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Lone Super Star - Chris Beaird

When you look up the definition of passionate in the dictionary, there must be a picture of Chris Beaird somewhere beside it. Despite his attempts to just blend in, Chris always has a knack for standing out. Chris is the type of guy who wants his work to be right and look great. His passion for what he does is one of the many reasons he is one of the best crew leaders in all of Lone Star. Chris is the guy who always exemplifies One Team, One Purpose, One Family.

Chris was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. When he wasn’t in school, he could be found at his grandparents’ lake house on Kepler Lake. Hunting and fishing are no different than anything else Chris has ever decided to do and quickly became his passion in his youth. “I spent a lot of time hunting and fishing. My grandparent’s house was about 15 minutes from my deer camp so a lot of times I would hunt or fish or both.”

During his youth, Chris met our very own Chris Ainsworth. The two lived close to each other until Ainsworth moved to the “rich” side of Shreveport. “He lived on the west side of the railroad tracks, and I lived on the east.” Even though the two were separated by the railroad tracks, I guess fate had other plans and the two would be reunited later.

Chris also met the love of his life while in high school. Chris met his wife, Renee, in the 10th grade. “We started off as just friends and I asked her out in the 10th grade. We started going out and haven’t ever quit.” The two have been married for 28 years and have one daughter, Kayla. Kayla graduated with a major in Healthcare Administration and a minor in Biology.

Chris’ first job was at a lumber yard during the summers. “That was the only job I ever got fired from,” Chris said with a laugh. After the failed lumberjack experience, Chris started work at a sheet metal plant. “I learned how to take a one-dimensional drawing and turn it into a three-dimensional product.” Some of the items he built include air conditioning ducts, awnings, trash cans (one of which he still has at home that he built in 1987 using a method called triangulation), and deer stands. His next stop was Beaird Industries (no relation) where he was responsible for welding plates to tanks for a couple of years. He then started building truck seats at General Motors where he was reunited with his good friend, Chris Ainsworth. Chris also spent time working as a paramedic for 10 years. He spent 5 years in the ambulance and 5 years as a rescue technician at a paper mill.

In his spare time, Chris is an avid archer. “I’ve been shooting bows since 1985 and started working on them in the early 90’s. The guy who was teaching me how to work on them invited me to a competition and it started from there.” He decided to take a break once his daughter was born but now that she’s grown, he has gone back to competitions with his wife. Chris placed second in his class in the state of Louisiana and his wife placed third. Way to go, Chris and Renee! What does Chris enjoy most about archery? “It’s something my wife loves to do,” Chris said. “You either grow together or you grow apart.” Chris and Renee don’t compete in your standard archery. They compete in 3D archery where they get to shoot life-sized animal replicas. Targets include deer, skunks, buffalo, giraffes, dinosaurs, and Big Foot.

In addition, he enjoys hunting and fishing and custom-builds archery arrows for all his friends. Chris has a huge heart and would do anything for anyone. He has gained the respect of his coworkers in Arkansas and Louisiana on his ability to get things done, remain calm under pressure, resolve conflict, and build trust. He is also a customer favorite. He finds joy in giving to others, runs an archery club at their church, and hosts practices every Sunday afternoon. Chris and Renee have about two dozen students that they coach just to be a blessing to others and give back to their community. Congratulations Chris!

Having Chris on our team is a blessing. Thank you, Chris, for everything that you do. Your passion for your work, our customers, and what we do makes us better every day. I can’t wait to see what you achieve at Lone Star Communications.

- Chet Chilcut, Project Manager

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Sep 07, 2023
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Congratulations Chris Beaird!.. Great writeup Chet. I can agree with many things you've stated about Chris in my short time of knowing him during a training class we has together. His expertise spilled out ;)...LReed

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