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LONE SUPERSTAR: Cliff Switzer!

For this month, I chose to highlight Cliff Switzer of the Houston office. Cliff started at Halco in July of 1996. I liken him to my good friend John Borden in the GP office. They have the same streak of MacGyver in them. They will turn the deal onto its side until it works. Sometimes that gives you something unexpected.

Cliff likes to meet the unusual demands of our customers and figure out how to solve problems. He also looks at upcoming trends and he is a member in good standing of the DOD - Division of Disruption (ask him what this is).  Cliff’s son goes to college in Wisconsin, so he has taken the opportunity to travel to the Dairy State for visits.

The only thing in common between Baytown Texas and Sheboygan Wisconsin is lots of water. I hope you don’t have to visit in the winter.

The following is an interview with Cliff and Amy Weisinger.

Cliff Switzer

Amy: Where is your hometown?

Cliff: “I am From Baytown, Texas.”

Amy: Where did you go to college/what did you study?

Cliff: “Lee College and University of Clear Lake. I Studied Business, Electronics, and Computer Science. Although, after years of experience working here I feel like I’ve earned a Master’s Degree in Hospital Integrations.

Amy: When did you come to Lone Star Communications? 

Cliff: “I started working for the company in 1997 while I was in college... back when it was HALCO. My Aunt asked me to come out and help rip out some cable… and the rest is history. I’ve been here ever since.”

Amy: How would you describe what you do in your current position at Lone Star?

A: “Sales. Meeting with customers, assessing their needs, and trying to make our products fit into their environment. Sales is all about getting to know people and building a relationship with them. People don’t want to buy something from someone they don’t like. They want to buy from someone they’d want to hang out with, you know?”

Amy: What is something most people do not know about you?

A: “I feel like I am an open book. I’ve been here for so long, I’m not sure I have any secrets left. I feel like I’m really, “nerdy.” Most of my free time is spent doing something techie.”

Amy: What is the most unusual / weirdest job you have ever had?

Cliff: “I spent two summers working at an Oxidental Chemical Manufacturer in the saltwater Brine Unit. They used electricity to extract ammonia from the salt water. If you were carrying tools in a bucket near to the Brine tanks when the electrical current was running through it, you could feel your bucket of tools being drawn to it like a magnet. It was the strangest thing. Each day, when you put on your work boots, you had to test them out by standing in a small amount of water while a low voltage of electrical current went into the water you were standing in... if you felt a tingle… that meant your work boots needed to be replaced. It wasn’t long after that I started going to college. I said, ‘I’m not going to be here for 30 years’.”

Amy: Do you have any pets? Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Cliff: I have an English bulldog. Her name is Scout. She is spoiled. I am definitely a dog person.

Amy: What are your hobbies?

Cliff: “I’d like to have more time for hobbies. I make time for fixing up retro arcades and building mobile apps though. Anything techie or nerdy.”

Amy: What is your favorite Houston sports team?

Cliff: “Rockets.”

Amy: What is your favorite restaurant in Houston, and why would you recommend it to people?

Cliff:” I’m the type of person who would rather just grill or cook at home. I enjoy grilling my own steak. If you go out, you’re more likely to be disappointed. I guess If I had to recommend somewhere I’d recommend the Crawfish Hut because it’s the best place to get crawfish.”

Amy: What are you currently reading, watching or listening to?

Cliff: “I watch a lot of Netflix. I am currently watching StartUp. The show is about an attempt to launder stolen cryptocurrency. It’s pretty good. I would recommend. Other than that, I spend a lot of time on YouTube. I attend, ‘YouTube University’ if you will… It’s the best place to turn when I get stuck building mobile apps.”

Amy: What is something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t done yet?

Cliff: One day, I’d really like to fix up the 65 Mustang fastback at my Dad’s house.

Knowing Cliff, that 65 fastback will be all tricked out. Cliff likes the work of the Ring Brothers, a Wisconsin based car custom shop. That’s a great place to get ideas for the Mustang build.

*Interview by Amy Weisinger *

-Submitted by Ronald F. Kruse, Chief Operating Officer, Houston



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