I started to reflect on all the issues I had been struggling with over the past couple of years: crippling tendinosis and tendonitis in my right shoulder, two knee cap dislocations in less than three months, high blood pressure, weight, age, and family history. I was headed towards a collision with fate that neither I, nor my family, was prepared for. As the father of young children, I did not want to put them in a similar position my little brother and I were in when my father died.

4. How much weight have you lost?

It all depends on when you want to start counting the progress. I lost 10 lbs during quarantine and another 35 lbs since Monday, June 15th from a structured dieting routine. To be honest, as proud as I am of my weight loss, I’m even more ecstatic about all the benefits I’ve received from healthy eating and water consumption: a happier and healthier disposition, energy, a lot less joint pain, and an overall sense of accomplishment.

5. What is your overall weight-loss or lifestyle goal you are trying to accomplish?

My goal right now is 190 lbs to 200 lbs, but I’m not focusing on the overall goal. I have set benchmarks for every ten pounds lost. That allows me to focus on small gains, which happen frequently and does not impede progress as opposed to a single big gain at the end.

My lifestyle goal is to be able to live a healthy life for my kids, my wife, and myself.

6. What helps you stick to your diet?

I look at every gram lost as a success story. I truly believe if I focus on the small victories as opposed to the end game, I’ll be successful. Every marathon starts with one step.





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