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LONE SUPERSTAR: Brandon Myran!

Brandon with wife and children

When I was considering who I should highlight in this month’s newsletter, I wanted to bring someone into focus that started at the ground level and earned his or her way up into a leadership position. What better way to talk about the opportunities at Lone Star and personification of our values: One Team, One Purpose, One Family?

Brandon Myran, Director of Service for LSAR, started working for Lone Star Communications 10 years ago this month. When I think of Brandon, I think of hard work, can-do, will-do, teamwork, passion for this industry, taking care of the customer, and reliability. Those are a lot of the underlying values we look for. How did someone like Brandon end up at Lone Star Communications?

A native Arkansan, born in Rogers, and raised in Springdale, Brandon started his own construction company 27 years ago building houses, and general construction. When the housing bubble burst, he started thinking about what the next step should be. His starting point was, “I like to fix things and help people. I had already been helping my grandparents for years, so I thought, why not help the elderly." There was a new nursing home being built, so he became the maintenance director, exposing him to all avenues of life safety; nurse call, fire alarm, access control, video surveillance – and loved it. Two years into the position, Brandon realized he wanted to do this at more than one facility, applied to Lone Star Communications, and never left.

Amid starting a business and career, then having to change direction, Brandon got married to Shelley. Shelley works for Multi-Craft contractors handling all their sales and use tax in 15 states. I don’t know how Shelley works in taxes and handles Brandon but bless her. Together, they have two very talented boys: Dane (18) who is very involved with film and animation. How talented is Dane? He has already won an Emmy for film editing. Cade (15), is obsessed with ship building. He also has, and can play, six different instruments.

Now that Brandon was at Lone Star Communications with his previous experience, certainly he started in management right? Nope, Brandon started as an alarm apprentice and with his hard work and dedication to customers, he quickly worked his way up to Crew Leader. Due to his ability to run jobs so well, finish on time, take care of the customer, he was promoted to Field Supervisor. About three years ago, he was then promoted to Service Manager. I remember asking him to take on that role, and a lot of it had to do with the respect the other technicians had for Brandon, and his drive for customer service. Because of his is passion, commitment to the customer, and leadership - I am happy to announce that Brandon was again promoted to Director of Safety for LSAR on July 24th. Congratulations, Brandon!

I asked Brandon what his favorite system was, “I think fire alarm. I love the possibilities fire alarm systems can do. I think having this big of an effect that can save people’s lives is awesome. To me, it’s a real-life superhero.” When I asked Brandon what keeps him at Lone Star Communications he said, “The fulfillment of the job, protecting people’s lives and livelihood. The people I work with and the customers.” I’m sensing a theme here Brandon…..

I wanted to talk to Brandon about some of his favorite installations, and his response was interesting, “I don’t really have a favorite. What I remember are the ones that didn’t go awesome, why they didn’t, and what not to do again.” Really paints a picture of how Brandon ticks, and what makes him successful. He is always calling me with ways we can be more efficient, take care of the customer, and take care of employees.

We know there is more to life than just work. According to Brandon, “I cook to relax. I blow off steam by making a five-course meal.” For those that did not know, Brandon is a part of a very accomplished BBQ team. He has competed in hundreds of competitions winning several awards which includes First Place in the Rodeo of the Ozarks BBQ Competition. He also whitewater rafted the Arkansas River in Colorado. Hey Brandon, the Arkansas river also flows in……Arkansas.

Brandon, what do you want to be doing in five years? “What I am doing now, but expanding the service department in new markets and territories. To be the best we can be”. I have no doubt that Brandon is going to shape the Service Department in a manner that customers must ask themselves why they would want anyone else working with them. I can’t wait to see what Brandon accomplishes in another 10 years. I know it will make Lone Star Communications better, and the customers will be well taken care of.

Brandon rafting the rough waters of the Arkansas River in Colorado!

By Kevin Henderson, Chief Operating Officer, Arkansas



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