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Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Craig Cordes started with Lone Star Communications (LSC) on March 3rd, 2002. He has over 19 years of dedicated service with Lone Star Communications. His role is Computer Network Support. Craig was hired to help with the growing internal network. The former Information Technology (IT) guy was getting too busy to run the company and support computers. The network has grown in size and complexity, and Craig has been part of the growth and reliability.

In the beginning years, most of Craig’s time was spent looking after the internal network. As our industry and customers required more IT support, Craig took to solving problems for our technicians and customers. Today Craig is involved in very complex projects and solutions involving our highest profile customers.

Craig is the one in the background, the invisible glue holding things together, never seeking any attention or glory for all that he does, which includes desktop support to network administration, passwords, email, server migrations, laptop maintenance and support, phone system support, access control management and many more daily tasks. He has his hands in everything we do.

Before his career with Lone Star Communications, Craig served in the Army and worked at Texas Instruments as a technician.

His hobbies include mountain biking, has tried skydiving with his kids (that was pretty fun!), and in his younger days - competed in Motocross. Extreme stuff!

Craig said he is most proud to be supporting our network and Rauland products.

Craig loved his vacations to Vail Colorado in summer and winter.

Here are some comments from the team:

Craig does it all so well and is one of the most reliable individuals you will ever come across.

Craig is a fine example of “One Team, One Purpose, One Family.” He has always made himself available to me no matter what time of day. He always strives to make sure everyone has what they need in terms of computer support and looks for solutions to make things even better. Craig is invaluable to this organization and to all of us.

Here are a few key words that describe Mr. Cordes: Professional, Courteous, Fast, Accurate, Knowledgeable.

Craig is a team-player that is always willing to help our staff and customers in a professional way.

Craig is always willing to help our customers when they need assistance and has developed an outstanding reputation with many of our customers and accounts.

Craig is always eager to help and shows a genuine concern for all employees in all office locations.

Craig delivers on our brand promise every day! I feel the brand promise was written about the level that Craig has worked at for LSC for the past 19 plus years!

He has exceptional work ethic and always puts in his best effort at work. His approach to exemplary work is unbeatable. He is prepared to tackle the unknown, he is an invaluable member of IT team. His approach to work is second to none and much of IT's success is due to his dedication, skill and hard work and the things that he does to keep everything running smoothly.

He is always dependable and helpful. Comments about Craig are always positive and uplifting.

Thank you Craig! I am very proud!

-By Dan Hiett, Chief Operating Officer, Grand Prairie



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