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Lone Star Superstar Grand Prairie

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Jesse Salazar arrived at Lone Star three years ago.

Jesse Salazar

Jesse is great with customers, takes his work personally and is proud of what he does. He enjoys the work. Those that work with Jesse are impressed the way he engages in what he is doing.

The Project Managers request Jesse for their project team. He is reliable and trusted among his peers. He primarily works the Healthcare side of our business. He has worked at:

  • BSW Grapevine

  • BSW All Saints

  • Select Medical, Plano

  • BSW Hillcrest, Waco

  • Currently BSW BUMC (Baylor University Medical Center).

Some things to know about Jesse;

  • He really enjoys a good movie at a theater like AMC that has Dolby sound.

  • He enjoys teaching his teammates and sharing his knowledge. He loves to continually improve and learn new things without becoming over confident.

  • Is efficient doing whatever he is assigned. He has done code blue testing, handled service calls, and trouble shooting when there may be issues.

  • Was our only technician that passed the Oklahoma license test the first time. This test has proven to be difficult to pass. Good job!

  • Visits his family for special events like graduations and celebrations.

Jesse says he enjoys the team when everyone is in such harmony and every step is anticipated with out verbal communications. That’s when a team has synergy.

Thank you for being an important member of the Lone Star Operations Family.



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