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Lone Star Superstar - Jeff Richard

This month’s LSC Superstar is Jeff Richard. Jeff joined LSC on July 6th, 2021, as our Chief Technology Officer. He brings over 25 years of health care clinical, technology, and operational leadership experience. In his own words, Jeff answered a series of questions to tell us about himself:

What do you do at LSC?

As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Lone Star Communications, I am on the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and a member of the LSC Technology Group which includes IT, Programming, and Research and Development. I provide leadership support and guidance to the leaders of each respective department, communicate strategy, and help align the team to allow them to execute at a high level as efficiently as possible. I work collaboratively with other departments across all LSC divisions to support the core business that has made the company successful over the past 32 years as well as develop structure, process, and strategy for the Professional Services division.

What positions have you had at LSC?

CTO is the only position I have held since joining the company 2 years ago. Those that I work with have heard me say that I get to perform my dream job every day. It is truly a privilege and fun to do what I do day in and day out. The team and culture of LSC fulfill my desire to contribute to a mission that ‘makes a difference’ in healthcare, education, communication, and safety for the customers we serve.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

As much as my identity is determined by the energy I pour into my role at LSC, I have to say my greatest accomplishment is my family and more specifically my children. My son Brien will graduate from Texas Tech in August and stay for his Master’s program in IT/Data and Analytics. My daughter Sidney also at Texas Tech will begin her nursing program/BSN in the spring of 2024 and plans to travel as a nurse after she successfully finishes.

Tell everyone something we do not know about you that you feel comfortable sharing.

So many options - however I would say most people do not know that I left healthcare all together in October 2003, packed up my family, and moved back to Texas from my hometown in Louisiana to become a self-employed business owner in the commercial fire and safety industry. I was a co-owner of a low-voltage family business that installed and serviced fire extinguishers, automatic fire suppression systems, fire alarms, security, and access control systems. Our customer base was similar to the LSC customer base we serve today in education, healthcare, and even the food service industry primarily in the Central Texas region. When the economic downturn occurred in 2008-2009, we had the opportunity to sell to a national company, which we did. This led me back to healthcare when I joined BSW at THE HEART HOSPITAL in Plano in July 2009 as a night-shift respiratory therapist. I really did not aspire to enter back into leadership, however, I found myself there about a year later managing the Cardiopulmonary and non-invasive cardiology departments.

What jobs did you have before LSC?

  • Staff Respiratory Therapist

  • Director of Cardiopulmonary/Non-Invasive Cardiology Departments

  • Information Technology Leader

  • Director of Informatics

  • Director of Operations- Healthcare

  • Combat Engineer- Army

What do you do for fun?

  • Exercise/Gym

  • Golf

  • Avid concertgoer

  • Anything sports related

  • Spend time with family

What is your most memorable vacation?

So many great family vacations - however my most memorable was in Costa Rica. Our family rented a house in the city of Jaco Beach with the ocean across the street. It is most memorable because we celebrated my son’s birthday, attended the World Surfing Championship, ziplined through the jungle, and played the most beautiful golf course I have ever played. Best 2 weeks ever.

Do you have a story reflecting One Team, Purpose, Family?

Some are aware and some likely are not, however, on my 30-day mark after starting at LSC I ruptured both of my quadriceps tendons about a week apart which required immediate surgical repair. The prognosis was a minimum of 12 weeks in a wheelchair with full leg braces locked at zero prohibiting any type of bending of my knees. So I called Ray Bailey from my hospital bed after surgery and gave him the opportunity to reset my employment start date until such time I could perform my duties at full capacity or potentially reconsider whether or not to keep me as an LSC employee at all. Ray’s response? “Jeff I am sure you are under a ton of stress with all this happening, go home, get better and we will figure this out.”

It is understood what that meant at that time and I will never forget the feeling of being right where I am supposed to be. I met and introduced myself to the Technology team and LSC in general via Teams for the next 12-16 weeks. I was welcomed into the LSC Family, worked as One Team to help me get the lay of the land, and as a team, we developed our One Purpose for how we as a Technology team would elevate and support the overall mission and vision of the company. The past 2 years have been an absolute blast, the progress toward aligning as one Technology team has been incredible to be a part of, and I look forward to the future to realize the fulfillment of our ONE PURPOSE.

Michael Lee introduced Jeff to Lone Star when working with BSW Plano Heart Hospital. These are Michael’s comments.

"I have known Jeff for many years, from customer to co-worker. Jeff has had a great impact in the short time with Lone Star. You will not find a better evangelist for Lone Star Communications. Jeff is truly a visionary and Lone Star’s greatest supporter. Jeff is an innovator, and a thoughtful leader. Jeff is one of the first people to volunteer to help, and the first person to tell you, excellent job. Jeff has enriched the Lone Star team."

- Michael Lee

MBA - Health Care Management - Columbia Southern University, Orange Beach, AL

Bachelor of Science - Respiratory Care - Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX

Associate of Applied Science - Respiratory Care - Temple College, Temple, TX

“I’m Livin’ My Dream Job”

- Jeff Richard, CTO Lone Star Communications



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