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LONE SUPERSTAR: Cassie Thompson!

When asked to highlight an employee from our Central Texas Location, Cassie Thompson was my employee of choice. She has played such a vital role in the successful transition from Advanced Communications & Cabling to the Lone Star Communications Family in 2019. She demonstrates our core values of One Team, One Purpose, and One Family.

Cassie started with us in 2004 at the age of 18 and what a blessing she has been. Cassie began as receptionist then quickly moved up to accounts payable, mastered that position very fast and was eager to learn more. Cassie started working on her associate's degree in accounting and after completing that goal was promoted to payroll accountant.

She performed payroll along with all the payroll reports required for projects. She completed balance sheet analysis, helped with month end and regular yearly audits for accounting. She also worked with HR on new hires and auditing annual benefit packets. Cassie is very detail oriented and analytical which makes her very efficient in her position. She is very dedicated, so much so that when she was in the hospital getting her spleen removed, she even worked from her hospital bed.

Since the Lone Star Communications' purchase of AC&C in 2019, Cassie has been working on completing her bachelor’s degree in accounting and has been promoted to Senior Payroll Accountant. Cassie now performs payroll, certified payroll reporting, CCIP and annual payroll audits for all Lone Star locations and has not missed a beat. Cassie cares about the company and the employees and tries to make the best decisions that affect both. She is always trying to find ways to automate and reduce the steps for processes in order to increase efficiency and benefits for the company and employees.

Cassie performs all this while raising a family of 4 children and home schooling with the pandemic. I do not know how she does it and keeps a positive attitude and a smile on her face.

Cassie grew up in College Station, Texas, the youngest of five children. She once told me she sold her beloved cow Gorgeous to help pay for her wedding. She married her high school sweetheart, Aaron 16 years ago. They share 4 lovely children: Elias (13), Riah (11), Eidel (9) and Leonard (5). They love taking their boat to the lake, camping and spending time outside. Cassie says they have the world’s best dog, Loretta Lynn. She is a mastiff mix. She loves to chase squirrels and pull limbs off branches.

Cassie and husband Aaron
Cassie and husband, Aaron

It is a privilege to highlight Cassie for the company. She is a joy to work with and we cannot wait to see what other great ideas she will have for our company. Thanks, Cassie, for being part of the Lone Star Family!

By Kathryn Marshall, Controller, Central Texas



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